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I am going to talk about the concept of Minimalism in this post, and share more about my travel gear and how I travel.

So what travel gear is really needed if you want to regularly travel the world? Also what gear do you need if you wanna run an online business all the while you are traveling?

I’m gonna share, what I’m personally using and what has worked for me and I consider myself as a minimalist in terms of with the devices and the things I need for my work and also in general, in my life.

But what, what is even minimalism?

Minimalism is really about de-cluttering my life. That’s what it is for me. It’s removing all the things which are not needed and really living only with essentials when it comes to material things, which is a lot less important to me then experiences and people.

Things such as experiences, friendships, relationships, my health, my well-being, my spirituality are a lot more important to me than “material things”. Minimalism is something I really support and I consider myself as one.

So what gear do I need if I want to work online and travel the world & work from anywhere?

1. First of all, you need a laptop. A laptop which I’m using personally is the Lenovo, Yoga Ideapad, 13 inches. I find the 13 inches to be the perfect size for a computer which you can carry with you all the time on your backpack. It’s not going to be too big. And it’s good enough to work on as well.

It’s not too small so you can actually continue working on it and doing more advanced things whenever needed as well, depending on the kind of work which you may want to do. Anything smaller then 13 is way too small for me. The laptop has SSD drive which means it will take the computer less then 5 seconds to load from the moment I turn it on, and things run quickly and smoothly. The laptop is also very light.

Obviously you can choose any computer. I recommend something very light. Invest in it, one time, because this is going to be office and you want your office to be super light so you can carry your computer with you all the time. You don’t even notice it, as opposed to some really heavy computers which I see no need, with all the ultra books we have.

Well we really covered everything you potentially need with you to run an online business from anywhere around the world. You need a laptop and a wifi, but I personally have other things with me as well.

2. I also have a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard. I find it a lot more comfortable and quicker working with a mouse and a keyboard that are external. You want to be effective and do things quickly and not spend x2 time more on the laptop mouse if you are slow with it. And well that’s it. We’re done! This is all that’s needed in order to have an office which you can run your business from, whether it’s from your island, from home, from Starbucks, or any place with Wifi and of your choosing.

3. I also recommend having a pen and paper and by your side if and when you are working and for taking notes, for writing ideas, for having a plans, goals, outcomes. I find it to be very very useful for myself, whenever I use it. Most of my note taking and plans are being done online, I personally use the tool Workflowy but I find it very valuable to write notes on a paper. There is something about the action of actually writing things down which cannot replace online things.

4. Other than this, I have an iPhone with me. I have the Iphone 4s which is considered to be the old model. I personally love Apple devices and even though on my computer I use Windows, I find it very very hard on my phone to use Android and the iPhone 4 is perfect for me.

5. I also carry and iPad with me. Also actually not the latest part, it’s the Ipad 2. I use the Ipad mainly to read books. It’s amazing. I still see people carrying books with them physically, which looks to me like a lot of weight to carry with you. You can have a million books in one iPad and then you don’t need to carry any books with you. Today you can actually download all the books in the world. And iPad is what I recommend and use. I personally read only with my Ipad. It’s the perfect minimalism tool for reading. I also use the iPad for different kind of browsing on the internet, different kinds of reading on the internet. As well as playing Duolingo, which is an application for learning languages.

In terms of work gear, something which is needed for a more professional manner, or to expand your mind, there is really nothing. You can easily carry all of this with you and even climb a mountain if you want or do many activities easily. Or you can always leave your laptop as well in your room.

6. I really recommend carrying a backpack with you where you can specifically insert a computer and having a mouse and a keyboard which is very very light. There are many backpacks like it, better to have one where specifically has a place for a laptop and small accessories. You won’t even notice it. You can go with it all day and you can just pull it out whenever needed and if needed.

Other than this, you should, and I really recommend using the Cloud services for basically everything you’re going to use. There is no need keeping anything on your computer, or travelling with hard disks, or anything of that nature. In 2015, everything can be stored online and on the cloud so if your computer is gonna break, you can just take a new computer and you’re going to be back on the same spot  you were right away. This actually happened to me when I was in Mexico. My computer, after two years, broke (Yes, this was very sad and heartbreaking as we have been through a lot together) and everything I do and run is on the Cloud, everything is online. So I just go on a temporary computer and I was back up in seconds really. Did not lose anything.

In terms of Cloud services, I use:

Dropbox for sharing and hosting my files.
Screencast for all of the videos which I record. It’s a service which you can upload all of your videos. – – Google Drive for my documents, my spreadsheets.
Gmail for email services
Chrome, Bookmarks, for syncing my most used links.

In terms of clothing, I also have the most basic and the most simple clothing.

I carry with me
– 1 jeans.
– 1 shorts.
– 6 shirts.
– 3 shirts with no sleeve.
– 1 ‘official’ shirt
– 6 underwear.
– 6 pair of socks
– flipflops.
– one jacket with me in case when you get to colder places.
– personal hygiene products. I recommend using natural ones. You can get them anywhere today.
– supplements (Those are just a bonus and definitely not mandatory. I recommend probiotics for travelling especially)
– 1 pair of shoes as well.
– 1 swimsuit for the sea and for the beach
– 1 pair of vibram five fingers (minimalistic running shoes)

That pretty much summarizes everything I have on me and everything really which I own in terms of physical things. And to be honest I really don’t need anything else. I don’t support bringing any more than what I use and bring with myself. Actually, many many times, I see in airports, people likes to bring their surfboards with them and these huge things and I find it really uncomfortable, unnecessary. If you want to surf for example or do any other activities which requires, you can just rent it really. It’s going to be a lot lighter, and will make your life easier, maybe it’s even going to be cheaper. Definitely, more comfortable.

You can just include in your budget for renting what you need and also buying along whatever you need. Instead of bringing all the things in the world you own and all the things you need with you.

I find this really really freeing the fact that I’m traveling and this is really all that I have with me. And actually, back at home, I do have many ‘stuff’ and when I wasn’t home, I was actually stressed on how I was going to take all of these with me and how I’m going to survive and how I’m going to do it and after a few months, you really understand, you DON’T EVEN NEED IT!

I find this approach veryy helpful, really decluttering your life. In terms of the things which I have with me and the things which I own. And in terms of the things which I needed for professional work. You can apply this approach to other things, this could also apply to people. And decluttering the people you don’t need and which I don’t need from my life, which bring me negative energy, zero support. And really all of this allows me just to focus on the good things I have.

I personally use a suitcase. I find a backpack not too comfortable actually. I think most backpacks are kind of heavy and I recommend if you’re going to use a suitcase then take the lightest one also to keep off weight. Mine weights maybe 0.3 kg. Very comfortable to move around with a suitcase, especially if you’re going to do it for a very long term.

Maybe take this kind of approach as well. If this doesn’t talk to you in any way, well I hope you did learn something as well.

Feel free to leave comments below!

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