Don’t Forget To Recharge Yourself, Regain Energy And Rest

by Yuli | July 5, 2016 | Comments

I the want to share the importance of taking time off even if it’s partial in the day. Actually, it’s one of the beautiful things about traveling. I am staying in France, traveling over two years, all around the world and I’m managing my businesses in between, and the beautiful thing about traveling, it’s very easy Read more

Tips For Traveling In 3rd World Countries

Top 10 Tips For Travelling In 3rd World Countries And Staying Healthy

by Yuli | March 12, 2016 | Comments

Eating and staying healthy in a third world countries is something that is possible and can be done.  This post was originally written down while I was in India. India is a 3rd world country by all means, and is considered to be one of the dirtiest places in the world and personally I’ve heard Read more


All 7 World Wonders Fully Conquered

by Yuli | February 17, 2016 | Comments

2 days ago I watched my last world wonder, the Taj Mahal, in India. By doing that, I just finished watching all 7 wonders of the world. Here is the list by which I was following on what are the 7 world wonders: First of all, here I am in all of the 7th world Read more

7 Things To Do In Vang Vieng, Laos 4

7 Things To Do In Vang Vieng, Laos

by Yuli | September 23, 2015 | Comments

I visited Vang Vieng in Laos for two weeks. This place is simply magical, it is surrounded by green lushes all around you, lots of nature, amazing views. If you are looking for a small and authentic place as well, it is a highly recommended to visit. What are the things which I recommend doing at the Read more


How To Live Like A King Below $1101 Per Month In Thailand

by Yuli | July 18, 2015 | Comments

There are some places in the world where you can abuse the currencies difference to the maximum when you are earning USD and you work online, places that are dirt cheap, while in the same time amazingly beautiful where you can have a fantastic lifestyle. The beautiful thing of travelling & working online is you Read more


Top Myths Of Travelling: Finally Debunked

by Yuli | June 27, 2015 | Comments

There are many myths or lies that I’m sure you’ve heard about them in regards to traveling in general. As I am doing long term traveling myself I’d like to debunk as many myths as possible (At the moment, travelling for 12 months straight already, and not looking to stop anytime soon). #1: Traveling Is Dangerous.  This is something Read more