Morning Routines

Morning Routines

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | March 25, 2015 | No Comments on Morning Routines

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Priming yourself for happiness and success – Do you do it? Do you know what it is? Do you follow any specific morning routine? Why is it needed?

I’m going to talk to you about morning routines on this post. I am going to explain what is a morning routine first of all, why a morning routine is needed, what benefits you can get out of it, and the impact it had on my life personally, and my levels of hapiness as well.

What Is A Morning Routine?

A morning routine as the name says, is what you do in the morning and more specifically, what you do first thing when you wake up in the morning. how does your first hour looks like after you wake up? It can be scripted to be something which is very constant and can be something that is not constant, regardless of that, what you do first thing in the morning, this is your morning routine. How does your first hour look like in each and every day? Do you have recurring patterns and things you are doing now? Even simple things, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower?

Why Have A Morning Routine?

A morning routine is actually very important because if you’ll check what all successful people do they all have morning routines. They all have their own morning routines. Things they do in the morning to just prime themselves to feel good and get the results they must produce. They take care of themselves. This is the time that they have with themselves, it’s not time they dedicate to others and that is something that is very missing in our society as of today, where you give time to everyone else, but forget to spend time with yourself and nurture yourself. This can transform your emotions, and your results and your happiness, which is why I believe you must have an empowering morning routine.

Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine?

A nice article of the morning routines of the most successful people:

Forget what I say, who am I to say anything. One benefit would be to do what all successful people do, which in turn can help you lead yourself to become more successful as well. Model those who are successful and got the results you are getting.

Being a student of Tony Robbins, Tony Robbins teaches this as well and he calls this “The Hour Of Power”. It’s a time we have to take for ourselves, because really if you want something to improve you need to spend time on it. If you have a relationship, you have to be with the other person as well. If you are in a job or anything else, you have to spend time with other people. And what is missing most really in our lives is spending time for ourselves. Just you and yourself and focusing on the important things in your life.

While the name is “The Hour Of Power”, it doesn’t have to be an hour, it can be 30 minutes, it can be 15 minutes, it can be 10 minute as well. But it has to be done everyday to condition yourself. Again, if you check out all successful people, they all have a morning routines. They all do things in the morning every day, and usually with the same times as well.

Another benefit of having a constant morning routine is you don’t think too much, you don’t spend any mental energy on what to do in the morning. You don’t spend any mental energy on which toothpaste to use, what to wear or do. You don’t spend mental energy to do what’s the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning and I find that very beneficial. You just DO IT. And the use of your mental energy, you take to other things. It’s actually a concept I have heard from Tim Ferris and I agree with it a lot. I’ve heard him talk about it and it’s about lowering your choices on purpose. You want your morning routine to be as scripted as much as possible (For that matter, other things as well, depending which of course). and so you won’t have any choice. If you are going to work, you want to already have the same suit and everything prepared so you don’t have to think about it. Because this is mental energy. If you’ll have a million choices to do in a day, it will lower the effectiveness of the other choices which are really important, whether in your relationship, in your business, or in your life. And if you script your morning routine and the first things you do in the hour you wake up, as well as other things throughout the day, it will free your mind to be very very effective when it comes to other decisions because you haven’t made so many decisions this moment.

A morning routine can actually make you happier. If you want to be happy, if you want to be successful or anything of this kind, you don’t just hope for it. You don’t just hope one day you will wake up happy and you don’t just hope one day you will wake up successful. You don’t hope one day you will wake up with a strong  body – you demand it, you create it everyday, and first thing in the morning is the time I recommend. You create a habit and that’s what you do and again the idea of this is to focus on the things that are important to you, that will fulfill you. To take these few moments to focus on all the emotions, the positive emotions you want to feel, all the positive results you want to get in your life. It’s time to focus on all of this. Time for yourself, time to be grateful for life. We’re very very busy. A culture where every second you are either occupied with something, or with someone or you are on the telephone.

If you want to feel the positive emotions of gratitude, of joy, of being proud, then again if you want to feel these emotions, you have to create a habit. You have to feel them every single day. And only then you will “Live” in this emotions, and not go to them once in a while. You don’t just hope to do it. If you feel them once in a while, you feel gratitude once in a while, then okay, you will be grateful once in a while. If you will feel it everyday, no exceptions, you’ll feel grateful everyday. And this means you will live in those emotions. And emotions equals life.

The first things you do in the morning really really can affect the rest of the day completely. And if you plan your day in the morning ahead, in terms of all the things you may want to achieve, all the most important things you want to do, probably, most likely, you’re going to be very very effective for the day.

Unlike if you just wake up and start doing things randomly. Think of that scenario really. The odds of you doing things which will help you grow the most, the odds of you doing things that will make you happy the most, without any kind of planning, are very unlikely.

Planning for example, your day in the morning, is really really important, something that can make a big impact, and again, something that all top-achievers do. Why not mode them? If first thing in the morning, you grab your phone and check your Facebook, what kind of emotions would you feel first thing, I mean I don’t know how your Facebook feed looks like. But most people these days usually show up with cats and dogs videos, bad news, and really very very not important things, which have 0 impact in your lives if you think about it. When you just open your phone and read something. and first thing in the morning you read like bad news of something happens, you know there is always bad news, there is always bad things, if you look for them. So if you do it first thing in the morning, this is what you put in your head, in your mind. And it can affect the rest of your day.

If you start the day with the emotions of angry and frustrated or whatever it is which you do, most likely it will just go on. It will have a total different impact on your day, and whether you start your day with anger or gratitude, you’re going to have two different days, there’s no doubt about it. If you are grateful, fear dissapears.

My Current Morning Routine As Of This Blog Post Writing:

I have personally developed this routine throughout my travels. This is something that can be done anywhere, at any place, so it’s very easy for me to follow through.

– First thing in the morning, I always start with drinking some water and hydrating my body after a night of sleep. My body is dehydrated, it’s intoxicated, so i drink water to flush my body, to hydrate myself. I will always add sea salt to my water as well.

– Afterwards, I take a hot shower. I found this really really wakes me up. And if I’ll be close to the sea, some of the days, I run actually to the sea, first thing in the morning. It’s incredible, it wakes every cell in your body.

– Afterwards I do a few minutes of deep, really strong breathing, also to wake my body up and detox myself.

– Afterwards I’ll do five minutes of emotional flood (Video: – I have this saved on my iPhone as audio) to put myself in peak emotional state and to build up my happiness. During that emotional flood, it is very easy for me to just follow the voice as it is narrated, and what you focus on during this emotional flood is all the things I’m grateful of in my life. all the things i’m proud of in my life, all the happy moments with friends, laughing moments, and sexy moments. It’s about taking up all the positive emotions and things that happened to your life.

– Afterwards, I visualize my success and my three biggest goals for the year.

– Afterwards, I do five minutes of meditation

– Afterawrds, I do five minutes of practicing hand stands. A new practice I started lately, and a new habit I created, easy for me to follow in the morning as well.

– Afterwards, I also usually start planning my day a bit.

– Afterwards, I’ll have a breakfast.

So this is how my morning routine, personally looks like. Something that I have created in my life. And in it, I just demand from myself and prime myself, the feelings of gratitude, the feelings of being proud, positive emotions, everyday. I start my day like this and my day continues like this. I demand this from myself and again this is only my personal routine that I’ve created for myself. This is what works for me. Yours may be completely different.

Not always, but some days, I go for a workout right afterwards in the morning, some days I work out in the afternoon. Depending on how I feel when I wake up.

The It is really one of the most best things, and best parts of my day. It’s the time I take for myself. It is the time where I focus on the things I am grateful for. All the things I am proud for. I visualize my goals, I visualize my success, I meditate, I calm my mind down in the morning. I personally practice some hand stands where something cool which I enjoy.

The Impact This Have Had On My Life:

So this is something Tony Robbins, considered to be by many the number one life coach in the world, teaches. This is something that all successful people in the world do so really who am I to explain this. All the big guys are doing this. Follow their advice. and from my experience, it has done big things for myself in terms of feeling happier. Feeling more fulfilled and taking the time to focus on myself and to plan, feeling more focused on the important things in my life, having a deeper sense of purpose and utilizing happy emotions and just being happier – Which is it’s all about no? We are all after happiness in the end, whatever tool you choose to get it from.

It’s really simply one of the best times of my day for myself. It’s a time of pure joy, to reflect with yourself, and focus on what is important in my life. Some day, and it’s really rare, but when it happens that I don’t start my day through what I mentioned, where I still grab my phone and enter Facebook first thing in the morning, I just notice all of a sudden that I wake up and the first thing is I feel positive emotions and then I start feeling negative emotions. It starts impacting everything really. It’s the first thing which I put into my mind and if it is a really negative seed then it just goes on and on and on for the rest of the day. And not only for the rest of the day because if you do this every every day, if you prime the feeling of gratitude which I do every every day, it becomes you. You become grateful all the time as well. It is easier to tap into for the rest of the day.

Because you don’t go over there only once in a while. Right now for example, if every every day you prime feelings of anger, feelings of frustration, feelings of disappointed, boredom, or loneliness, or any other negative emotions which most of us do every every day. If you do it every every day, then it’s really easy to go to those feelings during that day. If you’ve just changed your feelings of gratitude one time, it will be harder to go there. So that’s another powerful thing when you do it every morning, it is a habit. You don’t just charge for the day, it just becomes you. and the positive emotions you just demand them for yourself.

Another important thing especially if you are working online or just working in front of the computer, then I really really recommend you not to be in front of the computer for the first hour of the day since you wake up. Emergencies can come up and if they come up then yes, go to the computer. It is something also that made a big thing for myself. Since I work online, many times in the past, I didn’t have the specific morning online routine. Even if I had, I had something maybe shorter and after this, first thing, I go on the computer. Even after 10 to 15 minutes after I wake up, I was going straight to my computer. It is really really not productive even because you’re just giving yourself the time off from the screen. especially first thing in the morning when you’re just waking up and it’s really available. I found it to be very productive and healthy on my end.


Do you have any morning routines? If so, what are they? How does your first hour look like after you wake up?

A must-read as well, a book I recommend reading is about the daily routines of artists:

You will be fascinated by the similarities and uniqueness of things that the biggest artists our human species have known were doing to get to their level of success. And also seeing how they all have routines and rituals, and how they look.

Thank you and leave any comments below.

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