State Management: How To Improve Your Life Immensely

Power of State Management: How To Improve Your Life – Part 2

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 23, 2015 | 1 Comment on Power of State Management: How To Improve Your Life – Part 2

(Continuation to the previous post, this one is part 2, I recommend you read part 1 before reading this)

Mark this down, it may be the stupidest thing you’ve heard but it works. I personally use it all the time when I feel like shit to change my state as much as I can. What I do, If sometimes you wanna stop feeling like shit just change all three together: I change my physiology, I change my language and I change my focus. And it can be even just from putting on a song I love in the background and dancing for 30 seconds, dancing changes the physiology and you can change your focus right away on good things that are happening; you can change focus on something empowering; you can change focus on how awesome you are. And you can change your language you’re telling yourself. Do all three altogether right away and you can change the way you feel and go from feeling “Shit” to feeling “Awesome

If you go to a Tony Robbins seminar, by hearing this you may have thought you understood what does state mean, that you need to change your physiology etc’, but trust me, you did not. It’s one thing to read about and one thing to experience it. but not until you go to a seminar you understand what really state means and how get to you to a peak a state because usually at home you don’t go full out with what you learn, you don’t go with your physiology full out. You don’t play full out – that’s how it is for most people I Find. During the seminar you are there and everyone is doing it and you are doing it as well, you don’t have to but you are probably gonna play full out if you have paid money and took the time to attend a seminar. This is where you really find out what state is and how to get to a peak state because you do some massive physiology shifts where you have 5000 people doing it with you and the energy is crazy and you are feeling incredible, you have a great focus, there is different language which you hear, which is powerful.

My distinction about state Management which made it a game-changer for me:

What I noticed that happened with me, I went on many seminars overall, I knew and learned what state was ant how to change it in an instant (Pretty cool stuff to know how to change the way you feel in a moment). However,  I noticed that I wasn’t applying it fully into my life and I knew I need to change my body, change my physiology and many times I was changing my physiology, I still wasn’t feeling good or producing the results I wanted, I still didn’t have the full confidence which I wanted to have and knew I had within me.

The shift & distinction happened when I had one on one coaching with a Tony Robbins,  whichI highly recommend to everybody who looks for getting results in their life: Get A Coach!

My distinction was the following: my personal mistake is and I really assume that this may be something that many other people who know this personal development technology, could benefit from as well, is integration of all three without doing massive shifts – just by awareness. I know that sounds simplistic, but hear me out. State really is all things together. Its physiology, its focus, and the language you use. So its not only physiology; its not only focus and its not only language. For myself, in the past, I was changing my physiology; without changing the other two aspects of it, focus & language. I had a good physiology but was focusing on bad things and had bad language.

Here is a quick exercise which you can do right now to yourself, it is identity work and which will if you will do it, I promise you it can massively help you and change you. So lets say, right now lets take an identity and create for you.

#1: Physiology: please put on your body a physiology if you would feel unstoppable, if you could feel that you could achieve any goal you wish. To climb the highest mountain in the world; if you could do anything you desire and wish to do and be. If you are unstoppable completely how would you use your body? Where would your shoulders be? Where would your face be. High or low? How would you breathe? Shallow or deep. Will you have a smile on your face? How would your face look? Enter that physiology where you would feel unstoppable – completely unstoppable.

#2: Focus on something which is good, what would you need to focus on if you could achieve anything in your life at the moment? What would that be for you? A past success perhaps? This can be past success in terms of physical things; past success in business and something which you created which you thought perhaps which was impossible at times.
#3: And then use a language which is strong which has a meaning for you and something which I personally use for myself something which I have tried for myself is I tell myself “You are fucking awesome”. This may sound stupid and but this is what works for me. You may have other words and language to choose yourself.

And now when you combine all three – That very specific physiology, that very specific focus, and that very specific language which empowers you, give this identity a name. Whats the name of the person right now who is dealing with? Whats this name of the person who is unstoppable and who can achieve any fucking thing that he wants to do, be or share or give. And right now when you know the name of this identity and give it a name the idea is to train to become this person every day because we are all so conditioned for a long time not to be this person who is empowering, strong and unstoppable. And this was the huge distinction for myself. The fact that you have to use all three together: Physiology, Focus, and Language. They come together. You cant use only one. If you use only one you don’t really in a position to fully change your state but if you use all three you have you can do whateveryou want.

For myself when I wasn’t happy with my situation when I was picking up girls, I wanted more success in that area, and working with the coach I realized the following:

– A lot of times I was changing my physiology but when approaching a girl I had a really bad focus and a bad language (It could be a lousy focus of even asking myself in the head “What am I gonna say to hear?” which is the wrong focus and question to ask yourself from scratch)
– I created this kind of identity for myself and if you think in any way this had only an impact on this side of my life (girlsrelationships) where I had an increase of 500% in results in an instant when I fully understood it. This had an impact on my business; I brought this identity and this confidence to anything else I touch, whether it is to my business; whether it is to my physical body to my goals in just sheer happiness during the day knowing I can come to this identity any way because I know the very specific physiology, focus and language and you can tap into that in seconds. Without making major shifts with yourself.

You can just take this, copy this and you have this perfect state and feeling which you want which may be something else and tap into that, and more then that, train yourself to get there on a more often basis. Since I have practiced this, I know exactly how my shoulders should be, I know exactly where my head should be and for me I know the focus, I know exactly what to focus on, and the specific language that moved me and made me feel good. I am working towards becoming that identity every single day because again personally and I guess I was conditioned for a long time not to be this way. I was conditioned and to be in a lousy state because for a very long time, you are conditioned and used to being a certain state.

This again has made a huge impact on my relationship aspect in my life, in my business, in my body, in my goals, in my confidence and so these are really again the small distinctions which I had from something which I actually knew for years and years but without the small distinctions, it didn’t produce results which I was wanting at times. I really hope my distinctions will help you in any way possible.




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