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Protect Your Time

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | June 28, 2017 | No Comments on Protect Your Time

Protect Your Time

If you will not guard your own time, nobody will.

The way you spend your time is the most precious thing there is.

Other people will keep wanting your time. It is your sole responsibility to guard your own calendar and time.

Your family will want to speak to you. Your friends will want advice and be hanging out. Your lover will want to spend time with you. People will pitch you products. Your employees will want advice and support from you.  People will want to set up meetings with you. Business partners will want to speak to you.

All the activities above can take most of your day if you do not guard your time. You must protect your time!

As an entrepreneur, the demands on your time are big. Even after a slight success, more people will want your attention and time.

The 1st step is to take ownership of your own time. You have to realize you own your calendar and your time and you actually do not own anything to anyone. Nobody owes you anything as well.

The 2nd step is to start saying “No” to some of those things. They all may be important, but you cannot say “Yes” to all of them, and certainly not at the same time.

The 3rd step is to start blocking time for things that are important to you. Peter Drucker in “The Effective Executive” speaks about the measure of the executive is the ability to “get the right things done.”
To do that, one of the things he recommends in the book is blocking time.

If you block every day a few hours to get your most important work done, you could still say yes to some of the things above during the rest of the day. Not in the blocked hours though. Once you have blocked hours, they are sacred. You focus and do the things that will progress you towards your goals.

A few extra things I personally do to protect my time:

1) I try and avoid any meetings as much as possible. I find them very time wasting. I do realize some meetings are important. So I try and group them into the same day, and have other days with 0 meetings.

2) Use a software for booking meetings. In it, you can control when people can book meetings for you. Do not leave a full open calendar. Block the time that doesn’t work for you. This way you can still have meetings when really needed. But in your own comfortable time. Under your control.

3) I keep saying “No” to different requests that are coming in. This one is a struggle for me, but I am getting better at it. I keep saying

Action Steps:
– Take ownership of your calendar.
– Say no to some activities/requests.
– Block 3 hours in a day to do ONE thing which matters.

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