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Cannot Get Enough Of Those Sunsets

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | January 16, 2016 | No Comments on Cannot Get Enough Of Those Sunsets


I simply cannot get enough of those sunsets. Lately, I have been enjoying and going to see the sunset every single day. Once you get the habit of doing it every day, you kinda don’t want to stop. You are also getting more connected to our natural environment & habitat as humans. Besides the beauty of seeing this natural occurrence of the sun going down, and the evening coming upon us, and just feeling at peace when seeing those beautiful sunsets, I also started sungazing.

Sungazing is the practice of watching directly into the sun during sunrise and/or sunset. Only in the first hour of the day when the sun rises, and the last hour when the sun goes down, there are options to actually watch directly into the sun, and getting healing energy from the sun. I invite you to check further resources on that. You can check the following website, and the following two YouTube videos: Video #1 & Video #2 to get more knowledge on the topic if that is interesting you.

Putting sungazing aside, how can you not enjoy this natural beauty around us that you can actually get all around the world? And how can you not enjoy being able to work from your laptop, and step outside of your work and be on the beach and enjoy this beauty? 🙂

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5 Minute Action Step: Go see the sunrise and/or sunset today. There is something magical going into nature, and seeing the sunset and/or sunset.


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