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4 Reasons Why Travelling Will Make You Smarter & Better

Yuli Azarch Yuli Azarch | August 14, 2016 | No Comments on 4 Reasons Why Travelling Will Make You Smarter & Better

Traveling Will Make You Smarter & Better

In this video, I’m going to talk about the four reasons why travelling will make you smarter and better in every respect as a human being, as an Internet marketer, and as a businessman.

I’ve been traveling a bit more for the last two years already all around the world. I think I’ve been around 25 countries, without getting to the exact number, in this period. I’ve traveled a bit before as well, and it changed my life completely. There are many reasons for this, but the main four of those are what I want to share.

1: Broadens Your Mind
The reason number one is when you live in a certain place, you kind of think that there’s one way to do things. You can become rigid in your approach because if you live in the same place, it’s the same house, you see the same people all the time, you kind of have the same habits, you go to the same places, you go out with the same friends, you go out to the same places in the evenings, and there are not many new things going on. And what it can do to you, I believe, is you can become rigid in your approach. Traveling, especially when you go to new places and have new experiences, broadens your mind, really opens your mind so much.

It opens your mind to do ways differently, to live differently, to do daily things differently, to do business differently. You see different cultures, and actually, not everything is the same. Every country and every person is so different. The markets are different. The way they do business is different. The way they live is different. And this actually gives you very much flexibility in your approach, which I think is very crucial when you’re doing online business, online marketing, and really, anything in your life at the end of the day.

There are actually many ways as well to get a certain outcome, if you want to invest successfully or do business successfully. For all the people who got to the top and all the people who are really successful, there’s not only one way to do it. There are many ways to do it. There are many types of businesses you can do, and if you want to invest, there are many types of investments that will make you rich, for example. So there’s not only one way to success. There’s not only one way to do something. There are many ways.

Usually, there are certain barriers that will bring you to failure, but in order to be successful, there are many different things you can do, and traveling opens your mind so much. I don’t think there is anything like traveling that broadens your horizons of the world, and I think it brings you this key flexibility, which is very hard to get elsewhere. I know it from personal experience, and for me, it has changed the way I do things, the way I live, definitely.

2: Gives You Your Best Insights
Reason number two, your best insights are probably not going to come during work while you’re in front of the computer working every day. Your best ideas don’t necessarily come also when you’re working and during the day-to-day hustle. I believe the best insights can come when you’re outside of the computer, when you have your unique experiences. Again, from personal experience in the last few years, my best experiences, my best ideas, my best insights all came when I was doing some unique experiences, when I was in nature, when I was climbing some mountains (each country has its own thing), when I was eating something, when I saw something new, or when I saw different people.

Those ideas and insights allowed me to grow my businesses and improve my life as well in all other areas, immensely. When you travel, you’re kind of automatically probably not going to be in front of the computer for some time. It allows you to immerse in some different, unique experiences, and those insights that you get during that are so crucial. They’re really so crucial, and that’s why traveling will improve this purview as well.

I see it in a lot of other successful people whom I’ve read about. Usually, they also even take some time off, and they all say that the best ideas and the best insights come when they’re on vacation, when they work hard and they take those two weeks off or something, and all of a sudden, the idea comes to mind, how to improve something in your business or how to change. I believe that’s the best time to get insights, when your mind is clear of everything, and that’s something that traveling will give you for sure.

3: Allows You to Understand People Better
Reason number three, you really, really start understanding different people and different markets because there’s nothing that can replace your physical experience in a place, nothing, in my opinion. You can read about a certain country as much as you want. You can read about it for years, but by being there, you can get the same amount of knowledge in a very short period of time, really. No physical experiences can give it to you, and it can bring you two positive things: one aspect is in hiring people, and another is in marketing products.

In 2016 you can easily hire people worldwide. I personally work with, for example, Filipinos, Russians, Serbians, and other markets, and I’ve been in all of those countries. Just the fact that I’ve been there, traveled there, and understood the culture of the people allows me to understand the people I work with so much better, and it’s so, so crucial, in my opinion. Also, if you want to market a certain product or a service to a new market, I don’t think anything can replace actually being in that country.

If you’re going to market to United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, United States, or South America, there are many markets you can find, and actually, the beautiful thing is you can do it over the Internet. You can easily market to all those different markets. Those are barriers that are opening up today. You will really understand those markets, and this will allow you to market a certain product or service to them, again, something invaluable that traveling gives you.

4: Exposes You to Variety
Reason number four why traveling will make you smarter and better is during your traveling you are kind of exposed to variety all the time. If you are really doing long-term traveling and not just a regular vacation, and I’m referring here to traveling, sometimes you don’t know where you’ll wake up, sometimes you don’t know what you’ll eat, and sometimes you don’t know where you will sleep. They are extremes, of course. It’s not always like this. You’re changing locations all the time, and things change all the time.

Traveling really makes you exposed to variety all the time because all the things are so different all the time, and I believe it’s a crucial skill because you get comfortable from being in the ride. In the beginning, it’s not so comfortable. It’s a new city. Where will I eat? How will I do things? Where will I get the Wi-Fi? There are many aspects that are changing all the time. The more I travel, the more I noticed that it’s much easier for me because I already know and have gotten used to variety. There are new things all the time.

Why it’s crucial for you to become a better, smarter business person or online marketer is because in 2016, the year we live today, everything is changing all the time. Ten years ago, we did not even have social media, and today, social media is everything, the number one marketing tool. You can get your eyes out of it, from your phone. Technology is changing so much. Industries are literally being removed overnight. I think it’s amazing where we’re going, and we’ll see lots of changes in the next 5 or 10 years, in my opinion.

If you’re doing business, business is a never-ending, changing environment, and traveling gives you this exposure to variety, which will make you a better decision maker, a better marketer, and a better business person because variety is something that is going to be there all the time. By being exposed to this, you’re building up the muscle in a really good way, which, as I said, will allow you to be a better decision maker, a better business person, a better Internet marketer, and a better human being during your day-to-day life.

I referred in this video to traveling, and I refer to long-term traveling. If you’re taking a vacation, it’s not the same. I’m really, really big on and support traveling. For me, personally, it changed my life. I’ve been traveling for the last 25 months, 2 years already, and at this stage of my life, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I better continue doing it, and I think this gives me insightful lessons that I just couldn’t get anywhere else, really. I can’t describe it.

So those are the four reasons why traveling will make you smarter and better. If you enjoyed this video, please share it with friends and subscribe to my newsletter for more.

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