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Scheduling Things – Making Shit Happen

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | November 21, 2015 | No Comments on Scheduling Things – Making Shit Happen


I personally started scheduling things in my calendar about 1.5 years ago. This easy, yet effective change, literally changed my life. I increased my productivity by thousands of percentages.

Tony Robbins has a fantastic quote which I love: “If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”

By scheduling things into your calendar, you make things real. You can start turning the invisible, into visible things, and having a real plan, or action steps, that are all scheduled in your calendar. Different examples for things that can be scheduled in your calednar, are the following:

  • Specific blocked time to work on something. It can be a project you are working on, or any aspect of your businses or personal life as well. Having a calendar that you work with and blocked time there, makes you follow through. For example, on Wednesday, you put down 2 to 4 PM working on a certain aspect of your business. When you open up your calendar in the morning, you know during that time, 2 PM to 4 PM, you have blocked it only for that. It allows you to focus, and focus is power.
  • Specific calls you need to do on those days. May be it is a small thing, such as calling the bank on Tuesday, or maybe you need to call a potential client on 7 PM Thursday? Allowing those things to be in your calendar, will put you on top of things, and will make you follow through. Forget the excuses of forgetting doing it. It is on your calendar, and small actions at specific times are critical
  • Meetings. You can schedule different meetings in a day. Knowing when you having meetings, allows you to be fully present in the meeting, allows you to group a few meeting close to each other. Also, staying on top of things, and knowing which shape to arrive to a meeting to be fully alive with energy to it. If you tell somebody you are in a “meeting”, n ot too many people will start bugging you. There is something magical about it, if somebody knows you are in a meeting, it’s a holy thing which they know not to interrupt you, and good thing, so you can focus only the meeting outcomes.
  • Anything else in between.

In my post 7 Life Changing Productivity Appsone of those simple tools I use for my calendaris Google Calendar. It’s free and easy to use.  It’s what I personally use to schedule things into my calendar and it is fully synced with my browser, my iPhone and iPad.  So whatever device I have on myself I can easily tap into my calendar, I can see what I have today and I can see also what kind of things I have in my schedule for next weeks and months.

There are different things I do on a regular basis, such a bi-weekly planning, 80\20 analysis of my personal & business life.  Those are scheduled into my calendar and I know when to do them. I wanted to do those two things for a long time. Very important I believe, yet mose of us don’t do it. I started doing it only after putting it into my calendar, because having it my calendar has a magic to it in a way. It’s different from telling yourself “Yea, I’ll do it tomorrow\next week”. Your brain has limited capacity in terms of information it can store and remember, don’t rely on that. There are smarter ways.

If you are working with email a lot, there is different sofware that can allow you to schedule emails ahead of time, another form of scheduling, so emails will be sent on specific times ahead when you tell it too. It allows you to stay on top of things in a world where we are getting too much information on a regular basis. The software I am playing with is FollowUp.CC. Another software I used before is called BoomerangPeople will be shocked how you stay on top of things, but actually it’s very easy because the software does everything.

By scheduling things, you take care of things ahead of time, instead on waiting on the last moment.  This is how you GET SHIT DONE.

Doing this, I 10x’ed my productivity, lowered my stress, made me focus on more important things at times, and made my life simpler.

5 Minutes Action Steps: Schedule something that you need to do in your calendar. Maybe a call, a small action, something small. See how it works for you.

Are you a master scheduler? Let me now your thoughts and leave your comments below.

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