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Are You In It For The Long Term Or Short Term? The Unproportionate Way To Online Success

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | February 27, 2016 | 1 Comment on Are You In It For The Long Term Or Short Term? The Unproportionate Way To Online Success


I see way too many people who focus on the short term. People start a business, or want to make money online, and if after 3 months they don’t make sufficient enough of money, they start blaming other things, which include themselves, the strategies used, the market, or anything in between.

People come to me with advice about making money online on a regular basis and ask me what results they should expect within 1 month or 3 months. Those are the worst questions to ask. Don’t expect any kind of results in 1\3 months. This is a ridiculous amount of time in my opinion. Yes, some people can have quick success, or maybe have luck with a strategy they are doing, but basing it on luck will probably not bring you too far ahead of the game.

I implore you to have a long-term vision and a long-term outlook when you are doing things. It takes a long time to build things and see results. Success it not an over-night thing.

Personally, I am doing internet marketing for 5+ years.

  • I earned my first $1 online about 5 months into it.
  • I earned my first $1,000 per month, about 1 year into it.
  • I remained at about $1000 per month, for around 3.5 years (Lots of ups and downs, going many times to even $0 per month, as well)
  • I earned my first $10,000+ per month, about 4 years into it.

You see that unproportionate jump I had in my 4th-5th year? Shit, it takes quite a time to learn skills, get new habits, and do things in the right way. There is no way in the world that I could have done it all within 1 year. Sometimes, success in business or other things can come only if you stick long enough time in the game and endure the downs, which you will undoubtedly have. If I would have quit earlier, I could have said and blamed a lot of things on why I am not having the level of success I want, I could have said that making money online is a lie, I could have said that I gave my best for 3 years giving my energy to it, but I stuck in, and believed in myself and in what’s possible. Now my next goal is $50,000 per month. It is much easier for me to get to that number now, and make the leap from $10K to $50K, rather than $1 to $100. The longer you are in the game, the easier things become. Do not quit!


What did I do right that you can do as well?

  • I stuck in it. Whenever I had my bad periods, and trust me, I had a lot of those, I simply stuck in it long enough and did not quit. That’s all I did, just stayed in the game, and did not quit.
  • I believed in myself. Our beliefs system control us. A belief is nothing than a feeling of certainty you have inside, and each of us has different beliefs. I firmly believed that I can do it and that I am worth much more than I was earning.
  • I knew my why. Purpose beats everything, and knowing why you want to earn money online, will keep you there during the down times, so you can endure it, get passed it, and put in the work when needed.
  • I worked hard. Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time to build things, and after you have everything around you prepared, you need to put in the effort. No pain, no gain.

There is a fantastic book called “Mastery”, by Robert Greene: Check It Out Here – A great read. It explains how people in all sorts of life, got into mastery, and how the greatest people that ever lived, from Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Leonard da Vinci, got to greatness.

  • It is said you need to put in 10,000 hours into something before you can become great in it. We live in a society that wants instant gratification and get results now and become world-class at anything without any effort.
  • All of those great people had longer term visions, and the greatest achievements, successes, and inventions made by all of them, came after they have invested 10+ years of their time, to become great at their fields.

Action Steps: Whatever it is you are trying to do, just stick to it, look at the long-term. Success & victory is over the horizon.



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  1. Julia says:

    Great food for thought! Thanks for giiving such inspiration

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