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Improve Your Working Environment: Train Your Subconscious Mind For Success

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 11, 2017 | No Comments on Improve Your Working Environment: Train Your Subconscious Mind For Success


Whatever result you want to get, I believe you need to train your subconscious mind for it constantly non-stop.

Tony Robbins says the following: 80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy”

Your psychology is vastly affected by your subconscious mind. A few interesting facts on your subconscious mind:

  • The subconscious mind makes absolutely no difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.
  • Your subconscious mind is illogical!
  • It contains ‘your version of the truth’ such as limitations and beliefs which are not necessarily true
  • Most of our beliefs and thoughts from the world were formed during the ages of 2 and 7 when most learnings was subconscious
  • The subconscious mind can be programmed, so we can have the perfect life we want, but unfortunately, that is not what most people do. Repetition is important when you program the subconscious mind.

Based on the above facts, it is easier to understand how small kids are being programmed to become terrorists in our world.

Back to our reality: If you are working online or aspiring to work online – The environment where you work makes a huge difference. If your computer is responsible for your income, then you need to very deeply program your environment to success and greater income constantly.

Living in a shitty apartment? Unempowering environment? That won’t do much good to you. You may keep telling yourself you want that big income, but your subconscious mind keeps seeing the empty and uninspiring walls and receives signals of poverty. In such a case, go work in a coffee place with some great views. Go to the Park. Put some inspiring quotes or posters in your room. Do anything that is in your power to enhance your environment.

As I am traveling, I am always trying to get the best possible “office”. Looking back in the last 3 years, it is very easy for me to notice that I was the most productive and got the most things done which helped me increase my income when my office was simply amazing.

Here are the views I have while I am writing this blog post:

Here is my office which I had when I spent a month in Hawaii:


Compare those two, to the following office:


For me especially it is important because I am coming from a poor background, and I still need to battle old thoughts and psychology non-stop, so I have to keep programming my mind that I am wealthy beyond imagination. Since most of the people who want to earn more income, a big percentage are coming from a background with very poor psychology, and that is why you need to work on it non-stop as well.

Action steps: Improve your working environment! Do any small step you can towards improving it.

I hope that was helpful, please share your comments below.

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