Long Term Vision And Thinking

Have A Long Term Vision And Thinking

by Yuli | September 27, 2016 | Comments

How many of you guys actually have a long-term vision for your business or for your life, and how far into the future? A 5-year vision, a 10-year vision? Maybe even a 2-year vision. I’ve been travelling the world for two years already. I’m living my dreams, and I’m really blessed and grateful for this. Read more


Are You In It For The Long Term Or Short Term? The Unproportionate Way To Online Success

by Yuli | February 27, 2016 | Comments

I see way too many people who focus on the short term. People start a business, or want to make money online, and if after 3 months they don’t make sufficient enough of money, they start blaming other things, which include themselves, the strategies used, the market, or anything in between. People come to me Read more