My Experience Being Off The Grid For 7 Days With Oneness University | Yuli Azarch

My Experience Being Off The Grid For 7 Days With Oneness University

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | August 5, 2016 | No Comments on My Experience Being Off The Grid For 7 Days With Oneness University

Oneness University

In this video, I would like to share an experience I had actually five months ago, an experience of being completely off the grid, no phone, no email, no computer, no Internet. Nothing for seven days. It was in India. It was exactly five months ago in India in a place called Oneness University. I first heard of it and experienced it at a Tony Robbins event called Date with Destiny. He was talking about the Oneness University, how it helped his wife, who had some health problems, and there was some kind of blessing we should go over. And I had a really deep, impactful experience, and it brought me to Oneness University in India.

So I went and did a course there for seven days. It’s not just a regular course. I was completely off the grid. And during the course, there was a thing called “mauna” where you have to be quiet. So, for seven days, I was quiet. I couldn’t speak with other people, and just listening, doing the things we were doing, meditating, and stuff like this. This is not something that I’m used to, and I guess most people watching this video are not used to this. That’s why I really think it can benefit lots of people, and that’s why I wanted to share this experience. It can benefit regular people who are just spending so much time on the Internet, on the phones, on the computer, on the email, Internet marketers, who also spend lots of time on the computer, on the phone. It can benefit stressful people as well, and I think we have lots of people who have a lot of stress in their life.

So there are lots of benefits which I got in those seven days, those really deep, impactful experiences, something which you don’t go through every day.

6 Benefits of Being Off The Grid

  • 1st benefit, first real benefit in something you can share is you get back after about those seven days, recharged in your body and in your mind like you haven’t been for a very, very long time. Because, you know, during the day, most of the time, including myself, we’re all addicted to our electronic devices on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, and Instagram. And most people are really addicted, all the time on the phone, working, workaholics, on the emails all day. It’s like you’re getting bombarded by this all the time, and you don’t notice the effects it has on you. Even if you’re not addicted to email, and you control yourself very well all the time, you get messages, WhatsApp, most people are like this.And I’m guilty of this as well so I know how it is. And you just have no idea how it’s impacting you because up to seven days of completely not replying to any Facebook messages, no WhatsApp, no emails, nothing, everything becomes so quiet and you get internally recharged. So after this, you can go back to the craziness of the world where it’s 2016 and where it’s just regular things. Tim Ferris is actually speaking about it. He is usually doing it once a year, one month off the grid. Thirty days, completely no phone, no email, no internet, and he also speaks that it really gives you a recharge like never before. And that’s my experience as well, and I had the experience for seven days only. So I really can’t imagine what would be the effect of one month. Maybe I’ll do it one time, and I will share the experience as well. So that’s really one benefit. And actually, once you’re recharged, you can work harder and better afterwards. It’s really important to recharge as well, especially if you’re working hard and doing lots of things because it actually gives you the power. If you don’t recharge, just work, work, work, you actually become less productive. So I’m really a big believer in having a resting period, especially recharging periods have been a huge, huge benefit of going off the grid, and a benefit which I had from my experience at Oneness University during the seven days.
  • 2nd benefit is, as I said, I was quiet. So it was like seven days where I was in mauna, they called it mauna there, and I was not speaking to anyone. I was just listening when we were speaking during classes, when we were going to eat, no speaking. It was just sitting. And I’m not used to it because it was my first time ever in my life I have done this. The first two days is really hard, but in the third day, it was becoming easier. And something that you notice on the fifth, sixth day is you start hearing more things in your mind. I mean, you start listening to your subconscious. You start listening to things that are important to you. Because all day long you are speaking and doing things. And when you’re quiet, especially when you’re meditating, doing lots of meditation, you start hearing things. You start understanding things in your mind. Your thoughts are getting clearer like what you want to do with your life and things like this. And it’s really powerful because there’s actually no other way to get to such insights. Being quiet for a few days allows you to go deep inside yourself and get insights which you probably can’t get in any other way. I know I had a few insights, because after those four or five days while I was completely quiet and not talking, my thoughts changed. Right now, I’m not in this situation. It was my first time ever, and six, seven days, literally, I was so clear. I started seeing things I want to do better, and it’s a huge, huge benefit. Because when you quiet yourself, when you allow yourself to be quiet, you start hearing your internal thoughts, the real desires and things from inside. And I think it’s really powerful for every human being on this planet. And I probably will do something like this in the future as well. Seven days, two weeks, three weeks, I’ll definitely go off the grid or do some vipassana and stuff like this. It’s a great experience to include sometimes.
  • 3rd benefit which I got is really you start appreciating the small things in life. You really tap into gratitude. It’s something I do also every day, but it’s really so vivid because you experience it over your whole body. You start appreciating the small things like blue skies, and animals, and the grass, and nature. For me, it has a huge impact on how I feel, and eventually that’s what controls our life. So literally after those days, while being quiet and off the grid, I started to appreciate everything. I even started appreciating my phone because I didn’t have access to it. And I started appreciating technology and other things as well. So that’s a huge benefit as well like you forcefully disconnect yourself from some things to appreciate all that’s around you all the time. You know, why wait until you get something bigger when you can appreciate it now?
  • 4th benefit, I think this one is huge as a business owner, as an online marketer, what those seven days have done to me. I knew I was going to go for some time. I actually didn’t know exactly that I was going to go for seven days off. I thought it would be most of the time off, but it forced me to set up systems in my business so I was able to go off. It forced me to think in this direction, “Okay, how I can do and set up my businesses? How can I set up a system? Which employees do I need? Which scripts do I need?” so I will be able to go away for seven days and things will continue running smoothly. So how can I work on the business instead of in the business? Something which is really important, in my opinion. Something I look for myself all the time and am implementing more and more. Sometimes, and I’m guilty of this as well, I’m sure many of you are, during day-to-day, doing just work, work, work, and you fall into the trap of working in your business sometimes, not on your business. It’s two different things. And you also fall into the trap of thinking, “Hey, I can’t go for seven days. I have these clients, I have these things.” If you run a business, you probably know what I’m talking about, but I believe it’s a lie. And if you force yourself, like if you have no other option, you say, “Hey, now I’m going to be away for three days,” you find ways. You find ways to set up the systems and you force yourself to go out. And that’s a huge benefit. I know it was for me. It forced me to set up systems and know how I can go away. So I can do this in the future. If I do any events, experiences which I want to do, I don’t have to worry about it. I have the systems, I can keep working on this, and I’ll be able to go away for seven days, two weeks, and not worry about. I know my business will continue to run and hopefully, it will grow as well during this time.
  • 5th benefit, as well, is those seven days at Oneness University when I was completely off the grid, lowered my stress levels like crazy. I’m not really a stressed person, compared to many other people, but I do have stress sometimes. I think it’s something maybe inevitable, unfortunately, in our lives, today, and most other people, from observation they see on the Internet and in the world, are so stressed, for nothing really, especially when you’re in bigger cities and then you go to small places, like islands. You see a real difference when you’re travelling. You go to a big city when you’re travelling, and when you go to an island, it’s like two different places. Some people are so stressed all day, on their phone, just walking, and even walking the streets is stressful, and it’s not healthy really. It’s so, so unhealthy. And I guess everyone wants to have lower stress levels. It’s just something you’re forced into in society, it’s like you have to have stress. And the beautiful thing about going off the grid, the beautiful thing about necessarily those seven days at Oneness University, not just going off the grid, doing lots of meditations and being quiet, you remove all stress. It’s amazing really, it’s so amazing. I felt so at peace after those seven days, and it’s a gift. I don’t know. It’s one way you can reduce the stress, and it’s amazing if you have a way to reduce the stress. Also, I read something interesting about blue zones. Blue zones are where people have lived to be over 100 years old, in a very healthy state. And one element for lots of you, I’m not going to get into this in the current video, probably in some other videos, is they were all having low amounts of stress. It’s something that was the same in all blue zones. Today, we have way too much stress, and it affects everything. Some stress is good, you want to have stress, sometimes you need to push yourself, but that’s not the kind of stress I’m talking about. I’m talking about unnecessary stress which hurts your health, hurts your emotions, and doesn’t really help you. So, that’s a huge benefit of doing such an experience for seven days.
  • 6th benefit, which I had and I want to share is specifically I wasn’t just off the grid, I’ve done a spiritual course. Oneness University is really about spirituality, and I really gained lots of things in this realm in my life. I explored it because we’ve done everyday meditations, quiet for seven days. I’m not too much into religion myself, I’m not really a religious person, but I do consider myself much more a spiritual person, and it allowed me to explore and improve my spiritual power of life through all the meditations I’ve done. This is something that’s really speaking to me, and delving into spirituality and having this deeper sense of meaning in your life, it’s so important. I think it can guide me a lot in my life. It’s something I invite everyone who is watching this video to delve into in some way. One thing which they actually taught at Oneness University, which really stuck with me, about spirituality, because there’re so many things you hear about spirituality, it’s something that I’m learning myself, is they said being spiritual is being happy. Now, think it over. Being spiritual is being happy. What an amazing concept. I think it’s an amazing concept because sometimes people see spirituality, and they see people meditating all day, and it’s like, “Holy shit, I don’t do that. That’s not for me. And they seem so unhappy, and they suffer.” But what if spirituality was just being happy? What if you don’t really have to meditate all day long and do those things? What if you just be happy from morning to night? Isn’t this about spirituality? I mean, if you’re going to be pissed off, are you really a spiritual person and enlightened? I don’t think so, and they don’t think so either. So it’s something that really struck me. But hey, being spiritual is being happy. If you are happy all day long, from morning until night, you’re doing what you love, you’re enjoying your days, and you don’t have to do something amazing. It can be simple things you just enjoy. Being in the moment right now instead of being on your phone. This is maybe being spiritual as well.


So, those are huge benefits I had. It allowed me to grow my spiritual realm, and I look forward to doing it in different courses as well, around the world. So, yeah, those were the biggest six benefits which I got from Oneness University, my experience of being off the grid for seven days completely: no phone, no email, no computer, no Internet, nothing. Just me, being quiet, meditating, stuff like this. So, I hope this will benefit you in some way, and if specifically Oneness University interests you, you can Google Oneness University. They are located in India, close to the city of Chennai. It’s one place to check out. I’m sure there are many other places.

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