Cleansing Your Life

Cleansing Your Life

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | May 2, 2015 | No Comments on Cleansing Your Life

About 1.5 weeks ago, I’ve completed a five-day juice fast which means for straight five days, all I’ve done is I’ve drank green vegetable juices and I had no solid food which I inserted into my body.

Now some & most people who will read this at this stage, will think that I’m crazy, or this is crazy, and will wonder if I am completely sane. The actual process and what it does is a cleanse. During these five days of drinking only juices, I cleansed my body, I detoxed my body, I let my body relax from digesting food and eating, something we do 365247.

It’s a very spiritual process in fact, and a very empowering one. Something which teaches you a lot about health, life in general, your emotions, your psychology, what the body can live on, and even about business as well.

First of all let me share a little bit more about what I go through and what actually I do doing this juice fast.

For five straight days, all I do is drink nothing but juices, and I have 0 solid foods. Only juices, and it is based mainly on green vegetables juices & not fruit juices. I have no solid foods inserted into my body.

You drink as much juice as you want for the duration. Hungry? Drink more juice! For the first 2-3 days you may feel a bit bad, because your body is detoxing, so you can have a lot of detoxing signs, such as: You may feel nausea, you may feel headaches, different things can come out on your skin. You feel such things because this is your body detoxing and they are exactly how your body behaves when you have poison. You may have some hunger moments during those days, but actually when it is properly done you don’t feel it as well, and after 3 days you are not even hungry. You just drink a juice once every 3 hours and you are ready to rock & roll with your day.

When you come out of it, you just start feeling amazing.You start feeling unstoppable energy within your body. Real, true energy from within and not something that is based on will-power. Throughout this time, you usually drink around 2-3 liters of juice per day, so you are getting calories, nutrients, minerals, and everything in a for of a juice which gets digested in your body real quick Mainly green vegetable juices. You minimize fruits because fruits are sugar in the end of the day.

You can actually go longer than 5 days because really after the first 2 or 3 days, you have no hunger. Your body is not hungry. And you can continue doing it for as much as you feel right for you. I personally go through this process once a year since I have found about it. Every time, it just rejuvenates. I have done a 9 day juice fast cleanse last year.

Throughout the year, all the time, we eat eat eat all the time, and then we eat some more. All day long, we just eat, eat, eat. We don’t stop. Nobody fasts anymore. What you get by drinking juice juices, you are just giving your body a break a bit from the stimulation of food and from the energy you expand on digesting food.

You start valuing your diet a bit more. You start valuing what you insert inside your body. It’s a really good process because it will help you further with your diet and the foods which you put into your body as well on your day to day life.

Sometime, we are so busy doing a lot of things, lots of projects etc’, and our head if focused into some things that we never take the time just to from the outside. This may be a general look on your life, on your business, or on your health. This process actually gives you the opportunity to do it.

And really it’s the same thing when it comes to business. I mean usually when you’re a business owner, all the time you just work on your business. You work, work, work. You do A you do B you do C and you help grow the business, you enjoy it. But I believe it’s really really important also in business to just do some form of “cleansing” – to start removing the unnecessary and toxic parts of it for a cleaner growth. This may be even just a few days in a year perhaps just to evaluate your business, to evaluate what you’re doing. Is your business something you are passionate about? Are you excited about what you are doing? Are you heading towards the right direction? Are you working with the right people?

A general evaluation of how you’re doing and which direction you’re going is very missing now days. Doing some planning for your life, doing some planning for your business. Most of us don’t do it becausewe’re really so stuck inside the daily routines, daily tasks and everything.

Cleansing is a process which you can do not only for your health, using what’s called a “Juice Fast”. But I look at it as well as cleansing in other areas of your life, processes that you should do. Just taking a few days and removing the bad & toxic things and people out of your life, health, and business.

Then getting a better foundation to go on from there. This may be even cleansing people out of your life. Toxic people who don’t support you, who bring out only bad emotions in you,who dis-empower you, who have really bad psychology, who you don’t enjoy being around.

Take the time and evaluate the people in your life, the people you want to be in your life, the kind of friends you want to have and the kind of friend you want to be.

Cleansing is something I support highly for anything: for business, for health, for relationships, friends. It’s not good to do it too often but it’s also not good not to do it all because really most of us don’t do too much planning or cleansing at all.

This was the fourth juice fast which I’ve done and the results were pretty much similar every
time in terms of what I experienced. Because when you come out of the juice fast, during this process which may involve pain at times and struggle: You come out feeling AMAZING. I come out personally, feeling clean. I come out feeling energetic from inside. I’m coming out with a more sharp mind than I can imagine. I have this energy throughout the whole day. It is something from inside of me.

Now really, ask yourself. Are you feeling amazing on a daily basis? Are you taking care of your body & your temple? Do you have crazy amounts of energy? And will it affect other areas of your life if you do feel like it?

I think the answer is really common sense and the answer is yes. When you feel amazing. When you have your health.

  • If you have your energy, are  you going to be better at your business? Yes or No? Yes.
  • If you have crazy energy, are you going to be better with relationships? Yes!
  • If you have more energy within you, are you going to tackle basically any challenge that life
    throws at you better if you have no energy? YES!

The energy is the foundation and once you have it, you can tackle anything else in your life and any other area in a lot better state then you were before. The juice cleansing process also teaches you a lot about the emotional feelings we have about food because most times.

Because really, what is more important than your health? Because if you don’t have your health – you have nothing! You can have all the money in the world but if you’re not healthy and you have disease then, then what the money or any kind of success is going to help you? It’s not worth shit.

I personally have done my first juice fast cleanse during a Tony Robbins seminar in one of his programs called “Life Mastery”. Afterwards I actually went on a complete three juice fasts on my own in addition to this one.

So, where can you do this “Juice Fast”?

You can do this kind of juice fasting in a retreat, they are usually all around the world. You can Google about it.

You can do it in your home as well. It’s very practical and just you need to get more information about it and really then just do it. There are many eBooks about this subject.

I hope you find this information valuable in any way for yourself and for your life.

What do you think about it? Have you gone through any cleanse yourself? Do you want to go for a cleanse, any way that I can help? Will you need further more information about this process and anything else?

Let me know in the comments.

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