Short-Term VS Long-Term Travel

Short Travel VS. Long Travel

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 9, 2015 | No Comments on Short Travel VS. Long Travel


What are the differences between Short travels and Long travels?

Well, there’s a really huge difference between travelling for a short time versus a long time It’s just not the same.

Short travel, I see as a vacation. It’s something short. You’re bound to specific times and location at times, and usually you’ll be running very quickly from place to place. Even if you are going for months of travelling, some people will opt to see five countries in one month (Been there myself…)! And you jump from every place very quickly. And you don’t get to absorb the place, the culture, the people and certain aspects of the country which you travel to.

So it’s very very limiting when you’re doing short travel and staying a very short time in places. You’re also more stressed because you are moving all the time. You’re more like a tourist and not a traveler when you’re short-term traveling.

Long travel, for me long-term is more than one month. It’s completely different when you go for two months, three months, four months, year or two years, traveling anywhere you want in the world. Usually you stay longer time in places, sometimes for weeks or months. You get to learn new languages, you get to absorb and see the cultures. You get to meet people, from the inside, the local people. You have more free time to relax. You have more free time to do what’s on your mind with no specific rush. Long-term traveling can also be called “vagabonding”.

And I can really recommend following the book; The Uncommon Art of Long-Term Traveling and Vagabonding.  A really great book which gave me a very nice perspective of traveling and I highly recommend you read it if you are into travelling, exploring the world, or even find more meaning and relaxation within your day to day life. A few quotes and lines from the book I wanted to add here:

“Vagabonding” is about taking time off from your normal life — from six weeks, to four months, to two years — to discover and experience the world on your own terms

Vagabonding – The act of leaving behind the orderly world to travel independently for an extended period of time. A privately meantinful manner of travel that emphasizes creativity, adventure, awareness, simplicity, discovery, independe, realism, good humor, and the growth of the spirit. A delibrate way of living that makes the freedom to travel possible.

Now obviously, not everybody can go on a few months, sometimes you’re limited with your job or any other commitment which you may have back home but I do find that if you’re really committed, if you want to do it deep down your heart, you can just do it and find a way. Whether it is a financial limitation, whether it’s people limitation, job limitation, there’s always a way to travel and be on a very very low budget if needed, or a highmedium  There are always ways if you are committed, and this is what my experience has shown me.

In the past actually, I used to do this, the “short term” travelling style. I was going abroad for 2-3 months away from home. And during those 3 months, I’ve seen 3 continents, literally. One time I flew and I’ve been one month in Thailand, one month in China, and one month in Australia. Looking back at myself, I think it’s crazy & stupid.

Now that I look back, every day or two I was just changing hotel or hostels. I was changing countries too often, not getting to absorb the place people and culture in the best manner possible. I was just moving around all the time. I did not get to learn a new language as well. It’s very different.

And I find slow traveling a lot more fulfilling, a lot more learning, a lot more growing. As opposed to previous travels where in three months I was really have been in different countries jumping around, trying to see every possible tourist location, every possible mountain, or every possible place of nice use. I have been, for example two and a half months only in Colombia in my travels in South America just recently. I’ve just now been two months in Mexico. And I find, it’s not about seeing everything. You cannot see everything when you’re traveling because there’s so much to see, and some people who travel want to see… EVERYTHING! From tourist locations, from pure nature, you can go and visit. From hiking, from different foods you can try. There’s really so much you can see and it’s not about seeing everything. It’s about enjoying the moment. It’s about being present. It’s about being appreciative about what you are and what you have. It’s about learning new things. It’s about adventure and I’m not saying not to go to all of those things.

I’m just saying, you can’t do everything. And even now, as an example myself, I’ve been traveling for 10 months prior to writing that blod post in South & Central America. As of this blog post and I’ve been to many countries. And I haven’t seen anything or everything in those countries. Like I haven’t seen everything there. I could have been months and months in each country even more, to absorb each city and more amazing nature spots. But again, I find it’s not about seeing everything. See some of the things and choose what to do and enjoy.

It’s more important to enjoy than have stress that you have to see every single fucking thing; which some people do have that kind of stress.

So if you wanna travel, if you’re itching to do so, I really recommend go for long-term travel. Go “Vagabonding”. Enjoy your moment, learn the culture. Absorb. Take every day of your traveling as pure adventure. Take the option of talking in a new language which you may not understand in a perfect way as an adventure, a learning opportunity. You’ll get to meet so many new people. You’ll get to create so many new friends. And you’ll get to experience your travels in a way more fulfilling way, and your life eventually in a unique way.

Be awesome, travel safely.

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