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Your “Not To Do” List Is MUCH MORE Important Than Your “To Do” List:

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | March 2, 2016 | No Comments on Your “Not To Do” List Is MUCH MORE Important Than Your “To Do” List:


We are bombarded with the importance of doing things on a day to day basis, we are being told you need to have a “to do” list, a plan, and taking massive action is very important. While a massive action is very important, crucial, and you will need to take massive action, the more I do business, I realize that finding that inner strength of saying “no” to things, is equal, and probably much more important, than saying “yes”.

There is a quote that made me think for a while when hearing it for a first time a few years back, by Warren Buffet “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” – If one the richest man on earth says something, we should probably listen.

There are a million things and actions you can take. There is a ton of projects you can take on yourself. However, our energies and time are very limited, and you must choose wisely what you invest your time and energy on. The more you will keep saying “yes” to every request, and project, you will have fewer options to be focused on the things that are important to you.

Your Not To Do list can include any of the following – You can tune it to what works best for you, those are examples of things that by avoiding those, you will have more time & options throughout the day:

  1. Saying no to someone who wants purely your time for anywhere between 1-3 hours, without a pure agenda.
  2. Saying no to checking your phone periodically too many times in a day for Whatsapp/Facebook without any good reason.
  3. Saying no to eating bad food that doesn’t support you.
  4. Saying no for living in your “Inbox” and answering to any email that comes to you the minute you received it.
  5. Saying no for “Facebook News Feed”, I recommend using a cool plugin called “Facebook News Feed Eradicator“, a true life changer, as I do not have any more news feed on my Facebook and I am not getting distracted by nonsense, which in the end of the day, isn’t that important
  6. Saying no to new projects. People will come to you with suggestions of teaming up, and having mutual projects\businesses. The power to say no will enable you to focus on the projects that are important to you.
  7. Saying no to working for the sake of working. Plan your day, be productive and do not work just so you can feel that you have worked.
  8. Saying no to incoming calls during a meeting or responding to every incoming message on Skype right away. If you are in a meeting with somebody, bring your undivided attention to the outcome of that meeting, do not start answering every small call\message if you are in a meeting with somebody.
  9. Saying no to every request of help. Your time and energy are limited. Respect it, and know when to say yes, when to say no, and block those times with a time limit as well.
  10. Saying no to other people’s priorities. Your priorities are not the same as other peoples. Not everything is equally important. People can come to you with demands of doing things right away, when in fact, they are not that important most of the time. Learn to say no to that.

What other things do you find saying no, can or improves your life in a big way, and makes you more productive?

Action Steps: Think of something you can say “no” to. It can be extremely small, or big as well. Practice saying “no”.



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