Motivation vs. Habits - What Really Makes You Go Through

Motivation vs. Habits

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | April 17, 2015 | No Comments on Motivation vs. Habits


This post is going to be about Motivation vs. Habits, and my personal thoughts on the two wordssubjects.

In the last few years, I really learned to hate the word motivation, and also motivational speakers. Every time someone tells me how I should stay motivated, or ask me what do I do to stay motivated in my own life. Those are the wrong questions to ask, from my personal experience and my thoughts.

Let’s and try define what is motivation:

Motivation is really about being powered up, pumped up to do something. It is that deep determination that can lie within your heart. Let’s say you’re motivated to go on a diet, so you’ll feel pumped up in the beginning. You have this deep fire inside of you, a dee willdesire to follow through. Or let’s say you’re motivated to start working out or to start a new business. The question is: Will this keep you with following through on your goalsdreamsdesires?

Motivation is really nice, it is great, we all need it, it’s like a shower if you are stinking, but what will keep you going on the long-term, to produce results on a regular basis, are habits.

Let’s and try define what is a habit:

First of all, there is no effort in habits, unlike motivation. You just do it. It’s just something that’s part of your daily life. That’s why it’s called a habit. It is something you do on a regular basis. For example if you have a habit of reading a book each day 20 minutes. This may be a habit some have, and it is one example. You don’t need to be motivated to read this book, it is just something you purely do every day.

Another example would be a habit to eat a specific diet or eat at specific times. You’re not motivated to do it. Because if it’s a habit, it’s really just part of you. You may have been motivated in the beginning after hearing a certain speaker, a certain video, which could have gave you that initial push, or maybe a small push here and there when times were hard following-through, but what really makes us follow through is not motivation, it’s habits, strategies that will take you to where you want with your goals.

Motivation is really temporary, which is the biggest problem. That’s why I don’t like it. In the past actually, I did not have great habits at times, and I was relying on motivation, and more specifically motivational videos on YouTube. I was watching every day around 4 times a motivational video in the length of 5 minutes and I was PUMPED UP! But I did not have the right strategy or habits that could have pushed me through on a regular basis.

Let’s say you are motivated to start working out. You’re going to make some sort of plan. You’ll go to the gym. You’ll do specific exercise in order to get in the shape and body which you want. So first day, you go to the gym. Everything is really great, you’re doing your work out. Second time you go to the gym, everything’s great. You continue doing your work out. Third time, you don’t feel like going to the gym. You feel the laziness inside of you, you feel tired after a hard day at the office. And that’s where motivation comes off. So motivation is really temporary. It’s nice once in a while to be pumped up.

So what I really believe in instead of having motivation is having habits, having strategies, as I have mentioned earlier. Something constant, something you are pulled towards. Being inspired to do something and being inspired to wake up each morning, instead of being motivated.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
― Jim Rohn

I want to give an example from my own life:

Let’s take diet for example. In my case, I have a weakness, which is the following: If i’ll have certain food in the refrigerator, I’m probably going to eat it. If I’ll have something on my plate, there are very high chances of me eating that as well, even though it is not healthy.

Instead of constantly using my inner strength, my inner will, and being “Motivated” to look at those foods that are not healthy for my body and avoid them, I use a strategy so I will have to avoid this alltogether. Because this inner will and motivation is temporary and not limitless.

What I do in my case, I just, if there are certain foods which I’m making sure I want to avoid that will bother my diet and I don’t consider them healthy, which will hurt my body and make me feel lousy, I just don’t buy those foods first and foremost when I am buying my groceries. So when I go and prepare food in my kitchen, when I go prepare a meal, then when I open the refrigerator, the bad foods are not there. There’s no effort, there’s no willpower, there’s no motivation on my end. Because the food is just not there so I’m just going to eat what’s there. Same as I am in a restaurant, I’ll make sure to ask ahead of time to the waiter not to include certain foods which I avoid, and then I will not have to use any power within me to look at a food and not eat it, it just won’t be on my plate.


Motivation is temporary, which is the serious problem with it. You don’t want to have something temporary, and be pumped up temporarily. Choose wise strategies instead that will bring you real results, now, and not in the future.

I want to give another example from my own life:

I went to some personal development seminars in my life. Some of them were great, some were lousy. At a great seminar, I really learned a lot of great stuff, a lot of great information, a lot of great tactics, strategies, which can just change my life completely if I honestly apply them all into my life. And I was really pumped up when I was in the seminar, but some time afterwards, I noticed I was not doing some of the things which I have no doubt could have changed my life. Why is that?! The pump up was starting to lay it off and the effect of the seminar started to getting off.

Only and only after creating a habit on some of the things which I learned, which I implement, every day, only then I started really feeling the results in my life. A specific example is the feeling of gratitude. There is no other more amazing feeling than being grateful and if you wanna be really wealthy, if you wanna be rich, then you need to be grateful. When you’re grateful, your fears disappears. And that’s one of the most power emotions that I highly recommend you to implement in your life.

I have been to a seminar by Tony Robbins, called “Wealth Mastery”, where you really understand that in order to be wealthy, you need to be grateful (You also learn how to get to financial freedom in that seminar, and how to manage and control your finances in your life. You can get Tony’s new book that came out 2 months ago as well from Amazon: Click Here (No affiliate link here))

I have noticed 6 months after the seminar, that I learned this amazing feeling, I learned and knew that by being grateful on a regular basis, this could completely change and revolutionize my emotions I feel on a daily basis. BUT I WAS NOT DOING THAT! WHAT THE HELL!

So after being pissed off at that, what I did in my case really is create a habit. First thing in the morning, I always ask myself, “What am I grateful for in my life?” and focus on that. In the first few days I had to use perhaps motivation, my inner power, but after some time, it became a habit. Something effortless I do every day. Only when I started tapping into that feeling and doing that small habit every day, I started to feel the results of it. For months, even years, I actually knew about it but I wasn’t doing it everyday.

And it didn’t just start in the morning, I just felt grateful onwards, during other parts of the day as well.

Another example from my own life:

Many people and friends, many times ask me, “How are you so keeping yourself motivated?”. Especially when you work from home, or when you’re alone. “It’s so hard, there are so many distractions, and really I have zero motivation.” is what I hear often enough.

It’s not about motivation for myself, I do not like this word. I created strategies, I created habits that keep me through. Yes, at the beginning it may have been a bit hard, but habits is what kept me going.

One thing which I’ve done, I have a nice vision board, which on the vision I put all of the things I want to achieve. All my goals, all my dreams, all my aspirations. It was in front of my screen, so every time I was in front of the computer, I was also looking at the vision board. And automatically, boom, I remember why I wanted to do the things I do. And there you go, I already inspired to take massive action. I didn’t need any motivation. It’s automatic, it’s there.

Once in a while, definitely, get motivated. It can be a motivational video which you can watch on Youtube. Or you need extra motivation to work for extra hour, or not to eat specific food if you’re in front of it. Sometimes, motivation and willpower is really really necessary, and you can use it. But do not depend on it. To get consistent results, you don’t have to rely on it. Don’t rely on motivation. Don’t rely on will power.

My message really is: create strategies, create systems, create habits that pull you towards the results you’re after, towards your dreams, desires, and goals.

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