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Good Habits: The Base Of Success

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 19, 2017 | 3 Comments on Good Habits: The Base Of Success

Good habits

Your habits dictate who you become. We are creatures of habits, and whether you have good or bad habits, you have them in your life and compounded day by day, they make up who you become.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that lead us to either fortune or failure.” — Jim Rohn

Successful people have daily habits. Why not steal the habits of some of the most successful people on the planet and apply it in your own life? Steal their habits, start doing the same things they are doing every day – and  I believe you’ll start having much more potential getting the results they had without those habits.

Habits are very hard to change. The reason they’re hard to change is because they’re so deeply ingrained in our nervous systems they become almost automatic.

And if you are going to have habits which are basically almost automatic why not have good habits that serve you?

Good habits protect you into doing things you know you should be doing. When you are tired, frustrated, angry, pissed off or any other bad state and don’t feel like doing something you know you should be doing, a good habit can serve you a lot. You automatically go and do that.

The beauty of good habits is that even when you don’t feel like doing them, by forming them and making sure they are real habits in your life, you get the benefits. We are not always super motivated and inspired. Our willpower is limited. We need to protect ourselves when we are out ofwillpowerr. That is where habits come in.

Here are 5 examples of great habits I personally have:

  1. I do oil pulling daily – I don’t force myself doing it, it became a habit where every day I simply do oil pulling and make sure I improve my oral care health.
  2. I meditate daily – Some days I do not feel like meditating. It became a habit which I do every day that even when I don’t feel like doing it, I go and meditate 20 minutes and I feel great afterward.
  3. I do yoga every day, and workout 3/4 times a week – I certainly do not feel like doing yoga every day or doing a workout a few times a week. This is such an integral part of my daily life, that also when I don’t feel like doing it, I just go and do it. This helps me with my health and I feel great after doing it!
  4. Once a week, I reflect on the past week – I also do not necessarily feel excited all the time doing it. It is sometimes easier to just go and work, or do something else. By reflecting on the past week, I am able to identify weak points which I need to improve in my personal & professional life and come up with great ideas, which allow me to grow.
  5. I have a morning routine I follow – I love my morning routines and do it every day. In rare days I don’t feel like doing it. The habit of doing my morning routine pushes me towards doing it anyway, and it allows me to win my mornings on days where I don’t feel like doing it.

I have many more habits in my life. Some are better and some are worse.

5 things that can help you form great habits:

  1. Do it one by one. Do not try and change 100 habits at once in your life. It is too hard and you are setting yourself up for failure probably by taking too much on yourself. Start by adding one good habit in your life. It can be a very small one! After it becomes a habit, tackle the next one.
  2. Do not be perfect. Perfection is the enemy of execution. I am not perfect for sure. I am guessing you are not. We all will have some potential blips on the way. Simply pick yourself up if you had a blip and come back to the habit you are trying to form.
  3. Commit to at least 21 days. Different books mention different amounts of time it takes to form a new habit in your life. Aim to stick to a new habit for at least straight 21 consecutive days. This will improve your chances a lot by forming that great habit in your life!
  4. Get a commitment buddy. If you are publicly committing you are going to do something, your chances of doing it go much higher. If it’s not publicly, you can have a commitment buddy to whom you are committing you will create this one new habit. Put a price tag on what happens if you fail as well as how you’ll reward yourself once you succeed. This is all building yourself up to success and will increase your chances of forming great habits.
  5. Set a visible reminder. We are all humans. We tend to forget things very easily. You may be excited and motivated at the moment to do something new but you’ll simply forget it since it’s not yet a habit. Make visible reminders to what you are trying to add in your life. This can be a sticky note in front of your office, a daily reminder on your phone and anything in between.

Action Step: Think of 1 new habit you want to add to your life. Find someone you can commit to that you are going to add this habit to your life in the next 21 days.

Which great habits you have? How do you form them? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

3 responses to “Good Habits: The Base Of Success”

  1. Rowell Austria says:

    Wow! I really love your personal habits, especially for me because I’m not a type of person that can do heavy workouts. I was wondering what oil pulling is all about so I clicked the link as well. Luckily, we have so many resources of coconut oil since I’m from the Philippines. I can start right away doing this. Thanks, Yuli! This is worth sharing to those freelancers like me. Looking forward to more of your content.

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