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Top 10 Tips For Travelling In 3rd World Countries And Staying Healthy

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | March 12, 2016 | No Comments on Top 10 Tips For Travelling In 3rd World Countries And Staying Healthy

Tips For Traveling In 3rd World Countries

Eating and staying healthy in a third world countries is something that is possible and can be done.  This post was originally written down while I was in India. India is a 3rd world country by all means, and is considered to be one of the dirtiest places in the world and personally I’ve heard so much bad things about the food and the hygiene here and was scared as well coming here. I have travelled to India for three weeks and there was absolutely no problem with my stomach, not even one time, and even felt very good with the food, and experienced a new world of food.

After travelling in a lot of 3rd world countries, and staying healthy in my standards, and having extremely high amounts of energy on a daily basis: It is possible to eat healthy anywhere. I want to share some of my routines, protocols & things I do which I follow and which in turn really make sure I am healthy in 3rd world countries. Many people have a belief that if you fly to Asia/South America it’s a regular thing to have some problems with your stomach. It is not! It’s complete bullshit.

Here are the things I do, and you can do some of those or all, and they will protect you when in 3rd world countries:

  1. You can go and eat in high class restaurants.  Very, very, very easy to do it. You can simply go to the highest class restaurants in the place you are. You can find those top restaurants in Tripadvisor, and as well in Happy Cow. Don’t go to restaurant #10, or #20, go to the best, to the top 3.  I see it as the safest option. Doesn’t matter where you are,  if you go to the best restaurant, it will probably be very clean, and you will enjoy the amazing fresh food. This is a strategy which I employed my time here India, I was going to five star hotels.  India is the only place I went to five star hotels, in other places, you can find the best restaurants, not necessarily only in 5-star hotels. Be very, very picky.  Seriously just be picky and choose the highest quality for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive and meal in such a restaurant can range between $5 to $10. It’s better to spend a bit more, in my opinion, a few more bucks, just to make sure you’re not sick later. Same meal in a non 3rd world country would cost x5 more, easily.
  2. Cook for yourself.  Many times I cook for myself and when you cook for yourself you know that everything inside is clean.  You take care of the food, dishes, and it is such a safer option. You also can save money since it’s cheaper to cook. I keep my meals really simple.  Veggies and some kind of a protein\fat. I go for eggs in 3rd world countries, because of parasites that potentially may be in Meat\Fish, even though I am a meat eater.  Plus if you’re scared about the vegetables you can fry\boil the vegetables lightly.  So cooking for yourself is definitely a safe option something you can do anywhere.
  3. Do not eat street food! In my opinion, most of the time, it’s the dirtiest food as well as the most non-hygienic food you can get. In Asia, for example, they leave the food out for hours, sometimes in the sun. They can wash the actual dishes with dirty water.  I actually never eat street food. And accordingly, I never get sick from food. The money you’ll save, will not be worth it.
  4. Eat coconuts. Coconuts are my favorite food in the world. You can get it almost anywhere, especially in 3rd world countries.  It is a great source of fat and calories.  And to our discussion, it is a very safe foo. Doesn’t matter where you are, you can crack open a coconut, drink the water and eat the meat and it can be like a meal. You don’t have to worry about the quality\hygiene, because the coconut is covered with a thick shell.  So it’s a really cool optional
  5. Eat foods that are closed and have a shell.  For example in India, I avoided open foods, even fruits like an Apple. On the other hand, a banana, you need to open the peel and then eat the actual banana. Much safer option. Same thing goes for avocado, it has such a thick shell, and it is such a safe option to eat anywhere.
  6. Drink lots of water. Many times you are not really hungry. but dehydrated. Drinking lots of water can make sure you eat less and if you move around, which happens when you are travelling, drinking lots of water can make sure it’s easier for you. I mix a beat of sea salt in my water to mineralize it.
  7. Do some kinds of fasting. I am into fasting, and I also do juice fasting. When travelling, I do many times 24-hour fasts. If I have an airplane, or move around, you can get stuck with the worst food ever on this planet around you. In those cases, I go for twenty-four hour fast and. In a way, it is an easy and safe option, because you know nothing will happen to your stomach, as well it’s very healthy. It’s like giving a restart to your body.
  8. Supplement to protect your gut. I have a few supplements that protects my gut. I take those specifically to protect my guy and stomach when I may have a bad meal, and when I am not sure about the hygiene, as an additional layer of protection. There are 3 key supplements I personally use.
    • Probiotics. Probiotics are so important. If you are travelling and changing countries, you get more of the good bacteria inside, which helps you adjust to the different foods around you. We have more bacteria than cells in our body. It is important to get a high-quality supplement because there is a lot of garbage out there. I use the following brand for my probiotics.
    • Enzymes.  Enzymes are very similar to probiotics and they are like the good guys in the stomach in the gut who break down the food and turn them into micronutrients. Enzymes is a great supplement I’ve started doing lately and after every meal you can just take a few enzymes in the body and it will make sure everything will flow much better.   It is important to get a high-quality supplement because there is a lot of garbage out there. I use the following brand for my enzymes.
    • Oregano oil. Oregano oil, taken internally, helps to kill parasites basically because there are many dirty places have parasites in the food and then those parasites go into the body and it’s not too much fun when it happens. I use the following one from amazon every time I have a bad meal. I noticed taking all those 3 supplements, makes me feel much better if I had a bad meal, and I stopped having any kind of problems with my stomach.
  9. Supplementing with super foods and super herbs. I don’t really look at it as a supplement because that is like food for me. A superfood, is a food that is very dense in nutrients, compared to other foods. I follow David Wolfe, and he recommends eatings the top 10 superfoods\superhersbs. Herbs give your immune system another layer of protection. If you take those every single day, it’s like a compound effect, and with time, you’ll notice how you are stronger. It includes food and herbs like the following, which I consume on a daily basis: Cacao, Maca, Zeolite, MSM, Reishi, Chaga, Mucuna, Acai, Lucuma, Turmeric, Ashwagandha.
  10. Work out! Take care of your body. Travelling around means you need to have a good and strong immune system, Working out will keep your mind fresh and productive, and will keep you healthy anywhere.

I do all those 10 things to keep myself healthy, in general, and especially in 3rd world countries. What do you do in such cases?

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