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Why I Am Already So Rich

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | October 4, 2016 | No Comments on Why I Am Already So Rich

Why I Am Already So Rich

I wanted to shoot this video to capture a beautiful moment right now. Right now, it’s the sunrise. It’s just a beautiful sunrise, you know.

Right now, I am in Larnaca in Cyprus. And sometimes I take it for granted. I’ve been traveling the world for over two years. And when you earn money online, you can go wherever you want. So right now I’m in Cyprus, I rent a place two minutes from the beach. Today I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and me and my girlfriend went to see this beautiful sunrise.

It’s something I take for granted sometimes, but most people cannot do it. I really realize it. And it makes for a beautiful and amazing lifestyle. And that’s why I feel that I’m already rich and already like a millionaire, and it’s what you can do with your lifestyle. If you earn money online, and you don’t need to earn too much money online in order to do it because expenses are not that high to live like that.

If you get to earn money online, you get to see other things. You get to do so many other things that you want to do. You get to be anywhere you want on this planet. Right now, there’s WiFi everywhere. In the near future, it will be even easier to be in places like this or anywhere, because Wifi will be more readily available. I feel rich. It’s great to start feeling like this, and then getting to it later financially. But that’s what the internet can give you. If you earn money online, you can have the best lifestyle. And you need to design it, even if you earn money. Some people earn and they still don’t have the best lifestyle. They don’t know how to design it. You need to know how to design your lifestyle.

For me, it’s so beautiful. I love sunrises. It’s just magical for me, just magical really. So I hope you took something from this to your own life. And if you want some quick action steps, then think how you can improve your life in a small way, just how you can improve your lifestyle in a bit, and implement it in your life.

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