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Mastermind Your Way To Success: The Fastest & Sure Way To Grow

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | March 19, 2016 | No Comments on Mastermind Your Way To Success: The Fastest & Sure Way To Grow


Doesn’t matter where you are right now with your life or your business, having a mastermind can help you in my opinion.  You should have different kinds of masterminds & coaches, in any period. It is so valuable, and only after you have it, you understand how valuable it is.

A mastermind is the following: It’s a meeting where you have likeminded people and in it, you mastermind about things, you can share your wins, your failures, insights, breakthroughs, challenges, and it’s a great place to just hear other people’s opinion & feedback. You are limited with your knowledge, why not use other people’s knowledge to speed up your progress? It’s like you getting a whole external world and another opinion on what is going with you. And if you really want to grow your own businesses, asking someone else feedback could be a great way to do it, it’s a great way to move forward or bigger income more success. It’s also people who can hold you accountable, which is another powerful tool to get shit done.

I’ve been experimenting relatively of lately more masterminds, I’ve been forcing myself doing it with various people. It’s also a way of stopping everything you are doing. On a day to day basis, we just “do do do” all the time.  So, a mastermind is like a place where you could just stop and think and plan and get some thoughts out of your head.

I read up a shocking & terrifying statistic that 80-90% of business owners don’t do any kind of strategizing or planning. I think it’s horrible. The real power comes in strategizing & planning.  When you’re doing all day long they just following tasks to do whatever it is, good ideas usually don’t come to you at this time, good ideas really come during planning, or doing things you love. One insight is all it takes to change your life, just one.


If you want to do better in your business, fitness or whatever it is, get a mastermind partner and success buddy. A format which I love doing is the following: Everybody shares a win\victory & also a challenge which you’re having.


5 Minute Action Plan: Find someone who can be your mastermind\success buddy, who can hold you accountable, and team up to help each other to go higher!

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