State Management: Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Power of State Management: How To Improve Your Life – Part 1

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 16, 2015 | 1 Comment on Power of State Management: How To Improve Your Life – Part 1

I want to talk and share to you today one of the most powerful things which I know which can literally improve the quality of your life and how you feel at any moment in an instant and over the long term as well which in turn can really produce great results for yourself.

Your state and more specifically how you manage your state on a regular basis will determine the quality of your life and results you get. What does state even mean? You can be in a lousy state where you’re angry, pissed off, depressed. You can also be in a regular state where nothing special  happens and you can be in an incredible state where you’re in ecstasy where things flow where you flow where you produce results and you just do everything with ease.

I got introduced to this information by Tony Robbins and this is what he teaches. I’m his student and he teaches you about state and how to improve your state what determines your state. Peak state really is a state where you just feel incredible, where you feel unstoppable; where you just feel you can do anything you just desire and think of.

I would like to give my own perspective about state and how I understand it

I actually went to many of Tony’s seminars if you are familiar with him in any way. I’ve been listening to his audios for years and I thought I knew what state was. And I thought I experienced it; I thought I really knew what state is but it’s not only really lately that I had a completely different view and understanding of state which after I’ve had it, without any kidding, it’s changed my life. And it changed it in many areas. I would like to share the slight distinctions and the change which I’ve had; which made me understand state in a completely different way from what was before and but before this I will need to elaborate a little bit more of what state is and why do you need to manage your state and what are the three aspects of state as Tony Robbins teaches it really that’s where I have learned it, applied it and keep on applying it on every day as much as I can.

So what is your state and what determines it?

In overall there are really three things which determine how you feel at any given moment in your life and this determines also your state – whether you’ll be in a determined state, a flexible state in a peak state where you flo, whether you’ll be depressed, whether you’ll be angry, a shitty state. There are only really three things which determine it and the three things are the following:

#1: Physiology.

Physiology is everything. Physiology means how you use your body at any given point of time; how you breathe; it’s how you use every muscle inside your body to create the way you move. The way you use your body literally decides how you’re gonna feel. How you use your body is so so important and that’s really the difference from people who know how to manage their state and know how to feel good and the people who don’t feel good and may be depressed.

Let’s take this brief example, if you need to imagine let’s say someone who is depressed and if you really would need to guess, what is this the posture like of the person who is depressed? How is his breathing, what is he doing with his body? You’re probably gonna know actually all this and probably gonna guess that his shoulders are down, his breathing is shallow, his face is probably down. Now how do you know this?!?! Most likely you’ve practiced it and you’ve done it yourself, but really that’s physiology of a depressed person which he takes.

Let’s take another brief example, if you can really imagine to yourself a person that is successful someone with just won the Olympic medal; someone who has just climbed the mountain. You can imagine how his physiology is gonna be. I mean it’s not gonna be with his shoulders down. It’s not gonna be with his breathing shallow. He is gonna be with amazing physiology. His hands are probably gonna be in the side in a victory pose. His head is probably gonna look up. He’s probably gonna have a smile on his face and that’s his physiology. And the really simple and amazing fact is you can embrace this kind of physiology to your everyday life. You can even just go to the street and put this kind of pose with your hands up looking with a smile on your face and you’ll be surprised but there’s no way you can get depressed with this kind of physiology. No way ever. Just try. I’ve read about some experiments they’ve done with and actually doing this and actually taking depressed people, and just going to the mirror, going anywhere and just putting this kind of physiology where your hands are on the sides; your face is up like kind of victory physiology of how you use your body, just smiling like crazy, and this can actually improve things physically within your body. This can run healthier things. It can have a better blood flow. It can mean you’ll feel better. Certain hormones will be released by your body and it sounds very silly but it’s actually very simple and it’s something anyone can do anywhere, and most importantly, it works.

To sum this up: Physiology is any way you use your muscles and your overall body – any way you put your body. Where your shoulders are, whether you’re breathing in a deep way, breathing in a shallow way, where is your head, up or down. That’s the way you use physiology

#2: Focus:

Focus means whatever you focus on at any given point of time, and as radical as it may sound, you have the power to focus on anything at any given point of time, as it’s all in your head. You always focus on something. Doesn’t matter where, what, and when- you always have something you focus on. This may be focus on past events; this focus may be on present events; this focus may be on future events that actually didn’t happen and possible things that may happen. You can focus at any point at time on past success and you can focus on past failures; you can focus on the good people in your life; you can focus on bad people in your life. You can focus on things that annoy you; you can focus on things that bug you.

The most basic and simple example to use is the following: I’m just gonna tell you now not to think think about the color green! Do not think about the color green. Most likely you are gonna think about the color green and also if I’ll tell you right now to look around your room and look for any green objects if you can do it right now and when you close your eyes and then open them, I’ll ask you to tell me all the objects which were blue and most likely you’re not gonna see anything blue, and then when you open your eyes you will find a bunch of blue objects. Now this is a really silly and stupid example but really it brings down the simplicity that our brain has a very limited focus, and the fact that you do control it, and so maybe if you’ve ever had an experience such as the following: You are purchasing a laptop or you made a kind of purchase of any item, or really interested and read a lot about a certain car model, and all of a sudden you start seeing this car everywhere or you start seeing this guitar everywhere or whatever it was for you. What changed? Nothing. Just your focus. Doesn’t mean that the specific car wasn’t there or the specific computer wasn’t there. No, it was always there. It just means that you changed your focus. You started looking for this car or this computer, whatever the case may be.

Same as physiology you can change at any point in time, you can change your focus. When you’re feeling bad, when you’re feeling like shit…You will probably focus on something which is not empowering to you. And what if you change this kind of focus, something that empowers you; what if you change  your focus and you condition yourself to focus on the great things in your life, to focus on things you are grateful for. To focus on all really things you appreciate in life, to all the people who do good in your life. Even if right now, just focus on it for a second, for twenty seconds (On what you are grateful in your life) I mean how does it make you feel? And if you’re like every other human being just thinking about it and thinking about all of those things probably changes the way you feel right away and this just be an example of how focus can impact your state and how focus can impact  the way you feel.

#3: Language:

What do I mean by language? Language really means the language you use on a daily basis, with yourself and others as well. Language is so powerful and people undermine it. It can start wars, create or break relationships, and make babies as well. People use language and use bad words and bad vocabulary during their day all the time, with themselves and with others. When you say “I should do something” or “I must do something” or “I can do something” or “I will do something”. One word has changed, different meaning completely.

Another example is let’s say someone tells you “You are lying”, rather then “You are wrong”, a diffrent word, you may have a completely different feeling about it. The words you choose are so so powerful when you talk to other people and this is the same when you talk to yourself. How do you talk to yourself? What kind of language do you use for yourself? And do you use empowering language or disempowering language? Do you keep saying to yourself things such as “Why am I so stupid” “Why am I doing this shit” “Why does it all happen to me” “Why can’t I lose weight” “I am a failure” or different kinds of stupid and wrong thingsquestions? Or empowering language instead such as “All I need is within me now”, “I can do anything I want”, “I am powerful beyond measure”, “I am awesome”. It could be also for what you are doing. How do you describe what you are doing. Is it your work is it your mission? Work and mission – two different complete words; two different meanings. From reading about the most successful people on the planet, it seems they are all mission driven, as funny as it is and not money driven at all, and they are the highest earnest on earth.

What does it mean for me?

Those three things control the way you feel at any single point in time. If you change any one of those you can change the way you feel but what if you change all three? If you change all three then what you would have is a massive shift in your state and a massive shift in the way you feel.

If you are aware of Tony Robbin’s teachings in any way this information perhaps was not the newest for you, this was part 1, check out part 2 in the next blog post and I will share more about state and my own distinction which made look on state completely differently.

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