Conquer Your Fear: You Must

Conquer Your Fear: You Must

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | November 14, 2015 | No Comments on Conquer Your Fear: You Must


Does fear hold you for achieving what you want in your life?


All of us are held by fears in some way. Fear is what holding you back from taking more action, from going for it, from trying more, from taking risks, and also from the life you truly want deeply inside. We all have fears, and fears are here to remain with us throughout our whole life. Fear can paralyze you

It is not about removing fear completely, but rather conquering it, and learning how to live with fears and overcome them, and take action in spite of having fears.

If you go and listen to interviews of the most adventurous people our species knew, who do crazy shit, anywhere from mountain climbing, bungee jumps and in between. I noticed a clear pattern regarding fear: They all will all say it is crazy scary to do what they are doing. Even the best in the world have fears. But the difference is, with the top world performers, they still take action in spite of that fear

What I noticed that works for myself, is taking baby action steps, and doing small things to overcome your fear, ideally on a daily basis. The following is a quote I love:


Being fully honest: I don’t do it every day most likely. But training yourself on a regular basis to take action in spite of fear (Approaching that man\woman who you are attracted to, taking that new physical challenge, deciding to open your own business, as examples), will build up that “Fucking Taking Action In Spite Of Fear” muscles. Improving those muscles, will make it easier to conquer the fear when it is more critical and huge in your life.

I will share a quick story of how I overcame my fear, and kept building my muscles with that. 2 Months ago, I was traveling in Laos, in a city called Vang Vieng (7 Things To Do In Vang Vieng). There’s a nice place in the area, called Blue Lagoon, which has amazing clear blue water like you have never seen in your life.

After doing some hiking around, there was a high tree, a few good meters, where people were jumping from it. Actually I have done scarier things in my life in the past (I’ve done a bungee jump, and have jumped from a cliff to a sea). I noticed I haven’t done something scary for a long time, and I was very scared and I didn’t want to jump in the beginning, and I kept telling myself stories of “OK, its, not safe, I’m probably going to die and I’m probably going to break something”, and more lies like “I’ll just do another day. Many things were going through my head and I didn’t want to jump.

After around 15 minutes of being a pussy, I remember the quote I shared above. And after looking at more people jumping it (Social proof: Always helps! Nobody else died) I’ve decided I’m going to do it. I took the courage, I climbed the tree and I’ve just done the jump and the feeling afterward was freaking ecstatic. I felt so free so liberated and what I’ve done I train my muscles because I was very scared. I know more fears will come up and doing small things like this, will prepare me better for any next time a fear will come up. It will be a lot easier for me to take the action.

Here is me during the jump:


5 Minute Action Step: Do something bold that scares you. Conquer your fear. Do one thing to get out of your comfort zone.  This is where to growth is. It can be the smallest thing, or big, but do something.

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