It Is Just Ridiculous How Easy Things Are Done In 2018 | Yuli Azarch

It Is Just Ridiculous How Easy Things Are Done In 2018

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | January 12, 2018 | Comments Off on It Is Just Ridiculous How Easy Things Are Done In 2018

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Contrary to popular belief, things are often easier than they look. In my opinion, this idea obeys more to a mindset than to the actual difficulty of things. More often than not, we complicate things more than we should.

This is a problem because this negative mindset prevents us from doing big things that could make us –or our business– grow. For me, it’s just ridiculous how easy things are done in 2018.

Nowadays, there are tons of opportunities for growth, and none of these are difficult to try; that is why I believe that it’s just ridiculous how easy things are done in 2018. Yet, people seem to try “everything” and don’t seem to succeed.

We overflow with information and where some thrive others tank. It’s as simple as that. There are zero excuses for not trying to do something.

Sadly, these people don’t even realize how easy is setting up an online business. I believe it’s crazy simple. The internet is full of opportunities, and you don’t require expensive equipment or heavy investment Just look for the simplest path and ask yourself this question.

How would things look if they were easy?

This is what today’s podcast is all about. Enjoy!

Lessons from this episode:

1.  How To Use The Internet To Start your Business (02:45 – 04:15)

2. It is Easy To Build A New Software Product (04:15 – 05:23)

3.  Anyone can build Amazon business nowadays (05:23 – 07:35)

4.  “What would this look like if it were easy?” (07:35 – 08:52)

Almost every day, we let our preconceived ideas burden with doubt. That’s why by looking at the simpler side of things really helps you pinpoint the steps you need to follow. It’s not denying the obstacles; on the contrary, it’s having your mind on the game and not on the setbacks, which might even be on your mind only.

Go one step at the time and see how you do it.

Be ready. You might start seeing some results sooner than you expect.

How Easy Things Are Done In 2018

1. How to Use the Internet to Start your Business (02:45 – 04:15)

First, let’s start by talking about my work here. For example, I’m using a $70 microphone, a basic computer I haven’t changed in four years, a free recording software called Audacity, and I hire an editor to help me fine tune the points I can’t fix by myself.

That’s all I need to get a podcast up and running; I believe this wouldn’t have been as easy in the past. Back then, you might have required much more equipment, a recording studio, and tons of advertising to get the job done.

Also, thanks to the internet, you can reach your audience without leaving your home. Things can be as simple as setting a WordPress page like this one and start recording your thoughts. The internet holds the key to success, but the thing is up to you to unlock its potential and use it to build your business from it.

2. It is Easy To Build A New Software Product (04:15 – 05:23)

I’m currently developing a new software product called Trackly. For this product, I have two developers working remotely as a team. In my opinion, remote work allows you to find talented, like-minded people around the globe; also, this setup works wonders when your team shares the same vision and have clear, attainable objectives.

It’s that simple.

In the past, you would’ve needed a room full of developers to finish a product. It might have taken years for your software to see the light and more time for you to profit from it.

In 2018, the entry barrier is much lower, which doesn’t mean we should deliver half-done, not so well-thought products. Which leads me to our next topic.

3. Anyone Can Build an Amazon Business Nowadays (05:23 – 07:35)

Like I said, not so long ago, I couldn’t have done it without internet. Now, I got a fantastic team working with me, and after a few months, I’ve started talking to customers and even seeing some profit.

Another personal example I can offer is my Amazon business. The platform takes care of literally everything you need to get your product into your client’s hands: from product placement and advertising to order fulfillment. They tackle the most challenging parts of selling an online product for you, leaving your hands free to make sure you’ve created a great product that satisfies your customers’ needs.

Conversely, in the pre-Amazon era, you would’ve had to deal with those things by yourself, losing time and compromising your profits.

Thanks to Amazon, I’ve built a seven-figure business that grows every day, and you can do it too; it doesn’t even require exceptional skills. Thanks to the internet, everybody has got a shot at becoming a millionaire –or even billionaire. It takes effort, but it’s becoming more feasible with each year.

That is, I believe, the power of simplicity. And with the right set of tools, everything is possible. It’s just a matter of thinking it is. We overcomplicate things, and by doing so, we accomplish less.


4. “What would it look like if it were easy?” (07:35 – 08:52)

That’s a question Tim Ferriss, the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” asks in his books, and I believe it’s a crucial question when we are starting our business.

Ask yourself. “What’s the less complicated path to x,” being x whatever you want to accomplish. Test different approaches and see how everything works for you. A/B test your business and see which path brings you the most benefits.

Keep in mind that since the number of tools we have today is bigger, becoming an entrepreneur is easier than ever. There are many ways to start your own business; you just got to find what works for you.

We more often find incredible results with ease instead of stress. We might even solve our problems not by finding the missing piece, but by completely reframing them. Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.

Stop and think “am I complicating things too much?”

It’s such a great question, and I still meditate on it. What I do know is that 2018 is full of opportunities for you and me.

Last Words and Takeaways

There is always a more straightforward path to success. The internet can help you streamline the process. There are platforms designed to help you with the most challenging areas of running a business. It still requires effort, but you’ll soon notice your energy is much more focused on those things that really help you become successful.

What I do is following Tim Ferriss’ advice and do a quick meditation. I close my eyes and think:

  • Are my goals my own, or just what I thought I should want?
  • How much of life had I missed from underplanning or overplanning?
  • When could I be kinder to myself?
  • How could I better say no to the nonsense to better say yes to the adventures I seek?
  • Could I best rethink my life, my priorities, my worldviews, my place, and my trajectory in the world?

Once I open them, I have a clearer idea of what I want and how I have to make use of the resources I got.

Lead a richer life, and have a richer lifestyle!

Remember, if you have any comments, please go ahead and write them.

See you in the next episode,


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