Life Changing Productivity Apps

7 Life Changing Productivity Apps I use

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | October 5, 2015 | No Comments on 7 Life Changing Productivity Apps I use

Those are my “secret weapons” for staying productive and on top of things. Almost all are 100% free so you can start utilizing them for free as of today. Those applications may not work work for you, there are many productivity applications which you can use and those are the ones that work with me and my style. If you want to increase your productivity anywhere from 100% to 1000%, I do recommend to start using them. You can start by implementing one first, and then another, not to be overwhelmed.

#1: Workflowy:


Workflowy is a web application where you can manage lists, in a very short and simple explanation. I manage my whole life in Workflowy actually, and is the only tab that is always open in my browser when I am in front of my computer. All of my projects notes, outcomes, goals, to-dos, captured notes and everything in between, is saved in Workflowy. This is where I capture ideas, where I plan things, where I journal. This is my go to place where I keep information and then I can dig into any different project or idea right away in seconds in the most organized and comfortable not-overwhelming way I have ever seen. And the most beautiful thing, it is free, and crazy simple. I hate “fancy” or “advanced” apps with a bunch of options. There is genius in simplicity. I read an article the other day that the C.E.O. of twitter is also using this app, and it is secret app for staying productive as well.

Click Here To Get Workflowy

#2: LastPass:


Lastpass is a password manager. Sounds simple, and it is. I’ve changed and start using this software in last six months. It remembers all if your passwords in one central place as a browser plug in, so you will not have to remember it. Also, so you will not have to manually insert passwords into any websites, and by a click of a button or automatically they will be there. At one point, the more projects, things, and websites I started having, I had more and more logins, and I noticed I am using a bunch of time, just to type in passwords, as well as remember different email addresses and passwords. This was not smart. Once you start putting in all the password into Lastpass every single login which you need to do on the Internet is all in one place on this software.  Also I can manage multiple accounts and logins for one website, and I can choose which login to use in seconds and login. It is also very secure in fact, because you don’t type your passwords with your keyboard. If you are  on Wi-Fi, everything you write down with your keyboard can be easily intercepted by hackers, if somebody would really want to do that. There is one downfall in terms of security which is you hold everything in one place, so you have a single point of failure. To protect yourself, you just make the main password, really secure and big. Changing to LastPass probably automatically removed per day anywhere from 30-60 minutes of just typing logins.

Click Here To Get LastPass

#3: Google Calendar: 


As the name implies, it is simply a calendar. It is very important to schedule things into your calendar, it can be different meetings, it can be different actions, it can be calls you need to make, and everything in between. I love the following quite by Tony Robbins: “If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” There is strong power in scheduling things, and many times that is the difference from doing things or not. Blocking very specific time for different actions you need to do. Once something is on your calendar, you will plain go and fucking do it.  It also allows me to stay on top of things, by doing schedules and putting things into my calendar that I need to check with a week, a month, or even a few months later, and it reminds me about that, so I do not need to think of such tasks in the meanwhile. If you’ll start using it and before people will start wondering how you’re staying on top of every single things, so it’s really a secret weapon, scheduling things. Google Calendar is obviously free, and can allow you to manage and navigate your days in a better way as well.

There is a fancier software that can specifically follow up on emails and can be integrated into your browser in fact. It’s called “FollowUP.CC“. It can allow you to stay on top of emails by directly making a follow up on either specific times of the day, specific days, or anytime after a reply was sent. I still haven’t done the full switch myself, but to be honest I probably will. This software cost money for now I am still managing using Google Calendar for those needs.

#4: Dropbox


Dropbox saves all of your information and online and is fully synced across all of your devices, sounds very basic and simple. It will save your life by using it! You may have used by now, because it is one of the most popular software’s out there. If you’re still saving files on your computer rather then on Dropbox, you are outdated, and putting your files and information in big risk. It protects you in case something happens to your laptop or your hard drive. By automatically working with Dropbox , if an emergency happens you can return to the same state files and anything you need in seconds because it’s already synced in the cloud. You can sync Dropbox in seconds and with a new computer and you can also get all the information from your iPad from your phone. You can access it in seconds from any device basically.

Click Here To Get Dropbox

#5: Google Drive

This is the number two thing I will say that I use most after Workflowy most likely. Using Google Drive, all of your spreadsheets can be online and synced with your devices, as well as shared with other people. Everything that has to do to numbers, calculations, organizing different bits of information is done via Google Drive. It’s a very colorful way to share documents between many other people as well as sharing information. Everything business related where you need to do crafts, numbers, calculations, Google Spreadsheets is the perfect thing and app for you. You don’t want to do it on your computer for sure. You can manage multi-billion corporations from Google Drive in my opinion when it comes to numbers and spreadsheets. Use Google Drive!

Click Here To Get Google Drive

#6: Facebook News Feed Eradicator


Ever had the experience of logging into Facebook for one second only? To check something you know? To send a message to a friend? To see a specific post you’ve done to see how many likes you got? Only later noticing yourself about twenty minutes later, or for some it may one hour, two hours, three hours later, still there on Facebook? Or just watching some cat videos on YouTube? If you are probably honest with yourself, the answer is yes then I can relate to you because I had the same experience a long time and I’m sure many other people do. So what I’ve done, is quite simple. News Feed Eradicator to the rescue!!! I installed a plug in called news feed eradicator for Google Chrome, and now every time you enter Facebook there is no news feed shown, you can still go to your profile and still use messages because Facebook can be used for business as well. When you log-in to Facebook with this tool, no news feeds show up. So even if you do the sin of going to Facebook in the middle of work, you do not see any activity, and instead of aimlessly going through Facebook, you close it right away and can get back to what you were doing in seconds.

I use Facebook only on my mobile phone in order to check news feeds and to see how my friend’s life is going. it minimizes the amount of times I actually check Facebook and the feeds. I still check Facebook. I think Facebook is an amazing tools to connect with your friends worldwide to also get an inspired and inspire others, and is with everything else, is a tool, so it also comes down to the amount of time you spend there. Too much time on Facebook is not good. It is not a very negative thing, it becomes negative when you use it too much.

Click Here To Get Facebook News Feed Eradicator

#7: Momentum


This one is an incredible browser plugin: Whenever you press the “New Tab” button, you usually get your most visited websites of the day. What this plugin will do, is it will put a nice background picture instead, it will put a very nice background photo and also ask what your focus is for the day, with a very nice and inspiring quote. Basically it keeps you on focus, and will not give your mind to wander to things you shouldn’t be opening right at this moment. All of a sudden you open tab instead of seeing your most important websites you see in google and it asks you what is your focus for the day, what is your priority and it allows you to start getting more focused. You don’t want to do things which are useless, which are less then important. Seeing this question over and over allows me to remove that unncessary opening of websites which I was doing earlier when I wa sseeing my most frequent visited websites,

Click Here To Get Momentum

So what are your productivity apps that you are using to be as productive as possible? Those are the ones that changed my life and allowed me to be productive and on top of things. Everything I mention here is 100% free including links provided under each application so you can install and play them and see if they fit you

5 Minute Action Steps:

  1. Choose the application that talked most to you and you need right now in your life. Links are provided under each app.
  2. Install it! Start using it!

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