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If You Pay More You Get 10X More

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | July 13, 2016 | No Comments on If You Pay More You Get 10X More

pay more to get 10 times more


Today I’ll share some great information about employees and the amount of money you’re going to pay them and the quality in which you are going to get in return.

#1 Hire Employees

I would like to start with a really key sentence is, “Do not be afraid to get higher paid employees, because you will get 10x more in return.” I’ll start with a key point, a really important one. Number one, you want to have employees. You want to have people working under you, and have outsourcing going for you, you want to be delegating things. The more people you have working on your business, the more people, more brains, things will actually start running themselves. People are going to start doing, your project, your business is going to really take off and do well, so that’s number one. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an internet marketer, if you a have 9-5 job, you’ll soon realize you just need more people. You can’t do everything yourself. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, how much time you have, very little time, so you’ll need employees. You will need people to work on your business, and it will help you with your life, and actually to help you grow as well.

#2 Focus on Quality

The second key point I would like to mention is the higher quality team you have, probably more growth will occur. Now, I mean let’s look at the biggest companies in the world. If we’ll take companies in the United Kingdom, in the United States, I mean usually they have big teams and the employees are getting paid really high amounts, which means they are getting a really high-quality people. And in return, the business can grow more. The people that are growing it, are actually getting the money 10x more because you’re really hiring all the people.

Why Quality Employees?

Now I want to touch base here because all internet marketers usually go to the Philippines and hey, I’ve been there as well and sometimes go there as well, there’s nothing bad with them. But it seems like everyone is just going there automatically, like okay, I want to hire someone, doesn’t matter how many days, I’m going to pay $300 a month for someone in the Philippines which is like an average salary there because you get to enjoy the US dollar to Philippine pesos difference. You don’t necessarily always get the highest quality. Quality is what matters… Depending on the customer support you’ll provide, let’s say you hire someone in customer support, they help your customers. Happier customers will mean more money, more referrals, so if you pay a bit more and get just a better customer support, you’ll actually get more money. That’s something people fall into. It doesn’t matter what it is, customer support, design, development, content, whatever it is you need, if you hire someone with lower quality, you’ll get low quality results.

Produce Quality Results

 And today, in 2016, I believe you need to produce amazing results. If you produce so-so results, you may do something, but today the standards of people are really high. It’s all about this, the higher quality of people there, the more money will get you in. And my key point again is don’t be afraid to pay for quality. Because really, sometimes, if you pay less, you actually pay more because I’ve had this experience myself during the last six years, many times. I always look for the cheapest people to work with and it’s not necessarily always the best thing always. Given designers, sometimes working with chip designers from India, Pakistan, and my god it was so horrible. The communication was horrible, sometimes the results were so bad and afterwards, just need to throw it away anyway and just get a normal designer and work with someone normal. That’s just one example. You can take it to any kind of outsourcing or any kind of employee you need. Yea, you can pay a bit less, but you will pay twice more in the end with your time or maybe with defect, or if you need something completely new. I would say like, focus on quality. If you can get someone for the cheaper price and high quality, do it, but don’t compromise quality. It doesn’t matter what, you need to focus on quality. It’s really, really important.

#3 Work with What You Have

Now another thing, work with what you have. If you’re just starting out and you’re a new person, you’re getting your online business started, yea, obviously maybe you don’t have to necessarily hire the highest quality person and highest pay and highest quality. Start with what you have. That’s what I’ve done, it’s okay to do it, I really believe it. But once you get going, you get some income, or if you have a budget, you can pay a bit more and you have high-quality people working with you. Those high quality people will, in turn, help you grow your business, that’s how it is. If you pay low amounts, most people will not really help you grow a business. If you have other people, who are really high quality, it will help you grow a business.

Final Thoughts: Quality is Most Important

I hope the information I’ve shared can help you out in any way in your online business, whether you’re just starting out. Really the key point which I wanted to leave here in this video is, don’t be afraid to pay more because you will get 10x more, but it’s really what I believe and focus on quality. Quality is most important. Whatever it is you need, if you’ll produce high quality product, high quality customer support, you will get everything in return back really. So go for it and I really suggest you to look at what right now you’re having and thanks for watching this video.

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