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If You Are Hiring Filipino VAs You Need To Listen To This

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | September 11, 2016 | No Comments on If You Are Hiring Filipino VAs You Need To Listen To This

some perspectives about outsourcing

In this video, I want to share with you some perspectives about outsourcing and the Philippines.

Why the Philippines and why outsourcing? Those are a must for growing yourself. And most people go to the Philippines for outsourcing, especially beginners (and advanced!). It’s something I’ve noticed as a veteran actually. I’ve been an Internet marketer for almost six years already, and I’ve been working with the Philippines for a long time, and I’ve outsourced many things during this period. I have teams, I have employees, and it’s actually a very key skill to do: to know how to outsource in the Philippines and in general, very important in my opinion. But there seems to be a paradigm across all Internet marketers, something I’ve noticed with my friends, especially with beginners, when we hear about this concept, is you can outsource things to the Philippines. In the Philippines, you can get employees for around $300 a month for a full-time position, obviously, it can be a little bit more, it can be a little bit less. So people have this paradigm, “Now every kind of thing I need, any kind of position where I need content writers, SEO, marketing, technical skills, whatever it is, let’s get an employee from the Philippines for $300 a month, and we’re good to go.”

Now that’s how I’ve been for a very long time, and I’ve actually been to the Philippines myself as well at the end of 2015, physically. I’ve grown since then and I also have people working for me from other countries, so I want to share from my experiences, something I’ve learned along the way, which took me years to understand, so hopefully it can help you and maybe save you years. There are other markets besides the Philippines. Filipinos are great, but you have to understand there are other countries in the world for outsourcing. And that’s what the Internet is so good at. You have worldwide markets, you don’t have to go to the Philippines. The beautiful thing about the Internet, working remotely, and having remote teams, is you can get people from all around the world, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get people from Asia, from Europe, from America, North America, South America, Central America.

That’s why I want to invite you to get out of this Philippine paradigm. There’s nothing wrong with the Philippines, I still have some Filipinos working for me. However, there are other markets out there, such as Russia & Serbia for example, you can also get full-time employees for $500-$600 a month. Check them out, Google what the full-time wage is for countries like this. All Eastern Europe is kind of cheap. You have people from South America who are also from cheap countries. You don’t have to go to the Philippines, there are other markets, and they can do a better job. Let’s say you need someone for a technical position. It could be someone from Russia, Eastern Europe, they’re very technical, they can do it much better than Filipinos usually. If you need a content writer and someone with good English, outsourcing from America, paying a bit more but getting a high quality is perfectly fine.

I just want to show you something here, a different perspective, something that lots of people don’t think about and don’t go over. Check other markets, every country in the world. That’s the beautiful thing about the Internet, you can save money. Let’s say in the United States, you need to hire someone for $3,000 per month, $2,000 per month, you can get someone, perhaps even better, for $1,000 per month or less. And that’s the beauty of the Internet, whether it’s Russia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Cuba, maybe India, Philippines, you can get it much cheaper and maybe even better. Again, depending on what you’re looking for in your business, if you need designers, content writers, someone to manage your marketing campaigns, even high-level positions, think of exactly what you need. And my message to you today is think about other markets. There are plenty of markets besides the Philippines, there are many more markets to check, places to hire from.

And you don’t actually have to find websites to hire, there is a very popular website, many people know it, it is onlinejobs.ph for finding people in the Philippines. Every market has their own website, so whether you’re choosing Russia for example, just Google “How to hire employees in Russia,” and you’ll find different websites. So each country sometimes has their own site, so you just need to post there. Obviously, you can use upwork.com, which is a general website for worldwide, but you can type into these local sites which I find to be better because people there expect to be paid with the local wages. You’ll need to do the research depending on which market, and you can save lots of time, money, and energy.

I invite you to think it over, have a different perspective about it, and leave me a comment below. Let me know where you hire people from, worldwide. Are you using only Filipinos, do you work with a specific market, are you using Americans? Maybe you don’t want to work with Asians and you want only local people or maybe only European people.

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