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How To Travel The World Nonstop

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | March 7, 2015 | No Comments on How To Travel The World Nonstop


So, imagine yourself, you can choose to be in any place you want in the world – literally any place, any country, any island, any city, you could just choose. And you can wake up tomorrow in that place. Imagine yourself, you can wake up tomorrow in New Zealand, in England, in Mexico, in Greenland, in Scotland, in Argentina, in Brazil- You can wake up in any country of your choosing.

Not only that, but you wake up in the most magnificent places in those countries, with the most amazing nature around you, in the most luxurious places – Places of your choosing.

Not only that, but you do throughout the day which you dreamed, wanted or you desired, you are doing during the day anything you want! Literally anything you want you’re spending as much time as you want on anything.

If you want to spend your time on hiking, you do hiking. If you go to nature, you go to nature. If you want to spend time with friends, you spend time with friends. If you want to do creative work, you do creative work.

I don’t know what this is called for you but for me this is what I call COMPLETE FREEDOM and I am very lucky and grateful to say that I’ve been living this way for the last 9 months in a row right now. In the last 9 months, I’ve just done exactly as I’ve described. And I’ve been going through South and Central America. I have been very blessed that I’ve been to many countries on my way. I’ve been in Brazil, in Ecuador, in Peru, in Colombia in United States as well, in Guatemala, in Mexico, and in Belize. Here are a few photos from my trip:10153235_10204914761841546_5275382255698499191_n 11045021_10205241516730214_2746407612253450928_n 10885123_10204920562226552_7615875260232276561_n 10641188_10203977051319369_2726061519216168999_n 10580009_10203629856119706_1534913927217274728_n 10505377_10203446603938516_3941359161646566568_n


All the while, traveling, all the while, seeing the most amazing natures, and learning a new language (I now know how to speak Spanish) and getting so much rich life experiences. It was my dream which I really want for a long time and I got the complete freedom in my life. And I’ve been traveling nonstop for 9  months now. And I can continue doing so for as much as I want. If i want for one more year, for two more years, for three more years. It’s not an issue

The question is: how can I do it? How can I travel nonstop? How can YOU do it?

To be honest, people are sometimes looking for a very complicated answers of how this can be done, but the answer is very simple, I would like to underlie the concepts that can allow you to do the sam: Having an online business!

Benefit #1 for having an online business: It gives you mobility and frees you from any location.

Today we live in the information age, internet age. You have wifi everywhere, literally, you will be surprised by it. You have wifi in any place you want. I read that you can actually get wifi connection on top of Mt. Everest. Even though I haven’t been there, and haven’t personally checked it (Perhaps in the coming years), which is amazing to think of where we come to in the year of 2015 opposed to even 40-50 years ago as a human race.

And you can get it at any airport, at any hostel, at any hotel, at any restaurant, at any 3rd world country. A caution, at third world countries sometimes the internet is going to be a lot more faster than more developed countries. And that’s the kind of world we live in. There’s wifi everywhere! And I really mean everywhere. Even if you go to jungles and places like this which sounds more “extreme”.

And an online business is the tool I’m using in order to travel nonstop really and getting the dream which for me was traveling the world. And I feel like I am just starting my travelling around this beautiful planet. It’s almost 9 months actually right now.

So, if your business is on the internet: You have no connections to a physical location, and you can run it from any Wifi location in the earth with a laptop. You are not bound to a physical location.

You don’t have to travel nonstop maybe like I do but you get your freedom of choice if you set up your business and income to come from online. You can be in one location of your choosing – which is any location in the world, because again, it’s in the internet, there is no limitation, no physical bounding and your business is running 24/7 all the time – when you’re sleeping, when you’re awake in any country because it is on the internet and that’s the beauty of it.

Reason #2 for having an online business: It gives you automation.

Now what is the meaning of an automated? It means that, basically it’s what it says. It means it’s automated and things are just running on itself. You can create systems, you can get virtual assistants, you can use scripts, everything is automated. Everything is running on the internet and you can get assistants on the internet which will do all the required actions and the moment it’s automated, you’re not required to work on it all the time, you are getting out of the equation.

And the moment you are not required to work on it all the time, you’re getting your free time to do whatever you want. You can work more on your business, it’s one option, I personally do it at times. I love it, I love what I do and you can do other things as well. You can go and do hikes, travels and see cultures and spending time with your family, with your loved ones. Maybe going and focusing on your physical body. There are many many things you can do. The idea is: YOU choose it, wisely.

If you want to travel nonstop, then having an online business which runs 24/7 on automation all the time is what will you give this “non stop” experience. Without really making things more complicated then they are. There are other ways really to travel nonstop, and just one basic example would be teaching English in countries, there are always creative ways to travel if you really want to. However, such methods produce a very low income and not really a lot of freedom to yourself. That’s the tool I’m recommending. And that’s the amazing tool which can get you to your dreams and to financial freedom as well.

Reason #3 for having an online business: It gives you automation: It gives you a monthly cashflow.

You are starting to get cash flow on a monthly basis. If you are going to travel on an extended period of time, then as with every business, the profits will enter your bank account at the end of each month, so you can continue travelling and have the money in the bank all the time for any expense which you may just want or dream of.

And not only this, you’re probably going to save yourself money while traveling because if you’re from a developed country and obviously depending where you’re from, for example, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia so you have costs of living, monthly expenses. It doesn’t matter where you live, you have costs of living: for example you have to pay for rent, you have to pay for food, you have to pay for activities for yourself, so you have a monthly expense. and When you start traveling, your monthly expense can actually go lower  because you are using the currency to your favor because you can earn in dollars and you can spend in pesos, you can spend in quetzals (Guatemala currency), you can spend in ColombianMexican pesos, and the list goes on really. So really you’re saving money and that’s another beautiful thing because most likely you are going to spend less in a month than you’re spending in a really high more developed country when you’re traveling, including 100% of your expenses, for what I call a luxury lifestyle. And not only you’re spending less, you’re still getting the same money because business is online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Mexico, Guatemala, in Argentina, the money is getting in every every month.

And in my case I’ve been just traveling for 9 months for South America and Central America and I have to say that whole South America and whole Central America are very cheap countries. Now cheap is very related to my own country, which I am from, originally from Israel, it’s cheaper than U.S.A. And actually I’ve saved myself money. I’ve just lived a luxury lifestyle for the last 9 months, being exactly where I want, doing what I want in the most magnificent places. And I saved myself money, wether I would have just stayed in Israel, my home for this whole time.

If I was staying in Israel during this whole time, my monthly expense of just pure basic needs of accommodation, rent, food, and different activities, expenses would have been higher. So actually while doing this, and having the tool of an online business, I’m saving myself money.

And now the moment you already have your online business, the moment you are already starting up and what does it mean to have cash flow every month? It means it doesn’t matter what happens, you’re going to get money in your bank in the end of the month.

If your dream is to travel around the world, it’s really different different travelling around while having an online business, then not having it (Most people dreams so it seems is to travel the world, from a survey I read, so it is really a top #3 goaldream which many people share), is you are going to have expenses, you are going to spend money on everything that is required, but if you don’t have any online business, it’s going to run out eventually depending obviously on the kind of life that you choose. With the internet, again, it’s nonstop cause the cash flow is on a monthly basis and every month, you’re going to get the money inside the bank which will allow you to go and do whatever you want. And to pay for your accommodations, for your food, for your luxury, for anything that you choose to do.


Another thing actually I wanted to add also, is you actually don’t have to have an online business if you are not an entrepreneur kind of style, if you’re not this kind of person, and this is just not you. Some people are more towards this and some others are not. Again, the online thing is still your power, because you can have an online presence. And if your work is online, you can still take yourself to any place in the world. During my travels, I’ve met all sorts of people who do this. Not necessarily entrepreneurs, I’ve met a few programmers. And what they do as well, they work from the internet, and choose to live in the most cool places in the world.

You know today, in 2015, you don’t have to have an office and you can do so many things on your computer. Start-ups and multi billion companies are being created with programmers scattered all around the world without an office. You can control the world from your computer. And for examples, programming is really one example. If you’re a programmer and you work for a company, you can ask to work online, it doesn’t matter if you work in an office most of the time, depending which company. And this way, you can just take yourself in any place in the world that you want. And you do your work for your hours, be as productive as you can, lower your amount of hours, get things done and on your spare time, you travel nonstop and do whatever you want: making new experiences, learning new languages, getting and learning cultures, seeing amazing nature and amazing experiences. So this is one example and there are other jobs as well, not necessarily only programming.

I really hope this inspires you in any way because this has been my dream for a very very long time, to get into financial freedom and traveling the world, freely as much as I want.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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