How to reprogram yourself to a millionaire mindset, with Matt Aitchison. | Yuli Azarch

How to reprogram yourself to a millionaire mindset, with Matt Aitchison.

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The millionaire mindset coach and mentor, Matt Aitchison (@officialmattya), is also the founder at Matt Aitchison Media, Inc and CEO/President of Vault Investment Properties, LLC.p

Matt is a millennial real estate investor, wealth coach, and a speaker.  Matt’s main mission is to help others generate wealth and freedom, through real estate investing. He is considered a House Flipping Ninja.

Matt co-founded The Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, which sold over $250+ million in volume in a 5 year period, and sold more than 500 units. He is also the CEO and president of  Vault Investment Properties LLC (VIP, LLC),  which is a leading real estate investment company in the Sacramento region that has refurbished and developed over 150+ properties.

What we discussed with Matt.

  1. Who is Matt Aitchison?
  2. His path into entrepreneurship.
  3. Changing the outside influences and peer groups.
  4. Living as a millionaire.
  5. Millionaire commonalities.
  6. Investor or  Entrepreneur?
  7. Mailbox Money.
  8. Finding the right assets.
  9. Learning from failures.

A rough start.

In his young age, Matt always dreamed and talked about doing big and great things, but his actions were contracting his words. He was expelled from high school and later he was arrested and thrown into jail. He was facing a very harsh reality of spending a lot of time in jail.

“I remember my dad said, at the end of the day, what you do with this next step of your life is completely in your control. You can sit there and point fingers and point blame on everybody else, all the other outside forces of the world, but at the end of the day you are on the driver sit.”

That was a boom!

That moment made him turn his life around and into the direction that he really envisioned it in the first place.

He made a commitment to himself that he was going to do what was necessary to live out his dream, make an impact on the other people and the environment. Matt set out to work on himself, learn, grow and develop personally. He started reading books and finding new mentors.

Why is Adversity & Pain Exactly What You Are Missing To GROW?

This decision led him to turn things around.

He decided to change his entire environment, his tribe, his peer group, his habits, and that is where the door started to open up.

Matt was soon exposed to entrepreneurship and lifestyle design when he started working in a small investment firm in California while still going to school. He learned a lot but soon realized that he didn’t want to work for somebody else but for himself.

When deciding what to do, and how to move forward, Matt created a hit list with some of the things he wanted:

“Lifestyle design, helping other people achieve their goals, making as much money as I possibly could, being my own boss, having the freedom and flexibility, but I also wanted to be in a space that while doing and checking all those boxes, I was able to create wealth.”

Matt decided to go into real estate. He got his license and started a real estate company. His company ended up being ranked on the Wall Street Journal 1000 real estate companies in the US. Now he is coaching people that want to unlock financial freedom, create wealth, have lifestyle design and have an impact in their industry through Real Estate.

Going into the right tribe.

According to Matt, if you want to be a millionaire go and hang out with a bunch of millionaires and you are going to start thinking and acting based on their habits and disciplines. Over time you are going to adopt the millionaire mindset, this would lead you to the actions of becoming one.

“…at the end of the day it is up to you to convict and make the decisions that you want to make that ultimately serve your lifestyle and those are hard decisions to be made at times.”

Matt believes that deciding which peer group to belong to, is critical. You have to be 100% honest with yourself and the people around you if you want to have the lifestyle you are dreaming of.

He did an audit of his peer group.

Matt asked himself whether the environment and the peer group, he was presently living with, was mirroring the lifestyle and the results, that he wanted to have. He started by removing emotions from his decision.

Matt soon realized that most of his peers were people how subtracting and distracting him, and who were really a bad influence.

He followed by a conversation.

Matt followed the advice from a book by Susan Scott, called Fierce Conversations. Where she suggests that …“The relationship that you have with an individual, or yourself is the conversation that you are or are not having.”

Matt decided to put this into practice and had “fierce conversations” with people in his peer group.  The people that didn’t respect and honor his journey and the goals were the ones that slowly began to fade away. The ones that found him inspiring and respected his goals came along with him.

“That’s the key part! of bringing these individuals and giving them the opportunity. If you want to stay over there is totally ok, if you want to roll with me and get on the bus with me I’ve got a seat for you.”

Launching the millionaire lifestyle.

Matt’s own definition of being millionaire means something more than just what dollars can buy. Yes, a millionaire means having seven figures in your bank account. Although he believes that more than the bunch of zeros in your bank account, it is the whole millionaire lifestyle, that is what we are really after.

Check out Matt’s podcast Millionaire Mindcast, were he interviews many millionaires and finds more ways to create wealth.

According to Matt, Not even the rich have a millionaire mindset.

There are people around… very wealthy; that at the end of the day their relationships are broken, their health is bankrupt, and their contribution in giving back to others is broke.  

“Yes I wanted to build financially abundant businesses, I wanted to make as much money as I possibly could, but at the end of the day I wanted to be a great father, I wanted to be a great husband, I wanted to be a great boss, I wanted to be a great community member and I wanted to give back to charity and causes that I love and I am passionate about supporting.”

For Matt, is about living abundant and overflow those pillars.

Because at the end of the day, money just makes you more of whom you already are and gives you more options and tools to share that with other people. He basically uses his wealth created in his financial pillar to flow into the other areas of his life and improve them.

So what is the millionaire mindset?

“What I would say is the key word there, is discipline.”

According to Matt, the millionaires have to consistently do what they don’t want to do each and every single day, in order to get the compounded results that most people would never achieve in life.

How to achieve the Millionaire Mindset?

  1. Maintain consistent discipline levels and the right habits that ultimately lead to the biggest results.
  2. They all play a long-term game. They all think long term, so it is not a short-term mentality or what Matt refers to as the microwave mindset.

The individuals who have sustained and kept growing and kept leveling up, were always the people that were playing the long-term game, had really high levels of discipline, did the things that they necessarily not always wanted to do but knew that by doing those things, that they were going to unlock new levels of themselves, new levels of their mindsets, their consciousness, and a lot of them were very spiritual individuals.


What did we learn from Matt?

1. Set Goals:

In order to really attain some of the goals and milestones of life, you have to have ultimately clarity. You can be more intentional and purposeful about the plan and its execution. Matt uses a weekly annual agenda to get into a deep relationship with his goals. Who do you need to become To Get Your Goals?

2. Execute:

In order to follow through on the execution of the goals and milestones, he gets into the habit of doing things with a clear vision. “Anything that is fruitful requires a lot of hard work, requires a lot of consistency, discipline and some time.”

3. Find assets that will bring passive income.

Invest in assets that give you income that you don’t have to work for, or what Matt refers to as Mailbox Money.

4. Go for the long run:

Trust in the process and know that…by doing the right thing over a consistent period of time, you are going to see things unlock, doors open, opportunities falling to your lap.” 

5. Have a roadmap:

Know what strategy you are playing and the vehicle to take you there. For Matt… “Entrepreneur is my path, real state is my vehicle.”

6. Find a mentor or coach:

Figure out who is the best person in that space, or strategy you are after and model him or her. “I ended up working for somebody for free for about ten months. I learned everything about their business, I learned what they were doing how they were finding them, how they were funding them with none of their money.”

7. Focus on one thing:

“Start going a mile deep in an area an only an inch wide.” Start very narrow and very focus, master something, systematize it and then it becomes scalable, then you can expand beyond that.

8. Learn to fail:

If you are going to expand beyond your existing limiting beliefs, your physical limitations, if you are going to go for something that you have never gone before, often times you are going to fail your way forward. But those will be the greatest stepping stones and learning lessons to your next success. “Don’t throw in the towel and go back to play small.”

Thanks, Matt Aitchison!

If you liked the show, please send a comment below. You can learn more about Matt on his personal website, Twitter (@officialmattya), Youtube Channel, or learn more from him through his personal website

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