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How to Build a Bulletproof Mindset With Scott Mulvaney

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“You need to start building a bulletproof mindset! It is the one thing you could always fall back on.” 

Scott Mulvaney (@livethefuel) known as a host and creator of Live The Fuel podcast show, is a passionate health nut, podcaster, public speaker, coach. His mission is to help people conquering their dreams while balancing the three most important domains in our lives: Health, Business, and Lifestyle.

In fact, FUEL is an acronym that stands up for Firing Up the Epic Life. Cool, isn’t it?

Scott sees himself as an open book and is open to anything, so this interview should be a lot of fun.

What We Discuss With Scott Mulvaney

  • How to Build a Bulletproof Mindset
  • We Have The Power To Change What Surrounds Our Eyes and Ears.
  • How Does The Healthy Lifestyle Do For Scott…
  • How To Find Ways To Get Out Of Our Com0fort Zone.
  • Hacks to avoid Wi-Fi transmitting and get even better internet connection
  • Entrepreneurship should be paying yourself a profit.

Who is Scott Mulvaney and What Does He Do

Apart from being an entrepreneur and coach, Scott is also a podcast creator himself. His show Live The Fuel fuels your health, business, and lifestyle.

Another interesting part of Scott’s background is that he has changed careers many times, ending up in the entrepreneurial space after many different jobs (some of them pretty odd).

In fact, Scott grew up as a farm kid who worked on the farm and paid his own way through college. Then, he began working for some of the US biggest tech companies such as T-Mobile USA, IT companies, private consulting, and software services.

Hell, he even worked as a ski and spinning instructor once.

Long story short, Scott has been around the block quite a few times.

How To Build a Bulletproof Mindset

To him, the balance between mind and body is necessary to live a full lifestyle and succeed at what you do.

However, there’s a key concept that drives Scott, and that separates success from failure and the way we perceive things. That concept is mindset.

According to him,

“If you’re healthy, you have a better mindset. If you’re starting to grow yourself professionally, your business or you’re a part-time hustler, that’s gonna make you feel better about your mindset.”

Also, if you have a balanced lifestyle, you have a great mindset that’s going to help you grow. And it goes beyond your age, too.

For instance, Scott is 40 years old and has often realized people see their age as a defining factor. But, to him, that shouldn’t be the case at all because lifestyle and age shouldn’t be incompatible.

In fact, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mindset go in hand and beyond age.

For instance, let’s think of professional and personal development. Learning is a huge factor to become better professionally, but there’s a limit to that if you don’t give back to others and apply what you’ve learned.

Move around, exercise; just don’t stand still and let things pass you by. Your body will feel better, you will think better, and your mindset will improve.

In Scott’s words.

“For me, personally, it’s constantly challenging myself to do something different.”

Introduce certain habits in your day, listen to educational content, read books, go to events, do something that helps you build a positive mindset.

And this echoes Tony Robbins words that say that life is about motion.

That includes physical activity, going out, learning new things. In essence, doing whatever gets you out of the comfort zone. This also gives you better ideas because you’re able to zone out and unplug from your regular desk life.

Create a Learning Mindset

Make. Good. Use. Of. Your. Time.

Scott cites as one of his main examples one time he was on his way to see a client. He had forgotten that he had signed up for a webinar and could’ve totally forgotten about it and continue, but he was like:

“It was five minutes ‘til 3 PM EST, and I said, well, I have an iPhone. I double-checked the link, downloaded the video webinar app, it launched, and that was it, I was on the webinar.”

It seems complicated, but if he could use his commuting time to do something productive, why couldn’t we?

The thing is simply not making excuses about things and just do them even if it sounds inconvenient at first. Scott also referred to his car as a mobile university because you can use that “dead time” to learn, to improve your mindset, and to surround yourself with the content you need.

You have the power to change what surrounds your eyes and ears; don’t make excuses and build your life around that.

Keep A Consistent, Healthy Lifestyle

Energy is everything, especially if you’re trying to become a voracious consumer of content and do all the extracurricular activities you’ve planned for yourself. Everything takes energy, and if you have extra energy, you’ll find it easier to do everything you want.

Without a healthy lifestyle, you simply won’t have the energy to do them.

And a huge part of having energy is getting the right amount of sleep, which is something that can be hard, particularly if you work late or stare at the computer during the evenings.

Maybe you didn’t know about it, but the blue light from the computer screen interferes with your circadian rhythms and messes with your sleep.

Your body craves consistency. Regardless what you do, you need to do it consistently so your body and your mind can reap the actual benefits.

It sounds like something pretty basic, doesn’t it? The thing is that it doesn’t need to be rocket science. Or, like Scott says:

“You gotta rest the body. Fuel the body, give it the right hydration, the right food.”

There are many ways to improve your body and your overall health, but they all need consistency to work.

Another important part of this healthy mindset is hydration. Our bodies need water to work, heal, and function. That’s why we need to properly hydrate our body, and that’s something you have to do first thing in the morning.

If you want to be at your peak, you don’t need anything to hold you back.

Ground Yourself

Another good thing you can do to improve your mindset and your health is actually ground yourself. Grounding implies reconnecting with ourselves and with what surrounds us, leading to a healthier less cluttered lifestyle.

In fact, part of this grounding that Scott mentions has to be with choosing to disconnect once in a while. Leave your cell phone in the office, shut down your Wi-Fi at night and you’ll be more aware of the present moment. For instance, this is what Scott did in his house:

“I took all my Wi-Fi routers and plugged them into a separate power strip under my desk, so before I go to sleep, I flip the switch, and when I go to sleep, there’s no Wi-Fi in my house.”

Wi-Fi is meant to make us mobile, and it’s a great tool, but if you’re home, you probably don’t need it. Being hyperconnected is not good either as it sets you off not from being productive but from enjoying the present moment.

If you want to reconfigure your Wi-Fi router and create a smaller signal footprint to stop being so hyperconnected, most routers have a stock IP number you can access from your web browser.

The address is Once you’re in there, you can customize your router’s settings.

Create a Profit-First System

This system, popularized by Michael Michalowicz goes against these people who don’t love their business because they don’t really pay themselves.

And that’s a mindset that really hurts businesses and entrepreneurs alike because you need actually to give yourself something back. With this system, you can also separate your income, so you never have to worry about things at the last minute. For instance, in Scott’s case, he does it to both create a healthy financial model and also treat himself.

“2% of all my income goes to a special account that I can only touch once a quarter. So, four times a year, I’m allowed to take that money and use it for whatever I want. That’s my reward system. And I have another account where I put 4% of my income, and that’s my pay as an owner.”

This, of course, is different for every person, but you can use it depending on your needs so you can cover all basis, treat yourself, and even invest in your education. In Scott’s case, this percentage is around 15%, as he has an account set aside only for growth opportunities and continuing education.

The point here is going against the traditional system and taking some of that income before you spend it and save whatever’s left, effectively budgeting yourself to expenses instead of thinking of saving money to see profits.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just 1% or you just can take your family for an ice-cream; it’s all about rewarding yourself for doing what you do.

This mindset is going to help you grow, build better businesses, better relationships, and focus your energy on what makes you happy instead of enduring misery thinking of future profits.

To Scott, this new financial mindset meant he was able to pay his debts finally and, unlike many Americans, live a debt-free lifestyle.

Scott’s Final Health Tips

  1. Sleep well. Take your circadian rhythm seriously, it’s your life flow. Your body needs consistency in sleep.
  2. Eat healthily. Fast food is manufactured junk; it does not belong to your body.
  3. Keep your body hydrated. 
  4. Active lifestyle. When it comes to fitness you do want to be consistent but vary your exercises to keep interesting.
  5. Go hard wire and turn off your Wi-Fi whenever you can!

Here are resources from the show:

  1. MAPCON, Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Born to run, book by Christopher McDougall
  4. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F, book by Mark Manson
  5. Fascinate, book by Sally Hogshead
  6. Fearless, Book by Eric Blehm
  7. Dr. Jack Kruse, neurosurgeon & optimal health educator
  8. Profit First, book by Mike Michalowicz

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See you next time.


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