Koh Phangan, Thailand: The Ultimate Digital Nomad Heaven

by Yuli Azarch | March 5, 2016 | Comments

I have been for quite some time in Koh Phangan, Thailand. In the last 8 months, I have spent about 5 months here, so it practically became my digital nomad ‘home’, if you want to call it this way. I like to call it my ‘base’.  I am travelling the world right now for 21 Read more


Cannot Get Enough Of Those Sunsets

by Yuli Azarch | January 16, 2016 | Comments

I simply cannot get enough of those sunsets. Lately, I have been enjoying and going to see the sunset every single day. Once you get the habit of doing it every day, you kinda don’t want to stop. You are also getting more connected to our natural environment & habitat as humans. Besides the beauty of Read more

Fun time is important

Importance Of Scheduling Fun Time

by Yuli Azarch | October 12, 2015 | Comments

Fun comes first. It’s really important to make time for some fun things in life, to enjoy yourself, to relax, to go on vacation, get a massage and just a good time in general.  Sounds like something you would want to do more often? Hell yeah! It’s never good for life and your days to be only about Read more

Move to Thailand

10 Reasons Why To Move To Thailand In Order To Start Your Lifestyle Business

by Yuli Azarch | August 23, 2015 | Comments

Thailand has been one of my favorite places for a very long time. I first visited Thailand 3 years ago and I fell in love with this place. Thailand is unique in many ways, it has many aspects & that can attract any kind of person based on your interests, and it is also in Read more


How To Fly Around The World For FREE – Revealed

by Yuli Azarch | July 25, 2015 | Comments

I would love to share a simple technique and strategy you can utilize, which in turn can lead you to flying around the world, yes, as the subject of this post says, 100% for free. It is a “secret” that many of the world travelers are using and frequent flyers, and it’s going to be Read more


How To Live Like A King Below $1101 Per Month In Thailand

by Yuli Azarch | July 18, 2015 | Comments

There are some places in the world where you can abuse the currencies difference to the maximum when you are earning USD and you work online, places that are dirt cheap, while in the same time amazingly beautiful where you can have a fantastic lifestyle. The beautiful thing of travelling & working online is you Read more

Power of State Management: How To Improve Your Life – Part 1

by Yuli Azarch | May 16, 2015 | Comments

I want to talk and share to you today one of the most powerful things which I know which can literally improve the quality of your life and how you feel at any moment in an instant and over the long term as well which in turn can really produce great results for yourself. Your state Read more

Short Travel VS. Long Travel

by Yuli Azarch | May 9, 2015 | Comments

Hey, What are the differences between Short travels and Long travels? Well, there’s a really huge difference between travelling for a short time versus a long time It’s just not the same. Short travel, I see as a vacation. It’s something short. You’re bound to specific times and location at times, and usually you’ll be Read more

Cleansing Your Life

by Yuli Azarch | May 2, 2015 | Comments

About 1.5 weeks ago, I’ve completed a five-day juice fast which means for straight five days, all I’ve done is I’ve drank green vegetable juices and I had no solid food which I inserted into my body. Now some & most people who will read this at this stage, will think that I’m crazy, or this is crazy, Read more