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Who Do You Need To Become To Get Your Goals?

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | April 21, 2017 | 1 Comment on Who Do You Need To Become To Get Your Goals?

Who do you need to become to get the result

We tend to focus a lot on results we want but forget ourselves in the process:

  • We want specific friends to be in our life.
  • We want a specific partner to be in our life.
  • We want to get specific goals and results in life.
  • We want a certain amount of money in our bank.

A question which is simply not asked enough is: Who do you need to become to get the result? Jim Rohn says: “The purpose of a goal is not to get the goal. It is to become the person who can get the goal.”

If you strip away 100% of the money from the wealthiest people in the world, they will get all of their money back very shortly. Once you become a millionaire, and you lost all of your money, the second million should be easier.

Let’s look at 3 areas of our life:

Area Of Friendships:

I believe we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So let’s say you want to spend time with higher quality people/friends. It is easy to know what you want, but let’s say you would want to hang out with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins & Tim Ferris (All 3 are big mentors in my life I would personally love to hang out with them). Who do you need to become, to get to a level you can hang out with them? This makes you think deeper on what I need to create in life and who I need to become to get to a level they would want to hang out with me. 

Area Of Relationships:

When you want to get your relationship, don’t simply ask what kind of woman/man you want in your life, which is an important first step to getting what you want, ask yourself Who do you need to become to attract that level of woman/man? You may just realize that your ideal woman/man perhaps would not want you based on your current status today, and you need to make changes so they will. It is a question I asked myself when I was single and was struggling with women and it forced me to work on myself. When I got better, women automatically appeared in my life.

Area Of Money:

If you want to have a million dollars in your bank, ask yourself, Who do you need to become to attract that level of wealth? You’ll start realizing which skills you need to acquire, maybe will focus on hiring more people in your business to grow, or reading more books from people who have reached the level of wealth you are after. Tony Robbins says: “In any organization, the chokehold on the growth of the business is almost always the psychology and the skill sets of the leader”So if your organization is not growing, you may be very well the reason why it doesn’t. I asked myself the question when I did not get my financial goals. It forced me to delve deep into myself, seeking where I can improve so I can to my goals faster.

That wonderful question will force you to focus on what you can improve in yourself. That question served me very well for many years in my own personal development path and I hope it’ll remind you to ask you that question much more often.

Action Step: Think of a certain goal you want to get in life. Ask yourself: Who do I need to become to get that goal? Take a paper and a pen, and start writing down the answers that come up to the question.


One response to “Who Do You Need To Become To Get Your Goals?”

  1. Julia says:

    Great article and amazing question to ask yourself! So much growth just in this simple queston – who do i need to become….? Thank you for sharing!

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