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Are You Still Listening To Your Inner Voice?

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | November 2, 2017 | No Comments on Are You Still Listening To Your Inner Voice?

Inner Voice

Listen to your inner voice. It always knows better than anyone else what is right for YOU.

We, as a society, are quite disconnected from our inner voice. We live in big cities, with lots of noise and with an unlimited amount of distractions, away from nature. We hear lies in the news and are being regularly advertised things that are fake, and we are bombarded with advertising in general.

To this day, in 2017: Most people on the planet work in jobs they hate. They spend time with people they do not like. To me, this sounds like… insanity! And still, most people do just that.

To me, that is a proof that most the of society is completely disconnected from their inner voice. If there was such connection, a person would not be throwing away their life to a job they hate. Such a person would not spend time with people they do not enjoy. And would not do things that are not natural to him as a human being.

The solution? You should find ways to awaken your inner voice. So you’ll start noticing what your body tells you, and what your mind tells you. Tuning in to the inner voice will allow you to find a better path: Noticing which activities you actually enjoy. Noticing which people you enjoy. Noticing what YOU actually enjoy. Your life is on the line.

Do what you love. Not what others love. Be yourself. The rest of the world is already taken.

Am I the only crazy one who actually thinks you should love what you do and pursue it? Obviously, I am not the only one.

Statistics show that anywhere between 70-85% of people hate their jobs.

Earth’s population is 7.347 billion people. Based on those stats, 5.1429 billion hate their jobs? That is… disturbing to think about.

You can read the following articles as references:

Your job is a place where you spend the majority of your day, in most countries and most societies. You better find ways to enjoy it. Do not settle down. Start listening to your own inner voice.

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