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The Power Of Immersion – Why You Should Immerse Yourself At Things

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 30, 2015 | No Comments on The Power Of Immersion – Why You Should Immerse Yourself At Things


What is immersion? Immersion is when you fully immerse yourself in one subject. Meaning fully immerse yourself. With your time, focus, and energy.

You don’t take a subject and learn it on hour a week. Immersion is the opposite: You give it your 100% undivided attention for multiple days, months, maybe years – depending on what you’re immersing yourself. And this is your whole focus. You are focusing on one thing and giving it your full undivided attention for that period of time, that is immersion.

If you want to learn anything. If you want to  study some specific things then there’s big big power on immersion, and immersing yourself at a particular subject. This is one way and hack to learn things quickly.

Let’s take languages for example. How do you learn in your language. How many people do you personally know or maybe some family members or friends of friends that went to school and during school learned a specific language, had some classes on it, maybe 1,2, or 3 classes a week. And how many of them actually know the language? They can actually speak the language? This is not a 100% for all people, but most of them if not all, if they’re lucky, I’m assuming maybe after one year maybe can create some sentences, and not in a good way, and if a few years has passed – DO NOT KNOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, OR EVEN SAY ONE SENTENCE!

This is not a good way to learn. This is not how we learn in general, and this is now how you would want to learn a language and any subject. If you go at something, how would it feel knowing you could rest assured that by following the right strategy you could get to knowing that subject and attain knowledge of that the quickest way possible, knowing it will last?

Want to learn quickly, rapidly, and efficiently? And this is not how you learn languages. The way you learn a language is you immerse yourself in the language. For example, if you learn Spanish which I’ve done during my travels in South America, you don’t just start learning one hour a week, one hour a day at home. Because it’s not the most efficient. You can do it, but this will not work, and will not bring you the result you are after: Learning Spanish.

When you go to the country, you immerse yourself in the entire language. The whole country, all the signs are in Spanish all the language which the people are speaking around you is Spanish so you hear it all the time and you are forced to talk this language all the time because that is the language of the country, and some people may not even know English. You learn 247 by hearing, talking and seeing Spanish. In addition, you can add Spanish classes you can take to enhance your Spanish (Recommended to for a more rapid learning), play with Duolingo when it comes to Spanish, and an overall you get an immersion experience to learning Spanish.

And this is really how you learn learning to speak a language. Really it is how I learned Spanish in 3 months without even trying. Just by immersing myself in Spanish speaking countries. I was hearing the language all the time, speaking it forcefully, and once in a while playing with Duolingo, which gave me grammar knowledge which is very much needed and helpful.

After 3 months I wouldn’t say I communicated fluently, but I could say I communicated freely. And I really communicate freely with everybody and what I was doing  I’m telling you when you know another language it opens you a new world. It’s a new eyes to look for at whole world. And Spanish actually is being spoken in 20 countries around the world. Many people say they want to learn it and everyone thinks you need years, years, and years of doing it and yes if you take a few hours a week to learn it, then yes maybe it will take you a few years to learn it but then there you go I just learned a new language in 3 months when I was traveling and using really the same idea of immersion. I could immerse myself in any language and I can pick up another language if I choose it.

If I go to Italy or France then I guarantee that for 3 months I’m gonna know how to speak ItalianFrench accordingly, rather then spend years of learning and barely speak one sentence.

Languages is one example of how you can apply immersion to it. It applies to any kind of learning. If you want to learn anything, varying from different subjects. If you want to become a programmer, if you want to learn more about health, business, personal development – the best way is really to immerse yourself because when you immerse yourself you’re having a major boost in your knowledge, in your skills, and where everyone is having a slow progress, you can have a major massive progress in the specific area where you want to learn.

If you want to really learn about health, nutrition, or something like this. The best way is to immerse yourself. It can mean to just immerse yourself in reading a lot about health, more blogs, and reading about nutrition and specific scientific research that is being done. It doesn’t mean you have to do it for the rest of your life but when you immerse yourself fully on the subject of health & nutrition, after you immerse yourself when you get to a certain level, you had a major major progress and then you don’t have to spend the same amount of time as you spent in the beginning.

Same thing about business. When you’re opening a new business, you propably don’t want to work on it 1 hour a day. Not when you open something new because that’s not the best way to run things forward. A business is like a baby, it’s brand new, and you need to take care of it because it will propably cry & poop in the beginning, until it grows to be a teenager and an adult which you can leave it on it’s own. You also want to immerse yourself. You’ll need to spend a lot of time to get this business running, to get this business more mature. And after you immerse yourself in this business, you learns the ins and outs of the business. You can automate it. And the business grows and has its own legs and hands if you can continue the metaphor of human growth to a business.

After some time time, you can lower the amount of time you’re working on this business. You wouldn’t have to spend the same amount of time as you were doing in the beginning.

Immersion has a lot of power. So if you want to learn something, it may be a new skill. It may be a new business you want to learn. It may be an area in your life that you want to improve, a specific area. So immersion has big power if you use it well.

Another example of immersion I can bring is Tony Robbins events. I’ve gone to Tony Robbins events and I’ve gone to all of his Mastery University and Tony Robbins’s events is really all about immersion. Usually his events are a few days long. Some are 3.5, some 5, some are 10 days. And those days where you’re completely from morning until night, you are immersing yourself. There’s no other way or things to do and you are just in the process and in the learning mode. Usually when you listen to Personal Development audio at home then you listen to it 1 hour a day or half hour a day. You can get progress. But when you immerse yourself for 3, 5, 10 days in an event such as the Tony Robbins personal development events, when he’s doing it for a few days, you get a major major major progress. And during those days. Each time I went to one of his seminars, I’ve had a major boost in the areas and the knowledge I received in that seminar. Some seminars were about my finances, others were about my health, emotions, etc’

I got massive value. And if I would have just learned about it 1 hour a day, 2 hours a day, yea I would have had progress within some time but by doing a real full immersion, I’ve had major progress in each of the areas I was learning about, which I was focusing during the time I was going to the events. It doesn’t mean that afterwards, I’m gonna stop reading, or stop focusing on those areas. It’s a never-ending focus. It just means that I’ve had a major progress and boost and I wouldn’t have to spend the same amount of time as before on this.

What area of your life do you want to improve? What new skill, business, do you want to learn?

I would highly recommend that you immerse yourself in that specific skill, business, or area of your life which you want to improve because there is big power is behind it. It’s plain simple WORKS!

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