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Quick And Easy Money Making Exercise

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | October 9, 2016 | No Comments on Quick And Easy Money Making Exercise

Quick And Easy Money Making Exercise

I would like to show you a quick money-making exercise. It’s a simple exercise that will bring ideas for making money if you don’t have any ideas how to make money.
The exercise is quite simple. For 10 days straight, and it has to be for 10 days, write down at least 3 ideas how to make money. I know it’s simple, but stick to it. Every day for 10 days, write down just any idea that comes to mind how to make money. This is perfect if you’re completely stuck and if you have no idea how to earn money or how to grow. This is a really powerful exercise. This can be anything you can think of. Just dump things out of your brain.

Maybe on the first day, you’ll just think of cleaning the street or being a bartender or doing something basic.

The trick is getting the ideas out of your brain. It’s a really powerful exercise. On the first few days, you may notice you don’t really have good ideas, but when you constantly force yourself to bring out ideas, you’ll find eventually that good ideas will start coming out.

You may think of opening a shop, providing a certain kind of service, or doing this or that or anything in between. When you do the exercise for 10 days and the ideas start rolling out, you’ll see that there are actually plenty of things you can do to earn more money, whether it’s online or offline.

I also want to share a quick story about how I used this exercise. I heard this exercise, I believe, four and a half years ago in a personal development audiobook that I was listening to, and I started doing it. For 10 days, I was writing 3 money-making ideas because at the time I was making money online but it was a really small amount and not as much as I wanted.

I was stuck, and I wanted much, much more. So I started doing the exercise. In the first few days, it was horrible. The ideas I wrote were worthless. But eventually, random ideas started coming out. I did the exercise for 10 days, and I had plenty of ideas.

Around a week or so after, something very interesting happened. I was a client of a service at that time, and the company sent an e-mail that they were shutting down. I inquired through a friend why they were shutting down, and I got the reason. Something clicked in my head, and I saw an opportunity. I wanted to buy the company. Eventually I did, and I still own the company. That’s how I got it started. Because of that exercise I have done years ago.

That’s how this exercise helped me to earn more money because if I hadn’t done this, maybe that business idea wouldn’t have come to mind. It really drilled down to my subconscious because I had done this exercise.

Every day for 10 days straight, write 3 money-making ideas, and you’ll see so many ideas coming out of you.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise. Leave your comments below, would love to know how it have helped you. If you can think of someone really in need right now who could use this, share the video and post as well. It will help them, and that’s the most important thing.

Take care.

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