Do You Have Some Preconceptions Or Beliefs Which Are Not Really Yours? | Yuli Azarch

Do You Have Some Preconceptions Or Beliefs Which Are Not Really Yours?

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | August 17, 2016 | No Comments on Do You Have Some Preconceptions Or Beliefs Which Are Not Really Yours?

Preconceptions And Beliefs

In this video, I would like to speak about the subject of preconceptions, assumptions, and beliefs and how they can have an effect on your life today. I would like to share my experience. Actually, right now, I’m in France. I’m at the European championship. I’m enjoying all the football games. I’m a huge football fan, and it’s my first time in France. Before I flew in here, I actually had a preconception about French people. You’ll see how it relates to business and many other things shortly, but my preconception and what I grew up with was that the French are arrogant and that the French are bastards. I’ll be honest. That’s what I was thinking because that’s what I grew up with from the movies, from the people around me. I’m originally from Israel. It’s where I grew up. That’s kind of what everyone started instilling inside me.

I’m here for almost a month right now, and I have to say, the French are nice people. Really, they’re so nice. Actually, France is one of the nicest nations in the world in that way, really. I was really blown away with how I had this preconception about the French because I’m sure I have those preconceptions about many other things. How are successful people? What kind of beliefs do you have? It’s all really related.

In the last two years since I started making money online, I’ve been traveling the world. I’ve been in 24 countries in the last 2 years, and I found that usually all the preconceptions I had about people are so, so false. I’ve been in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico in South America. In Asia, I’ve been to India and Thailand. I had lots of beliefs and thoughts about how those countries and how those people should be or are. Maybe it’s too dangerous. Really, it’s so false. All the people everywhere are just so nice. That’s my experience in the world. Maybe you had a different experience. Maybe others had a different experience.

One point that I want to really share is stop watching the news because the news is poisoning your mind. The news is putting bad things into your mind all the time. There’s nothing positive there. If there’s going to be 1 million flights in a day and all flights except 1 flight are going to be successful, you’re going to see the one that crashed during the day, even though there’s been 999,000 successful flights with no problem. That’s what you’re going to see in the news.

These kinds of things are poisoning your mind in terms of your success. I’ve given you an example of what I had about Frenchmen. What beliefs did you have about yourself? Am I doing enough? Am I strong enough? Can I really earn this amount of money? Can I really create my own business? It all came out like from the news. Do I really have to go university and many other things? It’s all related. It’s really all related. That’s why I would really invite you to stop watching the news first of all because there’s nothing good there, usually just bad news. I personally stopped watching the news five years ago, and it really drastically changed my life, because all I see are people talking about some bad news. I live in my own world. I live in my own beliefs, and everything is positive and good. And I love it.

I really invite you think whether your beliefs and preconceptions are empowering you or disempowering you. For example, I was thinking the French are bastards and arrogant. Was it empowering you? No. What do you think about successful people? Like, “French are…” “Successful people are…” Do you think if someone is successful, he must manipulate people? Or does it mean he gives lots of value to the world? These are two completely different things. If you think in your head, “Hey, to be successful, I have to manipulate someone,” will you really want to be successful if you’re a good person? Will you want to manipulate people? Probably not. So I’m starting to show you how it’s all connected and how your preconceptions, and presumptions, and beliefs are all connected, and they control your path to success online and in your life as well.

I hope you can learn something from my experience and from the insights that I had on this. Feel free to leave your comments below. Let me know if you have some kind of beliefs that are not really yours but something you got from your environment, something that you just got outside, most of these anyway for now. I would really love to hear your comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe below to the channel

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