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10 Tips For How To Build A 7 Figure Business On The Road

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | February 9, 2018 | No Comments on 10 Tips For How To Build A 7 Figure Business On The Road

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In 2018 it is possible to travel and build a 7 figure business while you’re on the road.

I know this because I’ve done it! In the past 4 years I’ve built not one, but two 7-figure businesses while traveling and living in some of my favorite dream destinations.

Even if you don’t want to do this on the road, and just from the comfort of your home, these tips are sure to help you.

Lessons from this episode:

  1. Prioritize your work (00:52)
  2. 20/80 rule (01:46)
  3. Hire people (02:47)
  4. Partner up (03:35)
  5. Have periods of work and periods of fun (04:14)
  6. Join masterminds and go to events (05:34)
  7. Prioritize your health (06:13)
  8. Do not travel like a maniac, stay longer in places (07:10)
  9. Choose the way you work consciously (08:09)
  10. Have routines (09:17)

Here are 10 tips which I really recommend to anyone who wants to build 7 figure business on the road. These are the things that helped me, even though I did not do them all right away.

However, I really believe that if you combine even some of them, it will really help. And if you decide to implement all of them while you are traveling or not, you will skyrocket your business really, really quickly.


1. Prioritize your work

When you’re traveling it’s very easy to get distracted with that new tourist hot spot or that classy restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Make sure you have a block of time dedicated for work EVERYDAY.

What to do: So for example, you can block 3 hours of your time everyday to work. In these 3 hours you will take no distractions, no phone calls, no people coming and talking to you — and you’ll find that even in just 3 hours you can get quite a bit done! This will help you to be more productive and progress forward. Just make sure you do this every single day, as consistency is the key to progress.


2. 20/80 Rule

The 20/80 Pareto rule is something I keep coming back to again and again. It constantly serves as a reminder for me, and it should serve as a reminder for you as well.

I don’t believe you need to kill yourself to build a 7 or 8-figure business. It’s all about working smart, rather than working hard. I focus on the 20/80 rule which means, what 20% actions can I take which will yield 80% results?

What to do: Think of all the crucial actions you need to take in order to grow, and really zone in and focus on them. This is what I have done, even though I’ve been on the road while doing it. Ask yourself, “I can do these 10 things, but will those things really help to grow my business?” “Will the things I’m doing now double my business, or 10x my business?”


3. Hire people

When you hire people you have a whole team working for you literally when you’re asleep. I notice that the more people I have on my team, more stuff is being done in my business.

What to do: You have limited time in the day — hire people! The more things you outsource (especially if you have a traveling lifestyle like mine) the more time you’ll have to be productive on the things you do best and actually enjoy the extra free time you get to do the things you want.


4. Partner up

If you’re a new entrepreneur I highly recommend not doing things alone. Rather than being a solopreneur and doing everything by yourself, find a business partner.

What to do: Find a suitable business partner who’ll not only cover your ass (when needed), but more importantly will compensate for your weaknesses. Having a strong business partner can often be the missing CRUCIAL piece in taking your business to the next level.


5. Have periods of work and periods of fun

If you work hard, there’s nothing wrong with playing hard.

I find it very balancing and grounding to alternate between periods of work and periods of fun. You don’t need to work, work and work all the time. Perhaps you can allot a  period of time, let’s say two weeks where you work for 8 hours a day, or 10 hours a day completing a major project.


What to do: If you have two weeks of intense work, then reward yourself with one week of fun. Perhaps you travel, or paint or don’t really work. What this does is gives you balance. You might find that this actually makes you more effective and productive when you do get back to work. I certainly do.


6. Join masterminds and go to events

This is literally the best combination of traveling, work and growth. By going to an event in another country or city you can travel and visit local area attractions, and by actually attending the event you get to learn about trending topics and what to focus on NOW to grow your business (the 20/80 rule I discussed earlier).

What to do: Attend events and join mastermind groups to network and learn from others who you aspire to be like. Get the strategies and roadmap you need to grow your business and get ahead.


7. Prioritize your health

From all the tips I’m sharing in this post, this is by far one of the most important ones. Traveling can be tiring and taxing on your health. The better you take care of yourself the more energy you’ll have to get work done, travel and enjoy life.

What to do: Make sure you eat the best food, drink the best water and limit yourself from exposure to toxins. Staying healthy means not having too many sick days, and even if you do bouncing back faster. Check out these top 17 biohacks I use daily to stay healthy.


8. Do not travel like a maniac, stay longer in places

Jumping from place to place every week can be tiring and unproductive — especially when you’re trying to manage a business as you travel. There are too many factors that come into play when you’re traveling and doing it too often is not a good idea to get work done.

What to do: Don’t stay in a place for 3 days or 5 days and expect to work. It’s tiring! Stay for a month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months — whatever it is for you. This way you can combine traveling and ‘living.’ This will give you a routine and great balance to manage time working and enjoying a traveling lifestyle.


9. Choose the way you work consciously

Choose AWESOME places to work! I’ve actually done a separate podcast on this here. It’s really important to choose the place you want to work in consciously. I personally only work in the places that I choose to make my ‘home’ as I travel — and I make sure where I stay is freakin’ beautiful. See me working below!


What to do: Whether you work at home or in a coffee shop, try and choose where you work consciously. If you have choices, choose the best place. Don’t just settle. The best environment with fewer disturbances and distractions, fresh air etc. is bound to produce your best work.


10. Have routines

There are many advantages to traveling — change of country, people, cultures, languages, foods…and I just love it. However, there are also some negatives. One of these is not having a set routine.

I find that having a routine is critical to getting work done.

So for example, one of my weekly routines is that on every Saturday I journal and reflect on the previous week and plan for the next week. I do this EVERY Saturday, no matter where in the world I am. Another daily habit I have is to workout or do yoga and meditate every morning. I do this no matter where I am, and it just makes it that much easier to slide into a new place.

What to do: Without a set routine it’s very difficult to work and build a business. It’s way too easy to get stuck, and simply go with the flow. And if you just go with the flow, you can’t really grow your business. A set routine will help you to stay focused and get stuff done.

So that’s it folks! If you want to build a 7 figure business on the road while traveling I highly recommend you adopt as many of these habits as you can. If you combine a few of them you’ll find a significant difference — and if you follow all of them, like I said in the beginning, I believe you will skyrocket your business really, really quickly.

All the best!


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