Best Degree To Ge In Life: Real Life University

Best Degree To Get In Life: Real Life University

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | December 23, 2016 | No Comments on Best Degree To Get In Life: Real Life University

Real Life University

I want to talk to you about university. I think the best degree to get today in 2016 is a real-life degree from a real-life university, as opposed going to regular universities and getting regular degrees like what people are doing nowadays.

I personally don’t like universities. At least those that are advertised to us.

I don’t like this model of education. I think it’s wrong. It’s seriously flawed. The world is advancing in such ways that it’s not needed anymore and I think a real-life degree is the best degree to get in order to have a beautiful life and in order to earn more money. And in order to travel the world, and in order to fulfill your dreams. This is much better than going to regular university, which most people are used to.

I see it’s an issue many young people have, and it’s an issue I had to tackle as well in the last few years when I was growing up. I asked myself, “Should I go to university? Is there true value to it? Why should I go to university? Is the money worth it?” I had many questions.

I’m very much against it. I don’t support it. I didn’t go to university, and I don’t plan to go to university–at least not the regular one, the one that most of society opts to go to. I didn’t go, and I’m producing the results I’m doing today not because of this.

It’s an issue many people have. Looking around the world we live in, I think it’s not needed because the world has changed. The world is very different from what it was even 20 years ago or 50 years ago. The Internet is changing our world. We have books today.

I’m for real-life experience, real-life university, and that’s the kind of degree I support, learning things on the go, learning what you want, learning what you love, learning what you’re passionate about, and being a lifelong learner rather than getting a degree for the sake of getting a degree or for the sake of securing a job so you can earn money even though you fucking hate it. That’s why I’m against it.

I’ll give you an example. If you want to earn money and if you want to travel the world, you have to understand that those kinds of things are not taught in regular schools anywhere in the world. I’m not aware of one that does. If you’re aware of one, please let me know in the comments. But I’m not aware of any school or university that teaches this.

What’s wrong with wanting to travel the world and earn money online? This was my dream for many years. I wanted to travel the world. What I’m doing right now was my dream years ago. And if you want to learn how to travel, go to places that will teach you how to travel.

One of them maybe this blog, which may help you to learn how to do it as well if you want to do it. It may be other blogs. I think blogs are a fantastic resource. I’ve used blogs, actually. Blogs are how I learned online marketing and traveling around the world. That’s how I learned, because in university you can’t learn it.

So I was going to blogs. I had my favorite blogs, and I still read blogs even now. I was reading how other people were traveling the world. I was seeing how people were making money online. I was seeing how they were more productive. I wasn’t only learning from all those blogs. I was also making connections. And that’s why I decided to take my learning into my own hands, because for this specific subject, that’s where the people who were doing it were and that’s where I could learn.

I hope I’m giving back as well so other people may be able to do it too in the same way I’m doing it. So if you too want to earn money online, university is not going to teach you this. Specifically earning money online is very different. The online world is changing all the time. It’s very different even from 2, 3, or 4 years ago. Yeah, some things stay the same, but it’s a dynamic world.

If you want to learn how to earn money online, go to a place that teaches how to earn money online. I know it’s a crazy concept. Many people will say, “Okay, let’s go to university. Then we’ll try something. If we try something and it fails, then we’ll go back to our job.” No. If you want to do something, go learn how to do it. It sounds very simple, but it’s very hard at the same time for many people. That’s what I noticed.

Learning may be through a course. You can buy a learning course that teaches you how to earn money online. You should do this if you want to earn money online. Maybe you should go to a blog or a podcast. There are many blogs and podcasts, in addition to mine, that teach it. Maybe my blog is a great resource. Maybe my YouTube channel is a great resource on how to earn money online.

But university, a regular one, will not teach you this. You won’t learn it there. If you want to learn dancing, then yes, you probably want to go to dancing school, do things like this, and not learn and go do things you completely don’t need.

Should you go to business school if you want to learn business? There are some valid points for going to business school. Many people have said it helped them in some way, but most people believe it’s not useful. I’m very much against universities in the same way I’m very much against business schools.

If you want to learn how to do business, if you want to learn how to open a business, why not actually open a new business, actually run a business, actually work and grow it?

You will learn so much more from doing this than attending classes for 3 to 4 years and sometimes learning things that are outdated, because today sometimes the world is so dynamic that literally in months, a year, or two years, things change drastically, so the university maybe outdated.

I support not going to university and opening a business instead. I think that’s the best thing, and I know in my case as well that I didn’t go to university and I had zero business experience. I was a very shy person 6 years ago when I decided to start a new business. I probably would not have had the guts even to make this video before and definitely not the guts to open a business and run it, but I learned on the way. I didn’t have the skills in the beginning.

But right now, looking back, I have 6 years of experience under my belt, and I’m so way ahead of people who have just finished business school. I already know how to run a business. I know how to grow a business. I can open new businesses much easier. I know how to delegate. I know different operations or how things can be run. I’ve learned marketing. I’ve learned recruiting. I’ve learned managing a team. All these are different aspects that are required in businesses, and I learned all of them.

That is what you would get from actually running a business. You learn, as opposed to going to university, studying in a school, getting some information, and doing all of it while taking out loans of $100,000, which is how expensive business schools can get. Then you end up with student loans that are ridiculously high–$100,000. Today, you can start an online business sometimes for free. Actually, not only sometimes. You can definitely start an online business without any upfront cost.

I have an eBay drop-shipping business. When you do drop shipping, in this business model, it doesn’t require any upfront cost other than about $100, as opposed to the $100,000. Now if you want to start other businesses, you definitely need more money, but it may only be a few thousand, around $3,000, $4,000, or $5,000. I’ll exaggerate completely and say you need to set aside $10,000, which a lot of money. You don’t need $10,000, but I’ll exaggerate. Still, it’s only 10% percent of the amount of the student loan.

This money is already enough to start a new business, start learning, and start earning money at the same time. I find it much more valuable than being in debt. Being in debt in general is bad because it’s like climbing a mountain while you have 100 kilograms on your back. It’s much harder. You don’t want to take out loans. You want to have a clean slate, and that’s easier for a financial situation.

If you don’t want to go to school or university, don’t. I didn’t want to go, and I felt pressure from my surroundings, family, and friends. It was hard for me and more so because I was not producing the results I wanted. But I had the belief in myself.

An extra benefit in not going to university is this. In university and usually in such kind of classes, you learn what is possible. They teach you that in order to make a business, you need to do A, B, C, and then you’ll get the result of D. However, if you don’t go to university or if you don’t go to a traditional education, you don’t know what is possible, because you’re not being told that you can’t this or that. You don’t know what is possible, and the benefit of this is you have no limits because in your head everything is possible.

You don’t know that only one thing is possible. You don’t know only one way of doing things or one way of doing business. Business is complex. It’s dynamic. You have no limits. You can do whatever you want in order to get to your goal. And that’s the beautiful thing of having nontraditional education.

Also, you’re more creative, and you have no limits, because your brain opposes limits. This may force you to try things you would not have tried and force you to do things you would not have done otherwise. That’s really the benefit, and it’s a great benefit of being in a nontraditional education.

Instead of going and getting a degree for the sake of getting a degree, why not become a lifelong learner? Decide to be a lifelong learner. I decided for myself I was going to be a lifelong learner. It means I’m always going to learn and grow no matter what. I don’t want to go to university, learn for 3 years, get a job, and stop learning.

No. Every day I’m going to learn and grow. Isn’t this a much better approach than going to university, just studying for 4 years or so, and then saying, “Okay, I’ve studied this topic for life, and I’m good to go.” It doesn’t work that way. You should be learning all the time. I know I’m learning all the time. Every single day I’m learning.

There’s a great book called “Mastery” by Robert Greene, and it says that sometimes you need 10,000 hours in order to actually become a master at something. He gives examples of how people went and learned a certain skill or a certain profession for 10 years sometimes as interns. What a great approach. If you want to learn something, become a student of this topic. If you want to learn about health, become a student of health. If you want to learn about business or money, become a student of money. If you want to learn other things, become a student, but a lifelong student.

It’s not about going and getting about 3 or 4 years of education under your belt and you’re good to go. No, it’s about getting much more lifelong, ongoing experience and learning. Again, the best degree to get, in my opinion, in 2016 is real-life degree, not the regular university degree.

There’s another article that I read lately that stated that you don’t need a degree to get 90% of the jobs today. That’s 90%. That’s an actual statistic from a newspaper. Instead, in order to get the job, you don’t need a degree or something, but you need the willingness to learn, you need some kind of skill, and you need to get your hands dirty. Many other skills are crucial, but they’re not necessarily things you only get in universities. There are many other sources.

Again, I recommend you get a real-life degree. That’s the best degree to get if you’re having this challenge. I know I had it.

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