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Have A Long Term Vision And Thinking

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | September 27, 2016 | No Comments on Have A Long Term Vision And Thinking

Long Term Vision And Thinking

How many of you guys actually have a long-term vision for your business or for your life, and how far into the future? A 5-year vision, a 10-year vision? Maybe even a 2-year vision.

I’ve been travelling the world for two years already. I’m living my dreams, and I’m really blessed and grateful for this. But it wasn’t a one-day process. It took me actually five and a half years to get to where I am today.

I get to see too many people who want to see results right away. They can’t wait for it. If they want to start a new business or take coaching from some other people, they ask, “Hey, when will I earn the money? After three months, will I make $1,000 a month, $2,000 a month?” Three months is no time for someone with no business experience. My point is it really takes time for things to build. In my case, as I said, it took me five and a half years to get to where I am now, where I can travel the world, where I’m making more than six figures a year almost all on autopilot.

It wasn’t like this for the first two, three, or four years. Actually, for about 4 years, I was making around $1,000 a month. Sometimes I was losing, and it wasn’t anything like today. Then on the fifth year, I had a major bump. It came out from $1,000 to $10,000 a month, which is a huge jump, but it couldn’t have happened on the first year. I had skills I had to learn. I had to become more productive. I had to pass through ups and downs. It’s very natural. Usually, you don’t really get results right away even though it’s something you want all the time. That’s the power of having long-term vision. Are you willing to work on your business or your project for two years, and not 3 months?

It actually takes your body around eight months to recover the posture. So if people have postural problems, they might want to do some exercise for the posture and expect to see results after one day. But it doesn’t work like that. You need to work on it every single day, and after 8 to 12 months of doing it, your posture can actually start improving. I know this because I have some postural problems, I’m working on them, and I keep improving on my posture all the time.

Even the biggest companies in the world like McDonald’s and many others, it wasn’t a one-day process for them. Some of them actually took even 10 years to build up. Obviously, there are some companies that we see that have results right away, but they’re so rare. The real companies that had to learn their businesses, they take time to build. It’s amazing for a company to take 10 years to build up.

Are you willing to put one year into creating your online business? Because most people don’t, they’re like, “Maybe I’ll put three months. I’ll see if it’s working or not.” And they’ll continue with their daily job. It doesn’t work like that, really. You need to have a long-term vision. If you want to go and start making money online, decide if you’re going to do it and if it’s possible, and start working on it. It may take you 3 months, it may take you 6 months, or it may take you 12 months, but you have to stick to it.

If you stick to it, if you play on a long-term game, and if you have a long-term vision, you’ll get there. There’s no doubt about it. You’ll gain the skills. You’ll gain the knowledge. You’ll try. You’ll probably fail something, and then you’ll try again. You’ll continue with it. That’s why it’s really important to have the long-term vision.

Everyone around me, really, all my friends who are doing online marketing, all the businesses that I see around me, businesses of friends, they all are in the long-term game. Whoever is in the long-term game wins. Sometimes, really, you can just win and get the results just because you’re in the game, because many other people quit. They quit the game. They had this downfall, and they didn’t want to continue. If you actually stay there, only doing this will allow you to actually grow, stay there, and make money.

Most people overestimate what we can do in 1 year, but they so underestimate what we can in 10 years. So taking this analogy, I think most people overestimate what they can do in 3 months. They say, “Yeah, I want to be a millionaire in 12 months,” or, “Yeah, I want to make this amount of money so I can travel the world in 3 to 6 months.” But they really underestimate what they can do in one year, one year and a half, or two years that can completely change their life and that can completely change their online income, again, if they stick to it and work at it every day.

So my message to you today is have a long-term vision for your business. If you are doing online business and you want to start making money online, whatever your reason is, have a long-term game. Don’t try it for three months and dabble in it. Decide to master it and go for it.

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