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6 Things To 10X Your Business While Traveling

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | November 17, 2017 | No Comments on 6 Things To 10X Your Business While Traveling

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Everybody loves to travel, right? And people today travel more than ever. Especially people who make money online. Travel is a great experience and can help you 10X your business. However, I have noticed that in these circumstances people tend to lose focus and forget their business while traveling. That is not an option for me. I love to grow! Not only grow, but I also want to grow my business and income all while I’m traveling.

From my personal experience, it’s possible to grow exponentially, especially while traveling. Actually, traveling gives me a great platform to grow.

The following 6 ways are kind of what works for me and the things I believe you should focus on, specifically if you’re traveling. Even if you’re not traveling, some of these tips might be of help to you, but I believe that when you travel, it’s even more important to keep focus and actually grow.

Lessons from this episode:

  1. Work comes first (01:54)
  2. Live in beautiful places (03:17)
  3. Workout regularly (04:16)
  4. Disconnect from your business completely (05:17)
  5. Hire ”A players” (06:26)
  6. Get a coach (07:40)

6 Things You Can Do To 10X Your Business While Travelling

1. Work comes first (01:54)

Repeat after me: “Work comes first.”

When you’re traveling, it’s too easy to prioritize fun over work, and I think that is dangerous. If you’re on vacation for two weeks, that’s another thing. You don’t need to work through most of it. But if you, like me, are choosing a lifestyle where you’re traveling a lot, travel becomes a regular part of your life. When that happens, you need to start prioritizing work over fun.

For example, I’ve had periods when I traveled every two weeks, changing countries and cities and it’s easy to fall prey to the new location where you go just to hang out, do something touristic, and see a new place. But if you do it before prioritizing your work, you’re endangering your growth because some work has to be done and has to be created.

That’s where work comes first.

For me, anytime I go to a new place, work comes first. I do some things first. I work, do my important actions and tasks, and it’s only then when I allow myself to enjoy the new place I’m in. And I believe that’s an important part if you’re a perpetual traveler or you’re traveling a lot like me.

2. Live in Beautiful Places (03:17)

If you’re traveling and have a great platform and opportunity to, maybe, live by a beach —I’m now recording this episode in front of a beautiful lake in Guatemala— do it. You can live in beautiful places, and that’s something that started happening with me.

Before, when I was living in the same place, I never really had a beautiful place for myself. It was a shitty place, to be honest. But only when I started traveling and became mobile with my laptop and things I was able to live and work in magnificent places.

And, let me tell you something: those places improved my subconscious mind and my mindset. They changed it and created a wealthy, different mindset. And you want this mindset if you want to 10x your business and really continue growing.

3. Work Out Regularly (04:16)

Even when you’re not traveling, you should work out regularly. But when you’re traveling, moving around, and doing more stuff, it’s even more crucial to take care of your health and your body.

I prioritize my workout and my health over anything else. I work out regularly, and I focus on my health, and this allows me to feel strong and, then, even if have long flights, got a trip, or I’ve done things that are exhausting, my body is in top shape.

This allows me to focus on my business properly and not having to recover from a long flight for a few days because of the jet lag. I simply don’t have it. I just take care of my health and even if I had a long trip I’m doing whatever I want. If I want to work, I’ll go work, I don’t need to recover that much.

4. Disconnect from your business completely (05:17)

This might sound like a contradiction to number one but stay with me, I’ll show you it’s not as much.

Actually, it’s more like a combination. It’s very different just completely doing touristic stuff or focusing on other stuff when you’re traveling. But if you’re prioritizing your work and putting in the important things that have to be done for you to 10X your business first, the combination and having the balance of completely disconnecting after you’ve finished is going to do wonders for you.

For example, whether you have a flight or a trip after you finish your work, spend one or two days completely out, not even checking your email in the evenings. I mean it, completely away from the internet and your business.

In my experience, that’s where the best insights come. And that’s one of the benefits of traveling. In my case, all my best insights and ideas of how to grow my businesses came from being disconnected, not from being in the computer day in, day out. Instead, being disconnected allowed me to have beautiful ideas, and after implementing those ideas, I grew faster.

5. Hire ”A-Players” (06:26)

If you’re going to be traveling and having a remote lifestyle —or even if you don’t, this is equally important. If you want to 10X your business, you need to work with A-players. Not B-players, not C-players. A-players.

You want to hire the best people you can, whether it’s a freelancer doing a one-time job, a contractor, or a full-time employee, you want to hire A-players. And by making sure you hire A-players, you save time from getting a poor job done, and this makes sure that things are done properly even if you’re not there. So, even if you’re not there, things will continue running properly.

More importantly, you won’t need to micromanage because A-players don’t need to be micromanaged. And micromanagement is what takes up your time. That’s why bringing A-players will 10X your business and help you grow faster because you’ll have good people doing what’s needed and they can get care of stuff when you’re not there. Even when you’re there, you won’t need to manage them. You can focus on other stuff to do.

6. Get a coach (07:40)

Let me tell you, I’m a big believer in coaching and I’ve always had a coach. I’ve been working with coaches for the last few years, and I think that especially when you’re traveling, having a coach is even more crucial because when you’re traveling a lot like me and changing countries every two weeks, it’s so easy to have a new reality.

Like, one day I’m in Colombia, the second day I can be in Panama, then I’m flying to Europe, then I’m going to another place, and I’m kind of all around. But, if you have a coach behind you with whom you have a call once a month or once every two weeks, it can keep you grounded.

A coach is one of those things which can keep you grounded. And not only grounded because one of the limitations you have to grow and 10X your business is not the time, it’s your own psychology.

What you actually need to do to grow is not complicated. Well, I really believe it’s not complicated at all. It’s about getting yourself to do it, executing, and maybe seeing the easiest things which can make you grow.

That’s why having a coach right beside you can help you improve psychologically and actually get shit done because when you’re traveling, 10X your business requires discipline to focus on the right things.

So, having someone who can help you be accountable for the things you need to be doing or just to release some psychological shit you’re having is really crucial, especially when you’re traveling.

Last Words and Key Takeaways

  • Work first and then enjoy the sights, you’re not on vacation, remember.
  • Beautiful places can completely change your mindset and improve your mood.
  • Never forget your workout, your body needs to stay in shape.
  • Work first, but once you’re done make sure you disconnect for a couple of days
  • Getting a coach to watch your back is a great way to get shit done

If you enjoyed this episode and you’re ready to 10X your business, don’t forget to comment and leave your feedback.

All the best until next episode,


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