5 Learnings From Wearing a 24/7 Blood Glucose Monitor For Two Months.

by Yuli | September 23, 2019 | Comments

Listen to the interview below: I am always looking for ways to optimize my daily performance in life and health. So about two months ago, I decided to wear a blood glucose monitor 24/7.  So what is a glucose monitor 24/7? Basically, it is a needle stuck to your finger 24/7. A sensor is attached Read more

5 Learnings From Tony Robbins Business Mastery

by Yuli | July 30, 2019 | Comments

 A few months back, I attended an intensive 5-day event with Tony Robbins called The Business Mastery. This seminar covers topics ranging from businesses strategy, innovation, marketing, sales, and ideas to grow your business. After attending this fantastic event with Tony, I came out with my personal five nuggets of wisdom. In this brief Read more