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How To Have More Energy In The Morning: 8 Simple HacksTricks

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Morning time is usually a time when people find it very hard to wake up. There is a very low amount of energy especially in the morning for most people. You may feel sluggishness, and do not want to come out of the bed, and press the snooze button a million times. People use coffee and other drinks (Most of the time: Unhealthy) in order to get the energy to rise up in the morning and kick start your day.

I personally do not drink coffee in the mornings, I actually very rarely drink coffee (I do drink coffee, if it’s organic, once in a while – Research shows coffee may have health benefits and I actually have lots and lots of energy, especially in the morning as opposed to some people. So here are all the tips, tricks and tools which you can try and see how it will improve your energy in the mornings, which I use personally to enhance my mornings and kick-start my days for awesome-energetic-productive-fun days.

#1: Drink water right when you wake up.

Drink water when you work up

After you’ve slept for the whole night, your body is dehydrated because you don’t drink for around 8 hours, and your body is doing cleaning processes through the night. You’re dehydrated, and your pee is probably yellow and not white, indicating slight acidity. First thing in the morning, go ahead and grab a bottle of water and don’t just take one sip, drink a lot of it. Drink a minimum of 3 glasses. I personally can drink in the first hour when I wake up around 1.5 liters of water easily at times. But I would recommend drinking at least a minimum of half a liter of water to get your water intake right away when you wake up.

Most people do not drink enough water in general, and especially in the morning. Doing this alone will give you a major boost of energy, if you are’t drinking any or enough water at the moment.

– Another trick too is that you can add lemon to water which is alkalizing and will give you energy straight up as well.

– You can also add salt to your water. Not much is needed so just a few pinches of sea salt to 1.5 liter of water will suffice. You will not need more than three pinches of salt and this will give more water intake to your body because when you drink water with salt your body holds it better and the water just doesn’t go through your body.

#2: Have a better quality sleep

Get a better sleep

If you have a better sleep, you will have more energy when you wake up. Instead of increasing the number of hours of sleep, why not increase the quality of each hour of sleep?

Re-arrange your room to adjust for a more quality sleep, a few small changes will do the trick.

– The easiest way to do this is to get a dark room to sleep in. Make sure that the room you sleep in is as dark as possible. Ensure that there is no light coming in, nothing, complete darkness.

– I also suggest moving all electronics away and making your sleep place as electronic free as possible to remove any possible electromagnetism and electric charges from your body, getting all of this away as much as possible.

– Make the bedroom and your bed be used only for two things: sex and sleep. Do not do any further activities there, and your body will learn this place as a haven to relax

– Try and making your sleep hours from 00:00 to 08:00. Those are the most natural sleeping times our body have. Better to do that from 00:00 to 08:00, then 03:00 to 11:00.

– Make sure the bed and pillow are comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable, chances of low quality sleep increases a lot.

#3: Exercise

It sounds like the opposite. Sometimes people think that if you exercise you’ll be more tired because of the physical load, but in fact the opposite is true. I find it with myself and other people who exercise regularly. Exercise improves your overall health and will give you more energy throughout your days. I would recommend getting some exercise regimen, it can be anything physical, from swimming to yoga toweight lifting, but moving your body is very important for having energy overall, and in the morning.

#4: Don’t eat solid foods after 6 PM in the evening.

Try and keep your food intake as low as possible in the evening. Don’t eat late at night, and don’t eat exactly before you go to sleep because your body takes energy in order to digest all the food you eat and if you have a big meal before you go to sleep, instead of healing yourself and doing what your body needs to do throughout the night, it will take all of this energy and spend it on digesting food which you just ate. This means less energy that you body has to do healing and cleaning processes, which occur during the night. A good habit which I try to follow myself is not eating anything after 6 PM, and if you do eat and feel hungry afterwards, try and eat as light as possible . A light snack, a juice, fruits, make it as light as possible so that your body will not have to use a lot of energy through the night.

 #5: Wake up and get out of bed as quickly as possible

Nobody is perfect, at days you feel very sluggish in the morning and you stay in bed for a long time. Many people end up staying in bed for twenty to thirty and sixty minutes after the alarm clock went off. And even if you feel sluggish but you force yourself to get out of bed you will have the energy right away. If you get out of bed, if you’ll drink water, if you will make your body to wake up, if you do everything, you’ll feel energy right anyway, as opposed to lying in bed without any energy for anywhere from 10-30 minutes extra. You’ll just have to force yourself at the moment to get out of the bed.  And if you’ll do all those tricks you will easily get have energy right away so instead of lying in bed for half an hour , after five minutes you will have all the energy . You don’t need any coffee or stimulants in order to have energy.

#6: Have constant hours that you go to sleep and wake up

Have Constant Sleep Hours

This will really bring order to your body and all of your hormones that control  a lot in your body. You will actually start waking up before this time if it is really something constant. Everyone has different schedules so it will depend if it’s something that you can do. If you can ideally make your sleeping hours between midnight and eight A.M., there is really a reason for this in terms of hormones. Obviously you can have any schedule that you want; you can sleep more or less, later or afterwards. But if you have something constant , whether you sleep six, seven, eight hours, whether you do it twelve to eight, two to ten, one to nine and you do it on a regular basis, the body will adjust to it. And once you adjust to it, you will start noticing you wake up earlier than expected. For example if you’ll sleep from 00:00 to 08:00, after some period if you’re very consistent with it, you’ll notice your body is waking up on itself at ten, fifteen minutes, before, at around 07:45 or so. It will be a lot easier to get out of bed.

#7: Doing something that will shake up your whole body as quickly as possible!

The more cells you wake up as quickly as possible, the more your body will be alive when you wake up. There are a few things you could fo in order to get that outcome.

Getting a shower first thing in the morning. If you can take a really quick shower in the morning, it is also something that wakes up all your cells right away.

– When I was traveling and I was next to the sea, I was actually running to the sea first thing in the morning and it was amazing. I was excited about it, I was jumping out of bed, I was running to the sea and this was waking up every cell in my body. I wasn’t sluggish in the morning afterwards at all and I had a lot of energy, high energy, and by the way it was so much fun but I understand that running to the sea first thing in the morning is not practical to most people

– You can use a re-bounder in the morning.  I personally don’t have it when I travel but back in my home, I have a re-bounder, and it is a wonderful thing which can stimulate all of your body cells and give you a lot of energy. Actually just jumping up and down on a re-bounder for anywhere between five to ten minutes is amazing, especially in the mornings because it stimulates your cells and gives you energy and wakes you up quickly. It wakes up every part of your body with all of this jumping.

#8: Digestive enzymes

This is just something I have been playing on all by myself. Enzymes and more specifically digestive enzymes are in charge of digesting and breaking down the foods you eat. Some people lack specific enzymes, which makes it harder to process foods, especially if you eat late at the day. Maybe we just have some of them only. By supplementing these digestive enzymes, this could actually make you feel lighter when you eat, so if you eat late, it will help your body in digestion. Overall, the outcome is to get you feeling more energy and alive when you wake up in the morning, as you should be refreshed in the morning from a good night sleep. If you are sluggish in the morning, you can test it out by supplementing with digestive enzymes and seeing the results within 2-4 weeks if it will have any effect.

Nobody is perfect, and I never most likely do all of the things I mentioned here. But even if you take just one, two, or three out of those things, you can have more energy throughout the morning and have a more productive energetic day. If you try and do more, the results will be better.

Share in the comments your thoughts, and if you have things you do to have more energy, in the morning.


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