17 Best Biohacks I Use Daily for Personal and Professional Growth

17 Best Biohacks I am Using Daily to Be Better in Business, Be Healthier and Have a Better Lifestyle

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In this post, I’m going to share some of my personal biohacks — 17 best biohacks that I’m using daily to be healthier, to be better in my business and to have a better lifestyle.

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  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  2. Stop Eating Around 6 PM
  3. Eat a Low Carb Diet
  4. Do a Sauna Before Bed
  5. Workout and Meditation
  6. Put Phone on Airplane Mode
  7. Take Cold Showers in the Morning
  8. Take Medicinal Mushrooms
  9. Cordyceps for Instant Energy
  10. Hourly Routine for Your Body and Eyes
  11. Mobilize Yourself During Meetings
  12. Stop Doing Phone Calls
  13. Use Anti-EMF Earphones
  14. Shut of Wi-Fi an Hour Before Sleep
  15. Live Far From Cars
  16. Take Vitamin C to Boost Immunity
  17. Open the Window and BREATHE!

To me there’s nothing more important than health.

It’s my number 1 priority.

The more I prioritize health, the better I feel. This empowers me to  be better in my business, better in my relationships and enjoy a better lifestyle.

..And I’m not just saying this — last year in 2017 I read about 50 books on health! In fact, the more I read the more I realize, how much I don’t know.

So last year I started incorporating some of the things I found out in my daily life — Biohacks.

These habitual changes have made a significant difference in allowing me to feel better, have fewer sick days, and just feel more energetic and healthier overall.

In fact, it would’ve been great to have someone tell me 3-4 years ago to start doing this stuff! So this gave me an idea, to start sharing with you the things I’m doing right now — things I wasn’t doing before, but am doing now, and offer a comparison to how I’m feeling now compared to how I felt before.

Here are my top 17 best biohacks that I use daily for personal and professional growth:

1) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’ve started using blue light blocking glasses since the evening. Blue Light blocking glasses block blue light — blue light is basically emitted from your phone, screens that you use, or general lighting in your home. Blue light basically plays with the melatonin in your brain. It tricks the brain to think it’s still daylight, and then you find yourself getting less tired in the evening. This directly affects the quality of your sleep. In fact, studies suggest that “exposure to blue light at night,” can have adverse affects on your health.

My results: I use blue light blocking glasses since 6pm in the evening, whether I’m reading, on my computer or outdoors. I find this makes me TIRED, and allows me to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Before I would never really be tired. Now I’m in bed by 9pm-10pm and wake up early and refreshed to tackle the day.

2) Stop Eating Around 6 PM

I stop eating around 6 PM. This allows me around 4-5 hours of no eating/digestion, and I notice I have much more energy, especially in the mornings because my body doesn’t have to work hard to digest food I just ate before sleeping.

My results: Before I used to eat at 10 PM or just 30 minutes before sleeping and I found myself to always be groggy in the morning. By eating a few hours before I go to bed, I just have a lot more energy in the morning. I also find myself waking up naturally, without having to force myself out of bed. This has been one of my best biohacks this past year.

3) Eat a Low Carb Diet

I eat a low carb-diet\almost ketogenic diet (a diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs), and also do intermittent fasting daily. This helps me to make sure that my sugar is not spiking after every meal, so I don’t feel foggy and have an energy drop after eating. A high-carb diet will usually bring energy levels down, so being on a low-carb diet allows me to have stable energy throughout the day.

My results: Following a ketogenic diet (high fat and low protein diet) allows me to be burning fat, so I have more energy and I feel less hungry. With intermittent daily fasting, I stop eating by the evening and have my first meal by around 10am, allowing me to focus on reading and journaling, and thinking less about food.

4) Do a Sauna Before Bed

I do a sauna before I go to sleep. Saunas help you detox your body from toxins…and you just freakin’ feel good after you do a sauna!

My results: I do a sauna in the evening and I notice it makes me feel really fresh and I just sleep so much better. And if I sleep better I wake up with so much more energy. This one daily habit has made a huge difference to how I sleep and how I feel.

5) Workout and Meditation

I workout and meditate EVERY morning. I noticed how EASY it is for me to incorporate things into my morning and evening routine which during the day, I just won’t be able to do. This is a time I have full control, nobody is messaging me, and I can focus on myself.

My results: My daily routine is to work out or do yoga first thing in the morning, followed by a good 20 minutes of meditation. Meditation has made a huge shift by bringing more mindfulness, making me feel more calm, more productive and more focused on the day. Combine meditation and a workout and I feel freakin’ GOOD!

6) Put Phone on Airplane Mode

Believe it or not, my phone is in airplane mode MOST of the day. I also have no notifications on my phone — so if someone was sending me a WhatsApp message, a Skype message or a Facebook message my phone would keep buzzing….so obviously I kept reaching out for my phone. And let’s face it, most of us are this way, and these constant distractions don’t allow you to focus, it shifts your energy, and most of the time it’s not even really important!

My results: I now only turn my phone on late in the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll check it in the morning, after my morning routine, to check messages from family and friends. If anything is urgent, I’ll be on my PC, and I can be reached by Skype. This is my ‘urgent’ workplace to get messages, and where I am available. I’ll be honest — this is by no means easy for me. But without phone distractions, I can be focused in what I need to done, and be away from constant radiation.

7) Take Cold Showers in the Morning

I travel A LOT, but it doesn’t matter where I am, I’ll take COLD showers first thing in the morning.  Even if it’s snowing outside I’ll take a cold shower. If I could I would like a nice ice bath to jump into (something that Tony Robbins is doing as part of his morning routine), but since I can’t do an ice bath, I stick to cold showers.

My results: I take a 30 seconds cold shower first thing in the morning, regardless of snow, rain or shine. It instantly makes me alert, and wakes the SHIT out of me.


8) Take Medicinal Mushrooms

I take medicinal mushrooms daily (not magic mushrooms that alter your consciousness!), but certain mushrooms with incredible medicinal properties that are essentially food for your immune system. There are many types of medicinal mushrooms which you can take. My top preferences are reishi and chaga, which have been backed by extensive research. A few others I take are He Shou Wu, cordyceps and ashwagandha.

My results: I’ve been taking medicinal mushrooms for the past 18 months.  I found myself getting sick every 3-4 months, and I noticed that if I stop taking them I don’t feel the same. After incorporating them into my daily routine (for example in a smoothie or a cup of coffee), I just get less sick — and when you’re less sick you have more time to be happy, more time to be healthy and more time to be productive.

9) Cordyceps for Instant Energy

I’d like to share one of my best biohacks with you. If you’re feeling down, especially in the morning, cordyceps, a type of medicinal mushroom can really help to perk you up. It’s like a few cups of coffee without any down-time. Usually 1 capsule is one dose, which is around 400 mg.

My results: I’ll take around 4 grams of cordyceps. So for example if I’ve traveled and I feel really down and I’m staying in a crappy hotel and need an immediate boost, a trick I learned last year is I’ll literally take 10 capsules of cordyceps. A few minutes afterwards, I’m a new person, and I can properly function.

10) Hourly Routine for Your Body and Eyes

Every 1 hour of work, I’ll mobilize my body, and allow my eyes to look long-distance. It allows me to work longer, because I won’t be stuck in the same position, and my body won’t hurt from sitting or standing. So every hour, for at least 5 minutes I’ll mobilize myself in some way or another — I’ll jump or walk or do something that makes me move. The key here is to do this every ONE hour!

My results: Before I used to sit for 2-3 hours before I did any kind of movement, and this is not good at all, for your body or for your eyes. I find myself spending a lot of time on devices, so now I’ve made it a habit that every 1 hour I will go and look long distance. Just stand in the balcony or look out the window. The allows the eyes to refresh and relax. Mobilizing your body hourly is all about habit & routine and makes a huge difference. Try it out.

11) Mobilize Yourself During Meetings

When I have calls, I’ll do voice calls over video calls as much as I can. And when I do a voice call I’ll be moving for the entire duration of the call. I won’t be sitting or standing. I’ll be walking, or jumping or squatting or even doing stretches. This makes sure I’m fresh and not stuck in the same place. Also, my eyes are not stuck on the screen.

My results: If you work remotely like me, you’re bound to have daily meetings or calls. Mobilizing yourself during a call is a great way to get off the computer, so you can be refreshed and get more work done later. Your eyes will be less tired and your body will thank you.

12) Stop Doing Phone Calls

I stopped doing calls from my phone and I stopped using 3G. After extensive research along with reading a few books this past year, I found out that there are many dangers to EMF or electro-magnetic frequencies.

The frequencies phones are emitting are dangerous. Research shows that putting your phone to your head can potentially even lead to cancer. I was doing this a few years ago, and my head hurt and my ear was red after constantly being on calls, and I just sort of took it for granted, until I saw the difference in NOT using my phone for calls.

My results: My phone is usually on airplane mode so there’s no connection to cell towers. Now when I need to make calls I do it through my iPad, which just has Wi-Fi (no 3G). I clearly notice my head hurts LESS, and this actually allows me to do more calls. Ideally, I would remove Wi-Fi, but that’s a bit tough with a traveling lifestyle.

13) Use Anti-EMF Earphones

A big part of remote work still requires me to make some calls, using earphones. But instead of regular earphones, I now use anti-EMF earphones. These earphones are designed to block radiation. So, basically if you’re not using anti-EMF earphones, you’re getting a small level of acute radiation into your ears or head every single time you’re on a call.

My results: I found that I feel so much better, by just switching to anti-EMF earphones. Plus, they’re not just for calls. I use them to listen to music, Podcasts whenever I’m traveling or anywhere I am. These cost about $20 online and are an investment you should not think twice about making.

14) Shut of Wi-Fi an Hour Before Sleep

I shut off the router (which emits Wi-Fi) EVERYDAY. Doing this allows me to have better and deeper sleep. Wi-Fi essentially is an EMF, and it’s a frequency that’s not healthy. There is no Wi-Fi EMF usually for about 1 hour before sleep, and about 2 hours after I wake up.

My results: I usually shut off Wi-Fi 1 hour before jumping into bed, and turn it off about 2 hours after I wake up, when I actually start work. So if I sleep for 8 hours + 1 hour before I sleep + 2 hours after I wake up — it usually gives me around 11 hours where I’m not exposed to Wi-Fi. This helps me sleep SO much better, and feel so much more healthier.

15) Live Far From Cars

I didn’t really notice this in the past, but if you live next to a highway, you are probably exposed to a bunch of chemicals. Cars emit harmful toxins from their combustion engines, and again, I didn’t notice this before. But you know, sometimes you think you’re feeling good and then you make a diet, fitness or lifestyle change, and you notice you feel SO much better. And then it’s hard to go back.

My results: For me I notice that having high car exposure is not ideal. In my traveling lifestyle, I try to stay far away from cars. So for example, I won’t get a room from where I can see cars from my balcony. Keeping myself away from breathing toxins (and constant noise pollution) helps me to think clearly and perform better.

16) Take Vitamin C to Boost Immunity

I recommend taking Vitamin C for your immune system (I read a few books about it too). I personally take a bunch of supplements, that I can’t really get into detail in this episode, but Vitamin C specifically is one of the top ones  I started including in my arsenal of supplements in the past 12 months.

My results: I use a powdered form of Camu Camu, (a fruit that contains more natural vitamin C than any other food on the planet!), as well as Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, a highly bioavailable form of Vitamin C absorbed directly on a cellular level. I’ll take it daily, and especially before and after flights, and I find I just feel more protected, get less sick, and am able to do what I do.

17) Open the Window and BREATHE!

Breathe REAL air. Most of us live using air conditioners, in closed buildings or keep the windows shut, and do not get enough exposure to real air. When you’re breathing air coming from air conditioners, that is recycled air. OPEN THE FREAKIN’ WINDOW! Have real air coming in.

My results: As I travel I realize that when I keep the windows open and let real air come in, my apartment is nice and airy, my surroundings smell better, and my head feels so much more clearer. Now, I’ve just become sensitive to it. I notice that when I go to a place that doesn’t offer as much natural airflow I just don’t feel as good.

Being healthy is such an indispensable part of being in business.

I hope some of my best biohacks (which I have incorporated into my life and have made an incredible difference) will help you to feel better, perform better and live a better, more rewarding life!

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